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lexington kentucky website developers

recently,US second large mattress manufacturer Topil(Tempur Sealy International. Inc)With North America's largest mattress storeMattress FirmThe news of re-signed the supply agreement has caused vibration of the American home industry.。

According to the US today's furniture data,2018year,Topil is shipped in the United States21.88One hundred million U.S. dollars,second only to28.72Billion Dollars Schome,In the United States, the usage is over20%。andMattress FirmNegotiation time for half a year,Final successful repair channel relationship,This or will become Tipil's smooth opening of a new round of rapid development、Even the opportunity to hit the mattress industry。

The US mattress industry has experienced regionalization、Dispersed to break the isolation、Development history to giants,Whether it is the field of manufacturing or circulation,All is the acquisition of step by step、Gradually integrate among mergers。It is also a lot of M & A that has been born now.。That's stone,Can attack jade。This article will combing the history of the second largest mattress manufacturer in the United States,Ideas for promoting centralized domestic market concentration improvement。

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Practice Orthopedics,Walking over a hundred years

Silk mattress founder Daniel·Haynes(Daniel Haynes)Once is a rolling machine manufacturer,Due to the nature of the work, he often exposes related raw materials.,therefore,1881year,Haynens began to make cotton filled mattresses for his friends and neighbors。This is a noiusing movement,The mattress made by Hayines actually welcomed,With the word of mouth, the word of mouth,More and more people come to buy Haynes's mattresses。1889year,Haines applied for patents for the cotton compressor required in the production of mattresses.,With the further spread of word of mouth,Order scale gradually expand,The mattress made by Hayines begins known as“Silk(Sealy)Mattress”。

(lexington kentucky website developers)1906year,Hayns sells patents to a company in Texas.,This company continues to use“Silk”Brand name,And push silk mattress to the country,Also proposed“Sleeping on a silk mat is like sleeping on a cloud”Slogan,Open the scorpion in one fell swoop。Accompanied by demand,The company's scale and capacity are also expanding,arrive1920year,Silk is already in the United States.23Factory gets silk production license。

1929year,Great Depression,Silk has not been very lucky。Most factories who have obtained silk production licenses are closed.,Silk itself is also trapped on the edge of the bankruptcy。Some licensed plants with only a merger,Hiegling group(Sealy, Inc.)。During this period,The built-in spring mattress,And become the first launchKing sizeMakers manufacturer。

1949year,Silk and famous Orthopedic surgery expertsDr. Robert G. AddisonDoctoral launched cooperation,And form a doctor、Orthopedic research team of clinician and plastic surgeon。1950year,PosturepedicTechnology is born under the efforts of the orthopedic research team。70Era,Silk“Beautiful beauty”Brand became synonymous with high quality springs with powerful support。

(lexington kentucky website developers)1983year,Silk acquisitionStearns & Foster,WillStearns & FosterPositioning as high end series。

SealyAt1989Years by private equityKohlberg Kravis RobertsAcquire,2006Year of the New Year,KKRMost stocks still hold。

now,Silk manufacturing plant has spread Australia、Bahamas、Israel、Jamaica、Japan、new Zealand、U.K、China and South Africa and other countries。

Rely onNASATechnology,Typur is later

The rise of ToporNASAProfound origin。until now,NASA、high tech、Space technology is still label on Topl。

(lexington kentucky website developers)1966year,NASAAmesResearch Center In order to improve the safety of the seat,Developed memory cotton(Memory Foam),This material is called“Temper Foam”,This is said to imply that it has temperature sensitivity.(The temperature is soft and the temperature is low when the temperature is low.)Characteristics。Eighty,NASAPublish this material for the public,Attracted many companies to develop its commercial use,However, due to the difficulty of manufacturing memory cotton at the time、And the material itself has temperature sensitivity,Commercial existence many uncertain factors,Most companies that are willing to try this new material.,Only a small part of persistence。Fercodala in Sweden(Fagerdala World Foams)One of them。1991year,Fakada successfully develop Topier mattress(Tempur-Pedic)And launched in Sweden。This pioneering is regarded as another innovation after the built-in spring mat mat.。

(lexington kentucky website developers)Businessman Robert from the United States·Trussel(Robert Trussell)A strong interest in Typur mattress。Tursell previously does not have mattresses,Originally engaged in racing。A friend of Tussel is French traam,The latter knows a Swedish that works while engaging in horse racing and mattresses.,It is compliant that Tursell's horse racing career is frustrated,Taking friends through friends,He has a certain understanding of the Topier mattress.,And very fast to meet Fakadala's executives。After the experience,He believes that the Topier mattress has huge potential。

1992year1moon,Under the struggle of Tussel,Mikadel, Vice President of Fadudara·Magnison(Mikael Magnusson)Flying to the United States and meet him,And awarded the North American distribution right of Tetur mattress。Tursell's mattress is not easy,He is looking for many people who have invested his horse.。He once mentioned in an interview,“I have to persuade investors at the time.:Although we have lost a lot of money in the horses of the horse.,But now we have to make money in mattress do not understand.。”

Some efforts,1992year,Topor(Tempur-Pedic Inc.)Founded in Lexington, Kentucky。

At the beginning of the establishment,Trussel requires sales staff to regularly visiting local hospitals and nursing homes.,Establish relationship with these special agencies。Trussel saw the potential of these special agencies:Acne has always been a major problem that plagues the medical industry,In Florida,60%The above lawsuits on the nursing home are sores because the elderly have got into the nursing home.。Topur launched memory cotton mattress is very in line with ergonomics,It can reduce the patient's patients with long-term beds and the prevalence of acne in the elderly to1%the following,Thus, in1996Tetil Medical Company(Tempur-Medical Inc.)Establishment,Salespersons not only continue to strengthen the relationship between special agencies,Also actively lobby,Promote government allocation support hospital、The nursing home is using Topier mattresses。

1999Start from year,Topor brand(Tempur-Pedic)Beginning to the newly established Topor International(Tempur World Inc.),Topor International by Fakadala Holdings。Experience the development of ten years,2002year,Topor International's sales reached1.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Also hit the advertisement to the Oscar Awards Ceremony。same year,Topor International is acquired by two equity companies,BeTA AssociatesandFriedman Fleischer&Lowe。Trussel still serves as Topor InternationalCEO。

Hug,Industry giants are born

2009year,Simmons was on the verge of bankruptcy(Simmons)Invest with Ruisheng(Ares Management )、Ontario Teachers' Retirement Fund(Ontario Teachers' pension Plan)Co-led investment group signs acquisition agreement,This investment group is also the American mattress giant Serta(Serta)owner of。from now on,Although Serta and Simmons still operate independently、compete with each other,The relationship between the two is getting closer。2012year,Serta Simmons(Serta Simmons Holdings,LLC)of the U.S. market share34%。

at the same time,Sealy faces a similar debt predicament to Simmons before it was acquired。in the IPO prospectus,Sealy said thatIPOFunds raised are used for debt repayment, etc.,arrive2012year,Debt issues remain unresolved。

Internal worries are not clear,Foreign trouble has arrived。2011year,Serta's U.S. market share is18.1%,Sealy for17.8%,Simmons is15.7%,Tempur for13.9%,mattress storeSleep Numberits brandsSelect Comfortfor4.7%,The rest are mostly smaller brands。That is to say,Serta and Simmons join forces to capture more than a third of the US mattress market,This fact has brought a certain amount of pressure to both Temple and Sealy, who are single-handedly。

and,The advantage of Tempur is memory foam,The advantage of Sealy is the spring,The combination of the two brands helps the category complement each other,Meet market needs from more aspects。before the acquisition,It has been rumored in the industry that Sealy has deep ideas for the field of memory foam,2012year,Sealy acquires memory foam and gel mattress makerComfort Revolutionof45%Equity。for Tempur,The acquisition of Sealy will also give it a foothold in the spring mattress space。

therefore,2012year,Tempur offers to buy Sealy,and undertake for Sealy7.5billion dollar debt。

at that time,This means that the mattress industry will have a market share of31.5%another giant。

2013year3moon18day,Both parties officially announced the acquisition,Tempur per share2.20To acquire all outstanding common shares of Sealy for a price of U.S. dollars,and assume all outstanding convertible and non-convertible bonds of Sealy,Total transaction value up to13One hundred million U.S. dollars。Tempur Sealy International Group formed after acquisition(Tempur-Pedic International Inc. ),The two brands remain independent,CEOwill not change due to acquisitions。Temple and Sealy agree,Acquisitions can bring more than4000Ten thousand U.S. dollars/annual cost synergies。

“We are pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of Sealy,and look forward to the future of Tempur Sealy International Group,”In an open letter announcing the acquisition,Tempur CEO Mark·Savary(Mark Sarvary)Express,“we believe,The sharing of technology and the improvement of efficiency will bring us great value。”

Serta and Simmons、Temple and Sealy join hands one after another,The U.S. mattress industry has also experienced a relatively stable period since then.,“centenarian”Sealy and“Post-90s”It has been six years since the combination of Tempur。the past five years,The rise of mattress e-commerce has injected new variables into the industry,Although most mattress e-commerce companies do not yet have the energy to shake the giants,Traditional companies are already paying attention to them,Acquisitions of mattress e-commerce companies occur from time to time。

domestic,The era of increasing industry concentration through acquisitions is also coming,2018Niangu's acquisition of Xilinmen is a sign。Yiou Home Furnishing had the honor to interview Fei Mingjie, general manager of Sealy China,he thinks,future3-5year,China's mattress industry will accelerate the integration,A giant will be born。

How two camps of American mattresses are holding on to the next decade,Where will the giants of Chinese mattresses come from?,It's worth waiting for。

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