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Flag《King glory》Popular world,Created a Chinese miracle of the world's mobile game,It also proves the game+Mobile mobile games in strong social security will undoubtedly change the pattern of future mobile game markets.。Although a series of derived series is also criticized for mobile games on adolescents.,But this does not affect《King glory》Amazing market share and active users。Also make many people who don't care about the mobile game market, see the huge potential of this industry still has not been discovered.。But for the domestic market,High R & D and market promotion fees let small and medium-sized manufacturers,Compared to other than,Guangyu's overseas market is undoubtedly a better choice。In numerous overseas markets,Brazil is a one-stop station that is not tolerant。

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For the population big country andGDPforward10Emerging economy,The population structure of Brazil is an overwhelming olderization.。This means that this market has a lot of consumption's strongest target audience.。According to mobile game entrepreneur《2016Global Mobile Game Industry White Paper》show,2016The global mobile game market reached369One hundred million U.S. dollars,All game market37%market share,With the gradual improvement of mobile game share,This market will continue to improve the scale。

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Brazil is the second largest mobile game market in Latin America,Also attracts many mobile game companies and capital attention。according toStatistaData is expected,As of2017End of the year,Brazilian mobile game market2.8One hundred million U.S. dollars,The annual growth rate is7.3%,arrive2021year,The scale of the mobile game will reach3.72One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Different from other places,until21Century,The Brazilian government still adopts high taxes or embargo policies for technology and video game products.,Causes the vast majority of home game hosts in this country, it is difficult to stand。on the other hand,The Brazilian government restricts the host game to enter the local market,But can't stop Brazil users from looking for games from other platforms。According to the market research companyBlendAnd game developersSiouxA joint release of the joint release,in Brazil,Up to up to83%The game player said that his preferred game platform is a mobile phone.,This provides natural convenience conditions for mobile games.。

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according toTeebikexist2015Report on the end of the year,Brazil2.1Billion,Game player6880Ten thousand,Among them, the players have3853Ten thousand,The average payment of the game annually44Dollar。Mobile game player4860Ten thousand,Among them, the mobile game pays the user.1720Ten thousand。The number of mobile games is close to the total population of Brazil.10%,Is a quite amazing data。As of2017End of the year,Brazilian mobile game player average payment value(ARPU)for6.21Dollar,Exceeding India2.37Dollar;Mobile game penetration rate28%,Expect2021Year32%。Mobile games have become the most important game platform in Brazil。Data research institutioneMarketerThen point out in the report,Mobile game use time long,The entire application market in Brazil is12%。

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(st paul website development)Get a fee on the user,The gap between different games is obvious。byIOSPlatform as an example,Get the cost of the highest cost,$1.12;Secondly, the simulation business class,$1.03And betting,$0.96;Minimum to eliminate classes,$0.56。Mainstream in BrazilGoogle Playon the platform,Get the cost to eliminate classes,$0.92;Secondly, the sports class,$0.83And simulation business and racing,$0.76;Minimum music class$0.48。

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according to

(st paul website development)Global research companyKantar Group2016Data from the first quarter of the year,Brazilian An Zhuo mobile phone market share92.4%,At the same time, Brazil is also global.iPhoneMost expensive country,in BraziliOSMarket share is not enemyWindowsmarket,Lower than3.3%market share。 According to the data of the Brazilian National Telecommunication Bureau,2015The sales volume of mobile phone sales in Single Month Brazil2.82Million,Second to China、India and the United States。in,3GMobile phone is about1.49Million,4GMobile phone775Ten thousand。Brazilian smartphone penetration rate32.4%,arrive2020Year72.2%。Brazil near90%People hold Android smartphones。2016year,Samsung180010,000 parts of the list of mobile sales volume list,Lenovo and his sub-brand Motorola sales have also exceeded1000Ten thousand。

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The picture below is2015Years into BraziliOS & Google PlayPublisher incomeTOP10Publisher:

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China Game Company takes the lead in shooting


West is China Mobile Tour Publisher2s country。existGoogle PlayBrazil's best-selling listTop100middle,Chinese game proportion19%,US game proportion10%。2016year,In the Brazilian market,The number of new products in China's new online2298payment。In the mobile game company in Haina Brazil,Excuse、Wisdom、IGGMost of the number of games issued,Ranking is also relatively。for example,Wisdom、IGGFour gamesGoogle PlayBrazil's best-selling listTop100。Among them, the wisdom is《King's dispute》since2015Since its launch in,today,Still the most well-known domestic mobile game among Brazilian mobile game users。

role-playing、Strategy games dominate the Brazilian mobile game market

according to

statistics,existGoogle PlayBestsellers in BrazilTop100middle,have48role-playing game,15casual games,5betting games。Sports games are down,only3payment。Among them, Chinese games account for the highest proportion,followed by Korea and Japan。2016year,Brazil has three games that have topped the list: 《battle royale》、《clan war》、《PokemonGO》,The three games are also2016BrazilIos & Google PlayTop bestsellers3name。

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A little bit about the Brazilian mobile game marketTIP:

localized payment

(st paul website development)Traditional credit card applications are relatively complicated,Strict eligibility review of applicants,in Brazil,Online payment needs access to more localized channels to promote users’ willingness to spend。The main payment methods currently supported by Brazilian mobile games are:Boleto、credit card、Aura、Hipercardfour。

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Boletofull name isBoleto Bancário,is the most common online payment method used by Brazilians,And the usage rate is higher than that of credit cards。It is an official payment method in Brazil regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil。


HipercardYesitau Its only credit cards for Brazil,it is second only tomastercard, visaThe most popular online credit card payment method for Brazilians。

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Aura Brazilian local credit card,RankedHiperCard andEloLater,is one of the more popular online payment methods。Cetelem the largest in BrazilAura credit card issuer。Currently in Brazil there are more than300Ten thousandAura Co-branded credit card。

Address language barriers

The most spoken language in Brazil is Portuguese,few people speak spanish。The penetration rate of English is very low。To be accepted by the Brazilian market,Localization of the game is essential。

Follow female players

according toNewzooThe report shows,The base comparison of male players and female players in Brazil is45%-55%,Women make up a relatively high percentage of paying gamers。But whenGoogle PlayBestsellers in Brazil,Except for the elimination class、casual games,Haven't seen any games specifically for female players,Chinese mobile game companies can take corresponding countermeasures against this gap。

(st paul website development)Pay attention to competitive sports games

Out of a natural love for competitive sports,Compared to other major countries in the world,Brazil isTOP100The country with the most sports games in China,Brazil's current listTOP100Sports games in China are mainly from the United States,Switzerland,Japan and other countries,no Chinese games,Brazilian sports games mainly include football,racing,Basketball and other projects。For Chinese mobile games that have already won the lead in the global mobile game market,It is a pity that there is no sports class,worth exploring later。

Local mobile games are weak to be supported

Brazil's local game companies are weak,monthly bestseller listTOP10None of the games in Brazil,daily listTOP100at most1local game。Brazil is currently about200game company,Many typical Brazilian game studios are young and small,about50%of game companies are near4established in the year。Many companies in addition to developing games,Also offers other products such as advertising or educational games and other services,About three-quarters of game companies have less than annual revenue10Ten thousand U.S. dollars。in Brazil,have more than80%For developersPCand web making games,have75%develop mobile games。for cost savings,Chinese companies can consider supporting local mobile game companies to achieve the purpose of occupying the Brazilian market。

Brazil's mobile game market has huge potential

Brazil《state newspaper sao paulo》report,Currently,Brazil has become the second largest investment destination for Chinese capital,second only to the United States。Investment areas include electricity、finance、railway, etc.。while the game、Internet-related companies such as e-commerce have not yet made large-scale investments in Brazil。similar to indian“investment boom”not yet started in brazil,“Strong first”,The second largest mobile game market in Latin America,Brazil will be one of the main markets where major companies compete。

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For seeing the huge potential of the Brazilian mobile game market、ready to go to sea、But for Chinese companies who are hesitant about the difficulties they may encounter,coming soon2017year9moon12in Sao PauloGMIC São Paulo could be an opportunity to help companies make the right decisions。existGMICat sao paulo,GWCThe Great Wall Association specially invited local experts in relevant industries in Brazil、Government officials、Big tech,And senior game industry executives who have made certain achievements in Brazil to share their policy interpretation of the Brazilian mobile game market、into the experience、user feedback and more,It is an excellent time to obtain first-hand information and trends in the industry。

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