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portfolio developer website

Fabric Ventures Is a famous American digital encrypted monetary fund,This is a focus on Web 3.0 Ecological fund,Its investment goal is to let the Internet transform from centralization to people-oriented.。

Look at Fabric Ventures Portfolio,We can see a lot of Web 3.0 project,for example Polkadot、Blockstack、Ocean Protocol、Decentraland、Orchid Orchid agreement、Raiden Thunderbine network、Staked.USOther projects。And the fund is also keen on tissue Web 3.0 Related event,They this year 6 The month was held in London. CogX Offline event,This event covers almost all Web3.0 Ecological project。

can Fabric Ventures Understand Web 3.0 One of the investment kings of the times,But how this fund is understood Web 3.0 Parallel conversion logic,How do they choose the block chain team??Below is the zone rhythm BlockBeats Translator 0x4 Bring exclusive articles to you。

Intergenerational platform transfer

Recap history

We are in the beginning of software architectural paradigm:The wave of going to the centering data network is rising。in the past few years,We witnessed the meaning of this change in this change, it has surpassed the scope of Bitcoin and other encrypted currencies.,Even over the open source software and block chain。From a broader angle,This is the victory of point-to-point data network based on open standards.,It reflects the power of the appropriate adjustment of economic incentive mechanism,It starts to make full use of each pop troupe、desktop、car、Personal data center on the living room and wrists。High-speed wireless broadband access、Fast mature localization software and machine learning technology in recent peep,Make this paradise into a vigorous technique popularization。

In the past few decades,Progress in technical architecture makes computer operating systems and software packages,These commercialized operating systems and software packages can be accessed through data center and cloud infrastructure worldwide.。In this new wave of technology,The data center is being expanded to the most edge of the network,The data itself is also being「Open source」,Urbanization is also used in reusable and trusted block buildings。Distributed users and machines perform data interaction between point network through the underlying point。These point-to-point data network itself becomes a kind「structure」,They don't need a third party to verify and manage information input,At the same time、Safe and flexible way to provide your own data to your individual users。

Although Google has quietly discarded「Not as evil」Motto, But when Fabric Investment Fund, we are more interested in building a new software architecture., Its motto will become「Unable to be evil」

Supreme personal rights

Provide its own data to users,Going to the centralized data network wave is deriving the huge data that is guarded by the science and technology giant company「Vertical shaft」,These data「Vertical shaft」Once the lifeblood of Internet companies,But now, it has gradually become the burden of the technology giants.。Equifax Data leakage caused 1.45 Billion Americans have been leaked,According to Facebook Disclose,Cambridge analysis (Cambridge Analytica) used 8700 Personal data from 10,000 accounts,And recently 5000 Personal data from 10,000 login accounts is disclosed。These layers have an endless leak event make the user getting tired of using personal data to the centralized data storage architecture of these technological giants.。Although Google has quietly discarded「Not as evil」Motto, But when Fabric Investment Fund, we are more interested in building a new software architecture., Its motto will become「Unable to be evil」:In such a architecture, All local users can control their data,High-end personal rights rise。(*Block rhythm BlockBeats Note:Blockstack of slogan Too Can't be evil Unable to be evil。)

(portfolio developer website)Yawal•Harri(Yuval Harari)Recently TED Received in the speech, Palemeism is not a kind of evil ugly power defined in the summary after the event.,Contrary,Palerity will pack yourself as a simple solution to solving the complex problems of today,It looks quite attractive,Resist this solution seems to be stupid。Harri thinks,In specific business or government organizations,The centralized data storage architecture may induce these organizations to master these data.,And based on this technology, the purpose of targeting personal data is used.,Its utilization will reach the extent that they can't imagine so far。We need to organize structure、Data architecture、Incentive mechanism and technology to eliminate this danger。In addition to eliminating the possibility of a third party,Build an application based on distributed data networks will enhance the intimate trust relationship between people and people through increasing data packaging facilities.,Improve computer service。(*Block rhythm BlockBeats Note:Yuval Harari Yes《Human simple history》《Future brief history》author)

Turn to people-oriented computing services

(portfolio developer website)Although the trust of computer systems has become a consensus between personal and technology communities,But facts,When humans are dealing with hardware devices and software applications,In fact, it is difficult to fully trust them.。With the potential of all kinds of software,They begin to serve us with increasingly intimate and personalized ways,The necessity of establishing trust relationships between people and software is also increasing。When a person shared personal genetic and physiological information,Dependent algorithm is an instantaneous moment of human face,Even in this filtration constitutes the information flow of our daily decision-making facts,The establishment of a trust relationship between people and procedures has become mandatory。

exist《Wise man》(Sapiens) In one book,Yawal•Harrari also explored such a point of view:finally,In the historical scale,It is the ability to conceptualize and share common beliefs through language,Cooperate with strangers,The community is rising。And now technology can abstract this trust,As the correct excitation is encoded at the protocol level,This kind of mechanism allows people to cooperate and trade around the world.。

In the upcoming detrimental data network wave,We will turn from zero and game capitalism to the composite interests of the collaborative community。Perhaps there is a good way to imagine the technical feat of coordination under the smallest central control.,That is the development of modern city。Establishing a centralized autonomous organization based on block chain technology can achieve elasticity and efficiency in a series of new fields、Coordination and incentives balance。Replace the interests of the owner with a common interest in the network,Network builder、The incentive mechanism between service providers and users is maintained:Put the upside down command and control power structure (This structure has a high degree of corruption) Replace with emergency structure。

look back at past,Looking forward to the future,See how the latest platform example conversion

In order to understand where value may appear,And we are able to concentrate concentrate as investors and company builders,It is necessary to observe the technique from a long-term perspective to produce subversive in the past few times.。

portfolio developer website

Let us review the United States after World War II 20 century 50 Era and 60 The big prosperity created by the age。at that time,As US companies have gradually become multinational companies,The business model of these technology companies is mainly earned in expensive proprietary computer hardware production.。The result of this business model is that the computer is mastered in a few users.,These users include the government、Business and rich individual。With the straight line decline in the production cost of microprocessors, the continuous improvement of the US economy,A new computing architecture transferred the industry from a proprietary hardware system to the hands of chip manufacturers and software companies。when IBM Tom•Watson (Tom Watson) It is difficult to imagine who needs a computer in addition to the relevant practitioners.,Microsoft (Microsoft) Bill of the company•Gates (Bill Gates) Already understand,Every family will have your own computer in the future.。

(portfolio developer website)In the last century 70 Era and 80 Era,With the popularity of personal computers,Technology company set off a new wave——Turn a business model to the sale with a cheap computer hardware with an authorized operating system。With the rise of Microsoft and their unremitting efforts to win developers,Consumers naturally choose the most compatible platforms,Microsoft Windows operating system,The system began to popularize between hardware vendors,It will unify almost all packages under a system。until 2000 year,Microsoft's market share has exceeded all the personal computers sold. 90%,Most of their value comes from operating software and application software。

However,Although Microsoft occupies the dominant position of user computer desktop,But it has never protected the servers in the wiring indoor and data center——These areas are still 80 The most successful age Unix Workstation company (Sun、Silicon Graphics and IBM) Hold。exist 90 Early,Linus Torvalds Trying to use one cheaper、More open alternative——Linux This is used for software servers Unix Open source version of the operating system——To break this expensive hegemony。The system passes ordinary hardware and Linux operating system、Apache web server、MySQL and PHP Combine,It also set off a wave of new technology business。arrive 2012 year, Microsoft's share of the computer market has dropped to 20%,Arrived 2017 year,based on Linux of Android The system has posted in the mobile computing market. 85% Share。

As the time goes,The cheap software is gradually popular,Network is available everywhere,This social reality promotes technology companies to turn their business model to provide free software and network.,The purpose is to convert the user data collected into money.。Today's technological giants have absorbed open source software,And combine it with a large number of monopolistic user data shaft,Created a competitive technology moat,Used to defend some trillion companies in company。However,With today's technology companies face more and more data use issues,Users have also begun to review the ownership of its data carefully,The government is promoting a wide range of data protection regulations (For example GDPR)。

With hardware、operating system、Software and network democratization,We are observing new fantastic transformation will open access to data within the network。With the disintegration of existing monopolistic data shaft,We will observe the data itself and access to the data will be packaged as available for sale.。But thisParadigm transformation still left a problem:Once the data monopoly is weakened or lost,So where will the business model of existing technology companies will turn??

portfolio developer website(portfolio developer website)

In order to understand this question,We review the history of open source software development,And related to it。Start,Open source software sports appear in privacy security enthusiasts、Hackers and aware of the public software they use unable to conduct commercial government entities。This movement depends largely about a moral belief,which isThe software should be open,Everyone can use and access。

Developers realize,Open Source Software Except for free software free available,The open source model also fundamentally improves the software development process.。It has established different online communities around an open source project.,Reputation in these communities is also accumulated,Technical contributor、Software maintainer and user created an exponential growth。The emergence of open source software has enabled people to distribute software around the world.,Developers began to form a company,Add a very thin monetary layer on a wide distribution network。1993 year,Bob Young Founded ACC company,Sale Linux and Unix Accessories,The company later became Red Hat。About the same time, Monty Widenius (Fabric Ventures Company consultant& OpenOcean Founder) from 1994 Year begins MySQL Related work,Be committed to MySQL With the same open source Linux、Apache、Python Mutual consolidation of integration LAMP,Make it 2008 Year of the Sun Microsystems 10 Billion dollars have become the world's most popular database before the acquisition。

in the past 20 Year,As large-scale technology companies have gradually realized the feasibility and benefits of open source,The whole world has become dependent on open source software。React and React-native JavaScript Development tools are mainly Facebook maintain,Google is Android、Kubernetes and Go Waiting for countless contributions。Not 20 Ago,Microsoft is also considered to be the main opponents of open source software。Now Microsoft is already 2017 In-year, supported by companies that supported the most open source developers,Just recently the company is still 75 Years of US dollars acquired Github。These technological giants have chosen open source software,Basically stopped the software charges,There is a whole business passage around the user data monetization.:Creating a trillion US dollars in creating a trillion US dollars by using the software and the data that do not belong to them.。

Unfortunately,In this tide of the third open source software development,Developers not only lost moral ambitions and romantic motives that drive the first wave of waves,And usually, no economic benefits or reputation rewards that have been driven by the second wave of waves。

With Zhongben 2008 The year released a Bitcoin white paper,We have begun to enter the fourth open source software development era:Solve「Double expenditure」question,And create in a distributed system「Digital scarcity」, Zhong this clever is the foundation of the integrated digital value transfer layer in the point network.。This basic architecture breakthrough enables open source networks to reward and encourage contributors without central authority or sponsors.。Unautical innovation on the open platform and「No need trust」Point-to-point network,Coupled with the incentive and governance system,Explosive growth in developers and ecosystems around open source projects。Open Source Development Movement finally found it unpredictable「business model」——This mode does not necessarily reward the single center entity,It is fairly to motivate all contributors and participants.,Create a distributed digital economy in each network。

Transition from three trend drives

(portfolio developer website)past 20 Year,Web 2.0 The success of the times is largely dominated by three basic technologies:Cloud storage、Social and mobility。We believe that technological innovation in the next few decades will be calculated by the edge、The interaction between machine learning and distributed data:Edge calculation captures millions of data points in a large number of equipment,Constantly advanced machine learning algorithms absorb these rich data,Decentralized data in the underlying will be for security、Flexible communication and fair incentives provide support。

portfolio developer website

(portfolio developer website)Combine these three techniques,A large amount of data will be developed,However, this data is still currently privacy、Reasons for trust or competition。exist 2010 year,About the world 1 Zebu data。Research on McKinsey Consulting Company,exist 2016 The world has produced the world. 16 Zebu data,However,of which only 1% used for analysis。arrive 2025 year, The world is expected to generate more than 160 megabytes of data。Due to the emergence of a data source that has never been used, Privacy-preserving provenance and fine-grained value distribution, will make unimaginable technological breakthroughs in the world,such as personalized medicine through genetic data,Orchestrate distributed autonomous agents and unlock previously unexplored monetization methods for data producers。(block rhythm BlockBeats Note:Zettabytes are TB of 2^30 times,which is 1ZB=10.7TB)

However, If today's siloed data structures cannot be upgraded quickly, The explosion of available data and the efficiency gains of machine learning algorithms may soon lead us to a mass surveillance capitalism,It's a dystopian future:Politicians can not only predict how things will happen, can use our emotions to「kindly」make decisions we haven't made yet。Actually,They can act on the future they foresee with great precision,Its goals will not necessarily be disclosed to the public,not necessarily in line with our own goals。goNot only will a centralized data architecture prevent tech giants and other data monopolies from gaining such pervasive power,It will also enable individual participants to take advantage of this new wave of apps to enhance their quality of life。At the same time, users of the new application can control their privacy,Participate in and get financial rewards。

TOKEN Novelties with Cryptoeconomics

A fundamental problem that has plagued various network architects is the mismatch between the value created by the network and the value captured by the equity structure。The value of the shareholding structure comes from future cash flows,These cash flows are net profits generated by the ability of the centralized company to generate revenue from customers。This is a system that works well for commercial companies based on selling goods and services:Apple sells high-end hardware,Netflix and Spotify Sales Monthly Membership。However,When the equity model is applied to a network whose core value lies in cheap distribution and user-driven content creation,There is indeed a risk of divergence of interests:Twitter Difficulty monetizing content created by its users, and Facebook Had to turn to a near-dystopian panorama prison,In order to realize the real realization of its value creation based on user base and open source network。When online communities start generating valuable content,The users of the online community are converted from customers to products themselves。At this time, there is a fundamental mismatch between the value of community users and commercial companies.:A business entity trying to capture the full value created by the user community,The user community itself does not receive any financial return。

Jump out of the centralized equity company model that controls the network,Instead, model the network as a digital economy with native tokens,We can not only enhance the value derived from it,The value it generates can also be distributed to true value creators。In this digital economy, network scarcity is represented by tokens,Tokens are used to incentivize distributed personnel、Machines and other actors,to reward their contributions to the network,such as managing valuable resources、Work content and utility。The digital scarcity of the web (such as computing power、artificial、Content Contribution or Community Governance) Represented as a digital token,Enables continuous network upgrades with unlimited flexibility。These tokens become programmable digital software,Connecting people and the assets they own——including virtual (such as personal data) and entity (such as real estate)。What these tokens can achieve is through virtual currency economics, which is at the forefront of incentive design,Balance users smartly、Developer、resource provider (such as miners) and capital providers (such as investors) the intrinsic benefits and utility of the network。Tokenizing scarcity enables a subversive reimagining of ownership,Its meaning even goes beyond pure digital assets,Existing assets will enjoy improved liquidity、transparency、access、Compliance and Tax Potential,This will push existing assets to tokenize,and eventually dominate the new crypto capital market。

decades ago,We have witnessed the transformation of data and communication content from analog signals to digital distribution。data and content created from、Everything from issuance to monetization can be reimagined。digital for newspapers、The influence of TV and film content is there for all to see:Netflix and Spotify The rise of such new giants,Companies like Blockbuster and Kodak are either marginalized,or disappear completely。we are now convinced,The impact of tokens on ownership,As big as digitization once did on content。

Classification of Tokens

Dive into the world of tokens,We can divide it into three core categories based on different characteristics:Currency and Commodities、Utility token and security。Take into account that individual tokens may have several characteristics at the same time,Or evolve different characteristics over the lifetime of their underlying network,We now summarize these characteristics as follows:

store of value (SoV) The value of a token depends on its censorship-resistant and fair-trading properties,to ensure its stored value is comparable to any other market、Commodities or currencies are completely irrelevant。e.g. Bitcoin、Monero and Zerocoin,transaction speed、Network security and online privacy are slightly different。These store-of-value cryptocurrencies are the closest equivalent to real money,When considering quantitative theory of money,exchange equation (MV = PQ) to understand their dynamics。

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Stablecoins aim to decouple volatility from crypto assets,And provide a digital asset that can be pegged to fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar,They are mainly used as a unit of account and a medium of exchange。Three of these categories include:

a. Centralized IOU Issuance——Stability with centrally held equivalent statutory reserves。b. collateral——Overcollateralization provided by crypto assets such as Ethereum。C. seigniorage shares——Recreating an algorithmic central bank,Maintain stability by controlling supply and demand levers。

Payment token is the easiest、Most iterated type,They are often forced into the network,As the only payment method for digital assets provided by the network。therefore,Although the payment token has almost become a virtual digital economy「currency」,Even if they still haven't become more investable、Liquid or stable enough to be a store of value。on the contrary,in the future equilibrium,Payment tokens will be closer to a working capital,Due to opportunity cost,Users will try to minimize working capital。therefore,They are likely to have extremely high rates,But value accumulation is low。Due to the nature of the source code (Replicable and Forkable),These token models run with high risk,They may be forked or replaced by the same protocol,These protocols also allow it to be paid through appropriate store-of-value tokens。

Security token is a representative of asset virtual monetization,Its scope includes traditional commodities、stock、Artwork and any kind of crypto collectibles。The former relies on a strong guarantee of ownership of the underlying asset,Valuation can be based on the value of the underlying asset,and in liquidity、There is a premium in divisibility and availability。The latter often represents a scarce encrypted digital asset,Its nature is like a work of art or real estate,That is to say, the value of these assets itself is limited.,And the creator's reputation,The location in the digital landscape and the overall demand for the asset determine its price。(block rhythm BlockBeats Note:CryptoKitties fall into this category)

Governance tokens allow their holders to vote on how the network operates、Where should developers focus their efforts and when should software upgrades be implemented。As the number of companies operating in the network and the number of transactions processed continues to increase,The value of the network will also increase,Influence on web development will also become a scarce resource。In fact,in such a network,The price of voting rights is likely to increase exponentially as the value of the network it secures increases。This token feature usually needs to be combined with other types of token designs mentioned earlier。(block rhythm BlockBeats Note:Aragon fall into this category)

Discount tokens give owners the right to receive discounts when purchasing assets offered by the digital network。Buying discount tokens is equivalent to buying coupons,and is entitled to a fixed percentage of discounts on all economic activity within the network。As the value of the network increases and the number of transactions grows,Token holders can request bigger discounts。This token design actually simulates a network service (No monetary payment involved) form to provide royalties。

The work token is based on such a concept,as a service provider needs「shared risk」,To encourage them to provide high quality work for the network。Whether it is an objective work (Such as computing resources),Or subjective work (Seasonal rating),Service providers are obliged to put a certain number of communications to the network,In exchange for the right to provide advantageous work。If you work「correct」Finish,Service providers will receive the fee payment (Not necessarily a local communicator)。on the contrary,If the service provider does not act,Their share will be cut and assigned to other service providers。With the growth of network usage,There will be more able to make immediate profitable or future profitable work delivered,This will make the number of service providers who wish to deliver these works have increased。therefore,The demand for these working types will be increased,Since their supply is more fixed,The price of this type will rise with the use of the network。(Block rhythm BlockBeats Note:PoW Categories belong to this class)

destroy & Architecture of cast equalization type communications is based on two simple features:Network user uses a notice payment service fee, But they are not paying for payment,But destroy it (US dollar price);New communications that are casting here(Local payment)Constantly expand。Network users provide a service provider for permanent transfer of each destroyed,They will receive newly generated non-witness assignments as the cost of payment。therefore,When the amount of platform is used,The number of communications that users consume exceeds the number of non-permanent issues by inflation.,The transfer will be reduced,So pushing up each notice price。(Block rhythm BlockBeats Note:USDT Belong to this class)

(portfolio developer website)What role is responsible for investors?

(portfolio developer website)Investors investing in this large number of permanent modes,Its role must be transformed from a simple capital distributor into a positive participant in the network.。Construction from community,Pass,To a positive running node,Again to actively manage mobile positions,Active venture capital funds in this area will soon be required to participate in the operation of the network.。This is not only to fulfill their responsibility,Make the capital return rate of its investors,It also helps to guide their investment to go on the right track.。Ambitious founder knows,The road to lasting success is twisted,They will first choose to have patience agency partners。These patient collaborators will inject capital and put into their network., Only when the number of available nodes in the network reaches the lowest,They will attract specific user groups or other stakeholders through directional sales or short-heading.。

The most active investor will continue to participate in various aspects of the network during investment.:

staking:With the equity certificate (PoS) Or entrusted equity certificate (DPoS) Network mainnet online, Pass holders can provide a profitable work as a shares as a shares. (Transaction verification、calculate、arbitration、Transcoding or security),And get from the network(For example block reward)Users or users (If the transaction fee) Reward。exist DPoS In the network,Operators within the network can be done as a service,Get part of the payment,Pass holders can communicate their communications/Bind to the operator。(Block rhythm BlockBeats Note:Can be accessed
https://www.theblockbeats.com/pos See the current popular Staking project)

(portfolio developer website)vote:Many networks are using their communications as governance tools,Whether voting through a simple pass、Second voting or flowing democracy,Passment gives their holders say。Long-term investors will participate in the governance process of the network,And guide them to their most interesting direction。

manage:Pass the registry (TCR),Early investors in such networks need to actively participate in the management process,Maintain high quality of the registry,And mark the quality of personnel involved in management。

Running nodes with simple networks:Since the investor itself may be a network user,They may actively build early use example iterations for networks.。They use the use of the network to run nodes in the network for data driver tracking purposes,And actively participate in the network economy (For example, purchase services/assets),These investors will be the earliest member of building an ecosystem on the network.。

Europe:Place where the original force is located

Developer quantity explosion& Academic strength of more than a hundred years

A large number of block chain developers and technical talents come from academic traditionally profound Europe,I have given a hundred years of technical academic achievements here.。Before the global rankings 10 Science and technology university,European exclusive 5 Place,Europe graduated from Europe STEM The number of doctors in the field is twice as the United States。according to Stack Overflow The data, European reserves 550 Wan developer,And the United States only 440 Ten thousand。Europe has never lacks technical talents, But from history, The main employers of these developers and technical talents come from banking, until 2008 After the financial crisis broke out,These technical talents decided to escape this industry。And now,With this capital, the wave of democratization is coming,These technical talents in Europe no longer need to immigrate to the United States to raise financing,Establish a global company。It brings the result is,The value created by entrepreneurs from different corners of Europe, obviously exceeds any other region in the world.:only at 2018 year,Raising the European entrepreneurial projects 41 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Asian and US projects are raised separately 23 $ 100 million 26 One hundred million U.S. dollars。

(portfolio developer website)portfolio developer website

(portfolio developer website)From the beginning of the establishment, use a distributed team

As a result 50 Continental continent of different countries,Entrepreneurship companies have been accustomed to using distributed teams,And team building with a global perspective。Any emerging enterprise in Europe recognizes the necessity of developing an international development road map from the beginning.,To avoid the traps that caught in your own domestic small economy。Diversified and multinational teams have become the standard settings of European Entrepreneurship,London、Berlin、Paris and Amsterdam have become the center of technological innovation。We call this phenomenon「European city-state technology revival」。

Surgent-rooted anti-mainstream cultural tradition

Europe's biggest advantage may be derived from the history of the past few centuries.。Although concentrated business models in accordance with Silicon Valley,That is, the intensive capital pool and a narrow and consistent ideology,But the decentralized network mode is more in line with the history of European root-solid political splitting history.,And followed the anti-mainstream cultural movement。Europeans have experienced two unimaginable disastrous world wars in their own land.,Europeans' families have experienced communism and (or) Fasist dictatorship,Europeans split in the cold war 40 for many years。Europeans have always lived under the rule of Palerism regime,These regimes destroy the concept of privacy and freedom of speech,And regularly capture personal items and assets from their citizens。Go-centering network will of course bring the benefits of practical operations to individuals,But at the same time, there is also a nightmare that I hope to curb the entire European society.,Europeans have experienced such a nightmare in the past century.。

(portfolio developer website)Supervision

From the perspective of supervision,The European Union has been in the forefront,Committed to promoting the right to protect consumer GDPR,And open financial systems for users PSD2。Besides,The competition in the block chain in the country has begun to provide the clearest business model and governance structure of the detrimentary network.、Most popular regulatory framework。French Economic Minister publicly, France will not「Visit the revolution of the block chain」, will be ICO Global Center。Switzerland has released a very clear regulatory framework for non-conducting networks。The UK Finance Minister announced an encrypted asset task group,Create a constructive regulatory framework for a notification。European National Malta and Liechieburg fully promoted management methods more open,Try to become a global center for going to the centering network and related business。In more common data use aspects,The United States is known for its use of artificial intelligence due to business drivers.,And China is known for the excessive expansion of extortion of artificial intelligence.。There is a kind of「Article 3」Saying,That is, moral artificial intelligence,Europe may take the lead in trying this new way。This road is built GDPR Available in the frame,And combined with artificial intelligence,Actively absorb the innovation of cryptography,Still respect personal privacy while providing more personalized services。(Block rhythm BlockBeats Note:EU Payment Service Revision Act Second Edition (English Payment ServiceDirective 2 :Abbreviation PSD2))

The Fabric Action plan

portfolio developer website(portfolio developer website)

Virtual income fund,Our primary goal is to choose the best in the field of concern.、The most eye-free entrepreneurs and technicians as partners。Overview of our implementation of this goal in this article next chapter,And how to increase network value over time。

Grassroots procurement

(portfolio developer website)Previous technology waves make new business models to thrive on new technical platforms,However, the transition to the detro data network can make monetization within the network basic protocol framework,That is to say, it is also necessary in the application and business layer.。therefore,Contrary to the trend of the previous technology,This round of new technology waves can make more early value creation focus on the technology infrastructure layer constructed by developers for developers.。

along with Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 The resulting major technological advancement is gradually integrated into those successful applications.,Applications for consumers can also be used in minimal time costs,Advance availability。Consumers will overcome certain psychological obstacles that have been unnatural before use in the case.,Conduct new usage habits。New market strategy and distribution form will provide full support for new products and new markets,For example, financial reward、Currency airdrops and decentralized app stores。

We believe in the future 2-3 year,Most interesting items will concentrate on the infrastructure layer:Development tools will serve intelligent contract library、Development team in the field of data management framework;Basic tool innovations of these block chain networks will promote individual investors and institutional investors Web 3.0 Transform,And provide calculation、Bottom protocols for storage and data privacy。(*Block rhythm BlockBeats Note:2018-2019 year,A large number of underlying commune items,And do very well)

therefore,As an investor we will focus on purchasing innovation projects from developers,Refer to them submitted Github project,Use this as a basis for judging whether it has development and adoption of leading technical capabilities,And assess their application in decentralization stack middle fit。Our venture capital team will continue to catch up with the times and actively transform,In the future, our biggest investment will pass hacker marathon (Contribute to it) Cast,Not through entrepreneurial activities。In this era of controlling the world and open source overwhelming, Developers are new behind-the-scenes,And they are those who we will talk to time.。

The time of the subversion industry is mature

Cannot deny,Bitcoin introduces a feasible digital value storage method,Even alternatives to government statutory currency and gold。By combining limited supplies with the constant classification book,We believe this wave technology wave will bring a lot of new opportunities.,Not only to provide a new type of currency。In the financial field, We believe that the compliance will automatically embed the transfer process of each asset, Credit scores and insurance premium will be dynamized to distribute a large number of data from a global scale.,The concept of the entire capital market will modularize,Processted as basic programming financial elements:A group of open、Construction block without permission,Can be easily assembled in any financial application,The data set used can come from any of the assets that people can imagine.。

same,In the process of redefining the supply chain management, it also contains huge opportunities.,These include inventory tracking and origin verification across multiple suppliers,And automatic credit financing and auditing。Especially in the automotive field,This shift enables cross-makers's automotive data sharing and vehicle tracking, a set of operations and interactive systems containing new possibilities.。online,Popping the opening of the world, generally makes the global ownership of digital assets possible,Although only a simple encrypted collection,But the process will inevitably develop to the main body identity and certification。Point-to-point market (Peer-to-peer) data、Software licensing and work providers can restore their true forms of vigorous development,No need AirBnB Or optick (Uber) Different from each transaction。

Because people lack trust between people,So there is still a lot of middlemen in our transactions today.,Abstract the elements of trust,Going to the centering network will not only fundamentally change our views on all existing departments.,And will also introduce a new business model,This mode is based on P2P Native business model generated by the environment。

Active network participation

(portfolio developer website)As we mentioned earlier,In this field, the role of investors is also undergoing fundamental changes.。Simply lock our assets and supervise,Not only will the potential return brought by the rapid growth of the network,And in many cases,Even because it is negligent, the project itself is。These digital assets aim to encourage all the participation in the process of participating in value creation.:From providing capital to its work and actual use。

Active positive network participation can take the following form:exist PoS Block verification in the network transaction to exchange block rewards,Or Merkle Mine mining communications。also,You can also focus on providing an ideal availability for your network.,In exchange for users paying,For example, storage resources、Data resource or registry management。Designed appropriate incentives in these networks,Personal and professional service providers will provide services quickly,Earn return and fees。In the center of detrimentary network,The network provider will follow the footsteps of the network participants,And these network participants are likely to flock to the network with many network providers.,Problem in forming a chicken egg or egg growth。also, If it is observed from vacuum, it will find that there is still a risk., That is, it is not an economic viability to participate in the early network development.:Depending on the transaction fee in the network without trading,Or, in the Marine Agreement Network before you don't have a buyer(The marine agreement is based on block-based data exchange protocols, Used for unlocking, Provide the user with fair results)Provide data flow,Will cause losses。In addition to early investors,No rational actors will cater to this specific scene。Because the return rate of the venture capital fund is mainly achieved by maximizing the possibility of exception success of each investment.,So for us,The potential for acquiring the index level in the network exceeds the supply and cultivation of the network's sinking cost。therefore,We intend to help our investment to go to the crowdfunding providers,The form is not limited to internal selection or delegation agent,And we will open to the network project of our own commitments,Actively participate in the network they build。We have outlined Ocean Protocol How to run nodes in、Program for data streams,At the same time, we are working with companies we invest.,Preparing to provide work for it when its network is started。

Acceleration of accidents

We firmly believe that by active participation in community value creation,And let the smart people connect closely together,Can make extraordinary things happen。Immerse yourself in this community,We can not only find the best opportunities in the early stages.,And we will also create a network to contribute to the successful growth of our portfolio.。to this end,We hold a series of activities,The forms and destination are different,The purpose of each activity is to gather a particular group of people together,Solve specific problems,These activities include:

Regular technical conference:Gather the developer community together,Solve infrastructure in collaboration、Research and development issues for unauthentication economies and adoption;picture CogX Such a large meeting:Terior focused on widespread audience Web 3.0,To display the latest achievements in research and development,And help companies、Government and investors adapt to emerging business models;Founder Year Summit:A close gathering,Progress aimed at displaying various projects in the portfolio,And take the initiative to match these items with other partners in the ecosystem;Talent dinner:We will take the initiative engineers who are talented、product designer、Password expert、Community builders or operator stars match the projects in our portfolio。
(portfolio developer website)Fabric s home

We are building Fabric s home,And firmly commit to unite the smartest developers in London in us,Committed to building data networks together。Due to the essence of open source software development,Most projects are distributed teams,No so-called solid「Base」。we believe,For developers building decentralized networks,Flexible co-working spaces not only provide opportunities for inspirational collisions between projects,and will become one of our most valuable resources。same,whenever we stay in berlin,We are all FullNode inhabitants of——This is Gnosis and Cosmos A co-working space built for blockchain projects。

(portfolio developer website)Token Market Status Research Report

2018 year 1 moon,We publish a regular report on the state of the token market,Focus on quantitative trends in the token ecosystem,and qualitative analysis of major developments in the field,In-depth research such as the evolution of funding mechanisms, Insights into global cryptocurrency hub trends,Understand development activities that function as market corrections and the regulatory environment in emerging markets。This report not only helps us stay ahead of the changing European and global stages, also enables us to attract mature and emerging projects by、Exploring the talent of the ecosystem、The attention of academic and industry associations and their attention。

The report has been translated into 4 languages,and was 100 Multiple media publications and quotes from famous talks,Citations also include university lectures。Both versions of the report have become important references for understanding developments in the field。from now on,We intend to use more regular newsletters(Include curated data snippets)to supplement the report。

Fabric how to recruit

as in Web 2.0 the same times,in the decentralized Web Chinese talents are the driving force of innovation,It is also the scarcest resource for the best projects to compete directly with each other。Since our goal is to invest in the project at the very beginning,So recruiting for the team will be one of the first things we can do。We are building a project by talented engineers、A curated community of product managers and community builders,Programmatically match them with relevant projects in our portfolio。first,We use an internal social map platform,pass through Github、Twitter、Reddit and other networks proactively identify potential candidates,and based on their previous projects、Geographical location、interests and reputation,make recommendations tailored to them。also,We regularly host a series of events and dinners for developers,The focus is on further cultivating offline brick-and-mortar communities,and allow projects in our portfolio to share their vision,cooperating。

Not limited to known investment vehicles

We have been keeping pace with the rapid changes in investment vehicles over the past two years,Of course, further tool iterations will not be avoided in the future。from equity、Token to SAFTs、SAFTEs to security token,Landmark value capture investment vehicles that drive governance are still evolving。In order to avoid being constrained by any technical limitations in the future,Fabric Ventures Insist on asset form agnosticism。We don't ignore new investment vehicles,Never miss an opportunity,we will try more tools,Apply it to online participation、work in regulation and liquidity management。

Get liquidity right

Although the token market is quite liquid,but Fabric Ventures Will patiently invest in digital networks for the long term。We invest in technologies that are building meaningful,And a team that continuously improves user adoption,It's no exaggeration to say that these jobs will take decades。

but,Liquid markets do provide our portfolio with day-to-day mark-to-market capabilities,and double the value of the undervalued positions we already hold。Unlike holding traditional stocks,As VC funds target a project at the end of its life cycle,Tokens will be easier to sell without negatively impacting the project。With cryptocurrency exchanges fully regulated and likely to include on-chain compliance frameworks,We are fully capable of selling tokens to accredited investors in the open market,without having to push IPO or project acquisition,While retaining the option to sell tokens to larger buyers in OTC transactions。It is because of this mobility,This allows our venture capital funds to have the opportunity to have different risks/Give way to capital from a return perspective or to strategic players within the network,This may eventually increase the value of the remaining tokens。If we think a team or project has gone off course during our investment,or cannot promise returns commensurate with the level of risk,Then we may also choose to sell a successful project,Or forced to quit quickly。These「Liquidity Model」Still in an area that needs further development and iteration,Just like these investment vehicles are like a broad term to the venture capital model itself「fork」Same。

in conclusion

A new wave of technology centered on blockchain technology not only represents a generational shift in computing architecture,It is also a transformation of the principles of organization。A new wave of people-centred services will interweave with our daily lives with unprecedented intimacy,To convince humans that their machine mates won't abuse the ever-growing flood of data,We need privacy and incentives powered by cryptocurrencies。We believe in technology infrastructure、Development tools and data management framework,build a flexible、security and privacy protection Web3.0 there's still a long way to go。To support this vision,Fabric Ventures The patient venture capital model is being tweaked,Make our investments more adaptable to development projects targeting the decentralized web——Choose the most daring techies and communities at an early stage,Provide full support throughout their project development and operation phases,and be an active participant in the network they are building。

statement:This article is settled“Mars”Author's work,Does not represent the official position of Mars Finance。Please indicate the source、Author and link to this article

hint:Investment is risky,Be cautious when entering the market。This information is not intended as investment and financial advice。


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