website developer st petersburg fl


website developer st petersburg fl

(website developer st petersburg fl)Managershare:Really no”Looking at it, it is really very conscious.“Entrepreneurship。

ThumbtackMalco, CEO·Zapkista(Marco Zappacosta)I always know,The start-up enterprise he established will become a family affairs.。2009year,He established this company in his brother's house.,Until his brother can't stand the noise,Take him out。Zapar Costa also invited his parents to becomeThumbtackThe first batch of users of the website,This trading platform allows consumers to contact local professional services,Equally floor renovation、Treadmill repairman and bartender。In order to master the real use experience,He works part-time to start a Italian chef,Teaching cooking class for uninformed customers,Share his aunt to make handmade italian dumplings and lamb sauce。

therefore,existThumbtackCompany announced the acceptance of Google Capital(Google Capital)Take the lead1Billion dollar huge investment,exist8A Wednesday night at the beginning of the month,He gratitude,A family feast,This move looks also。As a child from the immigrants from the southern Italy,Full face、The eyebrows are thick, Zapkista is just grinned.,He reaches its own table and chair,Uncle sitting on the left of him is talking on the phone with Roman accent,Sitting on his right is a father-in-law,His mother is sitting opposite,It is using a highweisted eye to show this rendering warehouse located in San Francisco.,This start-up company now called here as their birthplace。

Five years,This start-up business new income source and clever business model have madeThumbtackThe company far beyond the family circle of Zapkista,PreparationYelpandAngie’s ListWaiting for the big company in the business world,Amazon(Amazon)And electronic port(eBay)Waiting for commercial giants。

Despite4,000Billion8,000US dollar size,The operational efficiency of the same city business market is low.,Still relying on the phone、Yellow page、Blind trust and small claim court。Yelp andAngie’s ListThe company spent ten years.,Improve us to find water pipes and weddingDJThe way,But their main role is still a company directory for upgrading.。ThumbtackJonathan·Swansen(Jonathan Swanson)Say,“They provide you with information,But you still have to do all work。”

ThumbtackMore like a trading platform,Like a housing resource websiteHomeAdvisorAnd life websiteRedbeacon,But all kinds of services provided are widespread than all platforms.。existThumbtackOn the website,You ask for a request,Supplier competition。If you need to find a drunk driving lawyer or belly dance teacher,You have to fill in the questionnaire,Answer a variety of questions,For example, what do you want to learn the Middle East belly dance or a Buli belly dance?Then,ThumbtackSoftware assigns your requirements to nearby professionals,They will reply to quotes and describe their services they provide。ThumbtackOn the platform, the average work charges are600Dollar,Merchant payment3Dollar25Dollar Inequiors,Swansen called this fee“Marketing cost”,Because suppliers usually use these money to go in Google orYelpAdvertising。According to the market research companyBIA/KelseyEstimate,Every year, professionals will be put on646Business promotion。

With more than70,000Multi-person paid professionals and annual300Careering for 10,000 success,ThumbtackThe company provides value for the US local businesses18Billion dollar potential business。The number of paid professionals owned by this company is almostYelpThe people who put on the advertisement are as many,andThumbtackNearly half of the business activities from mobile equipment。“This is a yellow page that is re-created for our live world.。”Zapkista said。

This ambition will also encounter challenges from many big companies.,Among them, there is an electronic harbor and Amazon.,These two companies are testing the same city service trading platform。YelpCompany8The 10th anniversary of the company celebrated the company,andAngie’s ListThe company's chief marketing official Anji·Hicks(Angie Hicks,Named its name)Poke,Her company has been classified in directory for comments and relevance19year,“Look more[Startup company]Come and go。”

but,IfThumbtackThe amount of the company's fundraising is as indicated.,So this company will not disappear quickly,Unless the company is acquired。2014year5moon,The company accepted the sequa capital(Sequoia Capital)And Tiger Global Fund(Tiger Global)of3,000Wan US dollar investment,In8I have accepted Google Company in the month.1$ 100 million。《Forbes》And research institutionsVC Expertsestimate,ThumbtackAfter the company financing this round,Current valuation is about8.3One hundred million U.S. dollars。“I have been paying attention to the city service provider field for a long time.,”Google Capital David·Roy(David Lawee)Say,“This is the first company I found to open this market.。”

(website developer st petersburg fl)Present29Aged Tapkista and31Shanson acknowledges this fact:ThumbtackThe company is not looking for a TV repairman.,Decision made by the brain。Two people start planning to be a big business when they meet their college。(Zaparcosta is born with entrepreneurial genes:His father is the joint founder of Logitech Company。)They first found a political propaganda group.,Promote social security reform。They have been temporarily left——Zapadotta left Columbia University(Columbia),Swansen left Yale University(Yale)——Move to Washington DC,Promote their non-profit organization。Two people finally found work,In the White House West Wing, the economic adviser of President Bush is a assistant,But still use the evening time conceived ideas,I hope that I have a good idea with sufficient attraction.,Let them abandon their daily work。They have a creative to develop personal financial management tools.,Attract potential investors,But when2007year9Monthly unveiled financial websiteMint.comDestroy their plan。

But the two are not scared,Still continue to work hard,By investigating the cause of the same city's service development,Finally determined in this industry exhibition。Swansen said,“I saw some pedestrians put small advertisements on the pole.,His phone above,And this kind of small advertisement is completely tearned by others.。Why do they still do this??”They believe that they can have influence on this value of billions of dollars.,They with other two joint founders Sand·Danieles(Sander Daniels)Jeremy·Turner(Jeremy Tunnell)FoundTimeStrappedcompany(Using3.6After buying the domain name,Rename toThumbtack),In2009Spring moving to San Francisco。

In the early stage of entrepreneurship,Zapar Costa and Swansen met all ethnic and egg problems that were facing all emerging trading platforms.:How do you get enough supply on the website?(Local professionals)To attract demand(Consumer in need)?ThumbtackThe engineer does not use the traditional method of selling telephone sales.,Instead, billions of web pages were searched,Created an information database of local professionals。This database helps them understand which platforms service providers use to find new business online。then they are on these pages(Google、Facebook、must)Advertise,Attract suppliers to sign up。until today,The company still hasn't hired a dedicated sales team to develop new business。

(website developer st petersburg fl)thenThumbtackStill don't know how to get rewarded。This site tries to collect fees after the project is completed,But it depends on whether the company proactively reports。This approach has not been successful。This site tried a subscription model,Envision that professionals might pay a fixed price,Get unlimited job referrals。This is causing consumers to receive more and more spam,Not getting a good user experience。40Several venture capital firms rejectedThumbtack,until2012beginning of the year,Javelin Ventures(Javelin Venture Partners)led the round450million dollar investment。“We almost broke up。”Swanson says。

This isThumbtackProvides a year of breathing space to find your own solution,The company eventually2013The current fee-for-referral model was launched at the beginning of the year,This ensures that professionals only bid on projects they can complete。“The real ingenuity is that,This is a pay-for-performance model,This subtly combines the initiative of service providers andThumbtackWebsite monetization coordinated。”Brian of Sequoia Capital·Schreier(Bryan Schreier)Say,He talked to the company six times,hereafter in2013year6month invested1,250Ten thousand U.S. dollars。According to insiders,This new business model has increased this year's revenue fivefold,Calculated at the current level,Its annual revenue can reach3,000Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

Gillian·Mansfield(Giliane Mansfeldt)Operates a photography studio in St. Paul, Minnesota,She said she has tried different online advertisements to attract customers,But it didn't get the return she expected.,because“There are too many photographers in Minnesota”。existThumbtackon the website,She pays for each job referral4.50US dollar fee,And know that about 1 in 5 referrals bring in an average of250dollar work。Mansfield estimate,she spends every month75Dollar Post Google Ads,to get the same result。Keith·Bishop(Keith Bishop)is a personal trainer in St. Petersburg, FL,He is every monthThumbtackInvest approx.1,000Dollar,because he can see his“Marketing investment”generated return,This is like“giant slot machine”generalFacebookIn stark contrast to the effectiveness of Google Ads。

But other professionals areFacebookAnti-Thumbtackgroup,claiming to have encountered false referrals,cause them to pay for nothing,while also letting substandard suppliers compete with them。YelpCEO Jeremy·Stoppelman(Jeremy Stoppelman)feel,Consumers are seen in the service as “shark bait”,Because sites lack the ratings and review data they need to help consumers make informed decisions。Zappacosta says,“In fact,If we don't have enough consumers to demand employment,Those professionals have long since left。”but,He also admitted the inadequacies,The company hopes to solve these problems,established in the philippines485Quality control team composed of employees,Responsible for cleaning up spam requests,Validation of qualifications for service professionals。ThumbtackAlso try to display average price data on the website,so that consumers can see how much this type of work will cost in their area。

ThumbtackSteady improvement is required——will just be raised1Most of the 0 million goes to consumer marketing——in order to stand out among the business giants in this field。in the past nine months,e-harbour has been promotingeBay Hire,It lets consumers order football boots along with football lessons。According to reports,Amazon follows a similar model,By launching Amazon Local(Amazon Local Services),try in Seattle、Appliance installation and repair services launched in Los Angeles, New York and more。

“Amazon is intimidating,Because it's a big, strong company,”Zappacosta says,Had countless talks with him during Amazon's market research,“But this company competes with basically every company on the planet。We'll focus on this thing in our hands,and will be the best in this field。”(translate Meng Jiebing school Li Qiqi)

(website developer st petersburg fl)(Please search on WeChat“Managers share logs”or“manashare”Pay attention to the public account,or downloadiPhoneapplication“manager sharing”,and45Thousands of professionals together,enjoy a read、think、joy of practice。)


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