website development outsourcing


(website development outsourcing)We are doingseoIn the process of outsourcing,Will always feel some of the problems brought by today's economic downturn,Such as corporate customers,Promotion costs always stretched,So there will often be a customer to see the website.seoThere must be a certain ranking,Start thinking about whether you want to continue doing rankings,In fact, for today's economic status,Customers have this idea we can understand,But there are still many problems to understand first.,Don't make a decision,So,Website has the weight,Do you still have to do it?seoOutsourcing?

website development outsourcing

1.Requirements for weights

(website development outsourcing)①keep status quo

DoseoOutsourcing will have the website weight、Website ranking requires,Some customers are insufficient because of promoting costs.,Discover the website ranking to a certain level,For example, some keywords ranking Home,I don't want to be moreseoOutsourcing,In fact, this situation we have no opinions,But must pay attention,Now ranking is not equal to future rankings,Now the ranking is renewal,Can you keep it?,This customer needs to figure out。

(website development outsourcing)②Continue to improve

Of course,We also found some customersseoNot don't understand,Just don't systematically do it systematicallyseo,DoseoThe purpose of outsourcing is to put the foundation of the websiteseoDo well,In the futureseoWill be more easily,This kind of customer is to consider,You findseoOutsourcing company is used by the websiteseoWhat is the strategy?,Is there sustainable?。

(website development outsourcing)So,Based on the above two questions,How to determine what strategy used,Do you want to continueseoOutsourcing?

2.seoStrategic problem

seoThe strategy can be roughly divided into two types:

①White hat ranking

TraditionseoThat is a white hatseo,DoseoOutsourcing mainly relying on actual experience,useseoPolicy、Inner chain、The outer chain and other optimization methods in line with the search engine requirementsseo,SuchseoStrategy,The probability of being snatched by the search engine is relatively low.,And have a stable ranking。

Mainly reflected in doingseoOutsourcing,Sitle of the website、content、Even structure、Outer chain and other adjustments。

②Quick ranking

The other is a rapid ranking,Use some cheating,Exploit the customer page into the home page,SuchseoStrategy is not based on search engine needs,So it is easy to strike with the engine,the most important is,Use fast rankings to do outsourced,Termination of outsourcing means that the ranking will fall soon。

Use fast-movingseoOutsourcing is mainly reflected,The other party is not high,And many companies claim that they don't want to rank.,Do not change the content of the website, etc.。

(website development outsourcing)Of course, the above judgment needs to be doneseoOutsourcing is based onseoCompany is doing the websiteseoStrategy factor,Whether you can give upseoNeed to consider whether the company has its ability to continueseo。



First of all, do you have a strong execution?,In placeseoOutsourcing companies use white hat technology,It also needs to be updated in the later stage.,The update here is not only the quantity.、Policies, etc.,If it is to do basicseoIn the later stage,NeededseoCompany communication,Guaranteed over excessive。

②Analytical force

Of courseseoNeed to have some analytical capabilities,becauseseoRanking is floating,Rank stability is just a table icon,It is the continuous analysis of the background,Underworld,The result of using the right strategy in the right time,So we recommend,Business If you don't have enough,Still don't be easily releasedseoOutsourcing。

Summarize:Website has the weight,Do you still have to do it?seoOutsourcing,Let's discuss here,the above content,for reference only。