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Little friends Hello everyone。 Share a wave suitable for learning programming development today Self-learning website,Mainly involved and Programming learning and practicing handQuestion exchangeComputer-related open classOnline Brush title 、as well as Search problem And several other areas,Of course, I also have some learning appropriateC/C++Programming project video and learn dry,I hope you can help。

CLanguage Network

learn website development online free

The site has a lot ofCLanguage-related tutorials、resource、Blog and practiced hand exercises,At the same time there are a lot of question bank and competitions,More practical。



learn website development online free

cppreferenceIt is a free website,The above contains about Clanguage and C++ Programming knowledge、Library Functions、And many sample code,Yet even the latestC++20Standards are supported。



learn website development online free(learn website development online free)

CodeGym This is a great place for beginners Java Programming Course practice site。It Java The learning process of the game,Step by step unlock,Step by step upgrade level ,Each level It has a corresponding number of courses available。



(learn website development online free)learn website development online free(learn website development online free)

This site contains a lot of free tutorials above programming languages,Documents written in plain,There are also a lot of code to practice,It can be directly followed by practice。



learn website development online free

This site a bit mean,direct Enter keywords You can find sample code, or code you are interested in the use,Convenience Purposeful learning and access

(learn website development online free)Website:http://www.javased.com/


learn website development online free

codecademyIt is an online interactive learning program website,Currently it provides a number of programming courses,Suitable fragmentation learning。And it is also the main staircase exercises,Youyidaonan completion。


Chinese UniversityMooc

learn website development online free

Chinese UniversityMOOCBy Netease and Higher Education Press Jointly launched the online course site,There are many well-known universities top quality free open courses,Systematically from0start to learn。


Cattle guest

learn website development online free

Common programming practice a variety of languages、Course exercises,And recruit school has written interview Zhenti,Additionally forum for the exchange area can also post questions、Share and exchange,Resources or very rich。



learn website development online free

CourseraIt was founded by two Stanford University computer science professor at an online education website,It provides a large number of high-quality open-line open class,Including computer science、Data Science、Several aspects of language learning。



learn website development online free

StackOverFlowIs anITConsultation and exchange of relevant issuesITTechnical Q & A site,Users can submit、Browse、Various search interestITAspects。According to programmers previous reputation,Replies generally reflect the high quality of inside,Problem-solving speed and quality are good。



learn website development online free

So-called 「Problem three hundred skilled brush,The title will not do blow」 We are talking about the importance of data structures and algorithms brush theme,So where does the brush to brush the question?LeetCodeIt is undoubtedly one of the best choice。



learn website development online free

LintCodeandLeetCodesimilar,It is the title of a brushOJwebsite,But also provide written interview Zhenti checkpoints type of ladder training as well as well-known manufacturers at home and abroad。


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(learn website development online free)The first would share it here,Later found excellent site will continue to recommend!If you have better resources also welcomed the recommendation lot,Exchange with progress。

Written in the last:For ready to learnC/C++Programming junior partner,If you want to better enhance your programming core competencies(Internal strength)Wish from now on!

(learn website development online free)Programming books to learn to share:

learn website development online free

Programming learning video sharing:

learn website development online free

Finishing Share(For many years to learn the source code、Project combat video、Project notes,Basics Tutorial)

Welcome to a career change and learning to program partners,More information on the use of learning to grow faster than her own oh!

forC/C++Interested private letter I can focus on the small series in the background:【Exchange program】Oh learning together!Some can receiveC/C++Oh project learning videos!Keywords have been set up auto-reply,Automatically receive just fine!


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