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(portfolio website front end developer)portfolio website front end developer

For developers like you and me,Entering the programming world presents many challenges and opportunities。There is a lot to learn and master–We haveJavaScriptframe,E.gReact,Vue,AngularandSvelte。we have static site generator,JAMstack,serverless,Git,and the list goes on。

(portfolio website front end developer)Although extensiveWebThe development ecosystem stores something for everyone,But it's really hard to keep track of changing technology。Not only that,There are more questions for you to answer:where do i want to work,who to work with?Do I want to be a full-time developer?Do I want to take a permanent job or do I need to sign up?How do I develop myself and acquire new skills?

I have incorporated all knowledge and experience into this101in the skill,These tips may help you asWebHelping you in your career as a developer。Whether you are just starting out or already have some experience,These tips will hopefully help you。This list is by no means a complete list,Of course not every point is perfect,But I hope you can pick some out of it for inspiration or guidance。

correct,I recently sorted101GFront-end data,Zero foundation to employment full set,If you need a friend, you can send a private message
(portfolio website front end developer)1.try to understandGitconcept

It is good to know the basic commands,But try to understand the basic concepts too。

2.Learn the concepts of clean code

Understanding clean code principles helps you generate better,more readable code,and fewer failures。

3.Build a Portfolio Site

You should be proud of your work,and share with others,and offer future employers and clients the opportunity to hire you。

(portfolio website front end developer)4.Write technical blog posts

There are several advantages to writing blog posts。If you try to explain what you've learned to others,it is usually easier to learn new things。Giving back to the community is a big move。

5.Freelancing for the first time

Will2020year as the year of occupational change,and find your first contracting job。Take a look at projects that offer opportunitiesWebplatform,Contact a recruiter,Attend community events and conferences,Or see if your employer might want to hire you as a freelancer。

6.To understandingJavaScriptBase

(portfolio website front end developer)JavaScriptrun the network。whenReactandVueWhen such frameworks come and go,JavaScriptmay still exist。therefore,Invest in learningJavaScriptBasic knowledge。

7.learn a bigJavaScriptframe

modernWebapplications are usuallyVue,ReactorAngularSupported by other frameworks。Facebook,GoogleandAirbnbetc. companies are maintaining and using them。therefore,as a front-end developer,You should know at least one of them。but in the end,onlyJavaScript。

8.Attempt to advance to a senior position

(portfolio website front end developer)Learn what it takes to become a senior developer。apart from experience,It is also important to have soft skills such as empathy and excellent communication skills。

9.Mentor junior developers

The most important deliverables for senior developers are senior developers。therefore,Try to help others without being bossy。

10.Create tutorials for others

If you learn a new programming language,function or technology,Please​Share your knowledge with others。

(portfolio website front end developer)11.useVSCodeand its extensions

(portfolio website front end developer)If you haven't usedVSCodeas the mainIDE,Then you should definitely try it。This will make you a more productive developer,and has a lot of great extensions,such as code formatting and styles or autocomplete。

12.leave a toxic workplace

If you work in a toxic place or have a toxic boss,Please look for other job opportunities。people usually don't change,And your talent is too good to be wasted。Find people who can appreciate you and your skills。

13.Contribute to open source projects

Contributing to open source is probably something every developer has ever thought about。You can engage and help the community,Practice programming in a real-world environment,Then add it to your portfolio。manyOSSProjects welcome new users who can be added to their repositories。

14.Learn a fundamentally different programming language

To broaden your horizons and get out of your comfort zone,It might be a good idea to learn a completely different programming language。E.g,if you normally useJava,please try usingJavaScript,RustorGolang。try something you've never used before。

15.Deploy serverless functions

Serverless functions are small, single-purpose programming functions hosted on managed infrastructure。E.g,you can use itAWS Lambdahost them。Many projects are using them,so worth a try。


RESTful APIin the past few years has becomeWebde facto standard developed。But withFacebookofGraphQLthe rise of,You should definitely try to learn the concepts behind it。

(portfolio website front end developer)17.build aJAMstackapplication

(portfolio website front end developer)JavaScript,APIand mark-Applications that consist of these technologiesJAMstack。JAMstackPowerful,lightweight,and independent of a dedicated backend。E.g,Great for corporate or portfolio sites。

18.have a lookOWASP Top 10

developWebThe Application Security Project provides advice and best practices for developing secure applications。

19.Do more pair programming

Pair programming is one of the best ways to share knowledge among programmers。You can learn from experienced developers,Or can help more junior developers。no matter which way,it's all a good thing,can help you stay focused。

20.Opt-in for code reviews

in many projects,Code review is mandatory,and before merging the code,Code reviews are required by many companies。You should often participate in such reviews。If you are a beginner,you can learn by looking at other developers' code and asking them questions。if you are more experienced,it helps reduce bugs in the codebase。

21.focus on problem solving

(portfolio website front end developer)be excellent(advanced)One thing for developers is the ability to focus on solutions rather than problems。Always try to find a way to meet the challenge。

22.Learn how to debug

Programming code is never perfect。There are bound to be mistakes and mistakes。But in order to find and fix them,You need to learn how to debug code。

23.Don't sell yourself short

One thing I often need to remind myself of is,No matter how much I charge my clients or ask my employer,i deserve it。All the skills you already have,All the time programming, along with valuable character, should give you the confidence to negotiate,for your benefit。

24.learn from failure

Everyone makes mistakes。Even the most successful developers make a lot of mistakes。But the important thing is,You must learn from these mistakes,to grow-Whether it's your skills as a developer or your personal life。

25.Always test your code

Write tests for your code,Either unit testing or integration testing,It seems to cause additional work,You may think that the code written is perfect,And there is no error。That is a mistake。Almost all companies and open source projects want you to test code。and,You should even do this in your own personal project.,Ask for an arm。

26.Learning design pattern

Design mode is the basis for building software applications。You don't have to need them in each project,But understand some of the main knowledge is a very happy thing.。

(portfolio website front end developer)27.I don't hesitate to seek help

Seeking help nothing is bad。but,Before you ask someone to help you,First try to try to try a good practice。But in general,If you have difficulty encountering difficulties,Please contact you people。

28.Participation in technical conference

Participating in the meeting is a good way to understand new technologies and interact with communities.。If the employer brought back the knowledge and shares knowledge with colleagues,Employers often give employees or pay for them。

(portfolio website front end developer)29.Speech at the technical meeting

If you have a chance,You should talk about your topics you interested in the meeting.。Even if you are an introverted person,It will also help you build confidence。

30.Try to keep relevant

This is easy to do,But you have to master the world-class technology world,You need to continue learning and improving skills。Read the blog article,Participate in the meeting,Watch the video,Subscribe to news communication,Read book,join(Offline)course。There are countless possibilities。

(portfolio website front end developer)31.Bragon

Nothing is a matter of course。No technology,No frame,No library。You must constantly adapt to success in this industry。Broken, not only affects technology-finally,The most important thing is。

32.Join the community

You don't have to perform single performance。Join like-minded people,Other developers,Writers or communities for anything you are interested in,Can truly help you improve your professionalism,Discover new opportunities,Even more new friends!


Many people including me are passing,This means they know that many things are very good.,This is good。but,Some positions in the technical field,Must very much very much about something,And experts have high demand for these things and have high rewards.。


Many people are afraid to transport items to the public.。product,tool,article-It does not matter。The main point here is:Ship!It either works from the beginning,Either you learn new things through adjustment!

35.Regular practice

You don't have to have some natural talent to become a programmer。Almost everything can learn,The best way is to program。therefore,Write code regularly every day,You will automatically become better。

36.Start a person project

(portfolio website front end developer)many people think“Real programmer”Only do code,At least at a time3Individual project。That is of course incorrect!but,Personal projects may be to explore new technologies,Try new things,Good things for manufacturing and selling products,Or just to find fun。try it!

37.Complete a personal project

It is easy to start a personal project。but,It is not that it is not the best to reach the public to the public.。Personal project cemetery is full of abandoned projects。You should try to complete something-feels good!

(portfolio website front end developer)38.Participate in new courses

What new thing you learned last time is work or yourself.?Perhaps it is time to leave your comfort area and participate in new courses about your topics.。Don't have to be related to the coding。Maybe you can improve your social skills,Can even improve cooking skills!

39.Read more books

The Internet has brought us many new learning opportunities.-Blog,podcast,Video course...But for me,Nothing is better than a good and old paper.。therefore,If you want to try the ancient works of the generation,Please read a book!

(portfolio website front end developer)40.Support others

Pay better than acceptance-By helping others,You can really improve people。In the long term,It usually rewards。New job opportunities or friendship-It's great to help others.!

41.Learn to analyze problems

When you work as a developer,Need usually need to make a lot of analysis before solving the problem。This is the skill you can and should learn.。There are a lot of great courses to teach you how to analyze problems.。

42.Refactoring Code Base

The code base is like a loft。When you cover your house,They look very clean,But over time,They become a crowded place,It contains many things that you don't actually need.。Same as code。therefore,Browse your code from time to time to see the content that can be replaced and even abandoned is a wise decision。

43.meet new friends

I will describe many developers as introverted people.。So they often tell me,They are hard to meet new friends。Of course。But please believe me,Everyone is hard to social activities,So please don't talk to others or through the Internet。Online party is a good place to overcome fear!

44.enjoy life

(portfolio website front end developer)Maybe this is obvious for you.,But maybe not。Enjoy your work in life and work。If you don't like what you are doing?,You will never give it100%s return。Even that means changing work or occupation。Do what you really like!

45.Don't listen too much more people

A strange suggestion,Because I actually tell you something,And you are obviously reading。But this is true。So many people have more comments tell you what to do。But finally,This is your life,your choice,So don't blindly follow,I have to be skeptical,Yourself!

46.Take some time to social media

Social media is indeed a double-edged sword。You can get a great man,Read a wonderful article,And waste a lot of time。Due to the award system's favorite and reaction,Things will be addictive soon。therefore,Please take some time from social media regularly and re-get energy!

47.Create a social media account

(portfolio website front end developer)Although I said social media may sometimes be very dangerous,But it is also a good person.,Learn new things,Good opportunity to join community or self-marketing。I suggest you try it.,Then I decide if I like it.。


LinkedInHas become a standard professional relationship standard。If you carefully treat your profession,And hope to get a new opportunity regularly,Then there must be a careful and latest information.!

(portfolio website front end developer)49.Take care of your social account

Abandon social media account,Especially there is no latestLinkedInAccount,I think there is no worse than I think。therefore,Please take some time to take care of those profiles!

50.Establish a solid foundation

Many beginners don't jump into the framework,Even frequently switched between the framework。in my opinion,There will be no problem from the beginning of the frame.,As long as it can cause your interest and fit your learning style。but,At a moment of your career,Have a solid foundation,Because the framework is constantly changing,But fundamentals are likely to be retained-therefore,It can help you adapt to new conditions and challenges。

51.Use free resources

There are a lot of great resources available for learning related programming andWebAny subject developed,But sometimes it is difficult to separate advantages and disadvantages。To a friend,Colleagues or social media inquiry suggestions。E.g,CheckyoutubeWatching number。but,Don't blindly follow,Always reflect what you are reading or watching!

52.Find your niche

It is a good thing to have a wide range of different topic knowledge itself.,Because it opened a lot of doors,And brought a lot of opportunities。but,Become a true good person in the market you are paying attention to, may be very satisfied.。It discusses it,Writing it makes it easier,And very interesting with the code itself!

53.How to learn how to learn

(portfolio website front end developer)This is also something I have to find.。Many people suggest you learn specific things in a specific order or through a specific medium.。But the truth is,No one can truly tell you how to learn。on the contrary,You should try different strategies and technologies,And understand how you are best to learn!

54.Learn to enjoy the failure

When you use code,Especially when transporting the product to the production environment,Or when you write a tutorial,Record lesson,When providing help from others,Always there will be errors,Error and failure。Don't let this situation make you discouraged,To capture these opportunities,Make yourself better,Learn new knowledge and enhance self-confidence!

(portfolio website front end developer)55.Learn to celebrate success

(portfolio website front end developer)easy to say, hard to do,Often it is ignored。If you have a new authentication,Promote,new job,Get a lot of views of new blog posts or your first online product,So please celebrate these victories and let others know。

56.Just beginning to encode

If you are not familiar with the opportunity to program,Then you will be overwhelmed by a large number of learning materials,And read one by one,Watch the course by door。but,The best way to learn to learn is actually starting to coding there and start improving from there.。


StackoverflowIs one of the largest developer communities,You can find almost all programming problems solutions。but,You can not only read,You can also try to ask questions or answer the questions of others.。remember,Pay better than acceptance!

(portfolio website front end developer)58.Looking for excellent tools

Craftsman is his tool。You don't need to write too many code-Laptop and basic text editor are enough。But there are a lot of great tools to help you.,E.gIDE(Integrated Development Environment),CLI(Command line interface,Note recording tool,Tomato clock,Image hoster, etc.)。

59.Custom youIDE

If you are usingMicrosoftofVSCodeSuchIDE,Then, it should be really becoming you by using excellent market extensions and powerful custom features.IDE。It starts from color and themes,Can go deep into shortcuts and summary。

60.Development of new products

(portfolio website front end developer)Products are the products that many developers finally hopedly,To produce more income,Get freedom or see their ideas becoming a reality。I was told here:It is very likely that your first product will not sell millions of dollars.,But don't let you discourage。If the first product is unsuccessful,The second or third may be successful。The true meaning of success is you instead of definition of others.。

61.Create your own tools

Even a lot of tools on the market,I believe that there is always more tools that can be better or solved more than other tools.。therefore,If you have an idea to improve something or encounter problems that have existing tools,That's going to do it.。

62.Write a book

(portfolio website front end developer)Writing seems to be a daunting task,There are many obstacles。Although this is absolutely challenging,But it is also a good experience.,It produces considerable income。Although it is not necessarily a paperback book,But the e-book is。You can from the least10arrive15Page start,Free gift to test the waters and learn how to write。

63.Create a library

Have you tried to create your own library?,For example based onJavaScriptLibrary?So many people have done it before,Solution is usually just a small helper to solve small problems。therefore,If you encounter problems that can be resolved and others will benefit from your solution,Then I suggest you try to create your own library.。

64.Learn to listen to others' voice

Many people seem to like their voice。but,When working with customers or working with customers,Must actively listen to others' opinions。Active,Refers to the problem that helps discuss。Learn not to disturb others during the meeting and stay respect。

65.Clear communication

(portfolio website front end developer)now,Communication skills are very important,Sometimes more important than simple coding skills。Product or company failure and success is usually directly related to the quality of internal and external communication。therefore,Please spend some time to communicate in a clear way。

66.Sharing unfinished work
You don't have to be a perfectionist。Share your work as soon as possible,And get valuable feedback from others when it has not been completed。It is best to adjust as soon as possible,Because it will become more difficult and expensive later。


QuoraIs a platform,People can ask almost everything in life.。By answering people's problems,You can sell yourself as a person with profound knowledge in a particular field.,So brings new professional opportunities。

68.Become a domain expert

If you have a cloud computing,Safety or specific topics such as security or machine learning,Then you can truly focus on this particular area and become an expert in this field is a good choice.。High salary,“Become famous”And good feeling can be rewarded。

69.Get promotion

OK,Promotion is what you really can't force.,Because almost always some people have to be promoted。But despite exceptions,But most people will not be promoted if they are not required.。therefore,If you think you should be promoted,Should be done,Don't wait until someone can do it for you.。

70.Please take some time

for me,Coding is a real thing。If I“Shunfeng”,So hours a few hours,Just like not tomorrow。sometimes,I am working time code,Continue working in my spare time,Even in the weekend。But this will soon lead burnout or pressure,Therefore, it is very healthy to program the battery to charge the battery.。

71.Inspire others

When you build new products/Function,Learn new skills,Solve the problem or talk at the meeting-Share with others to help them and inspire them become better developers。


Even some good reasonsNo-SQLDatabase solution,And I think these solutions usually“More fashionable or more modern”Way selling,Most applications today may useSQLdatabase。therefore,Learning how to cooperate with them is an important skill that cannot be ignored.,


If you have not usedNo-SQLDatabase product or technology,Let's try it first.。Many large organizations are usingMongoDB,RedisorCouchbaseSolutions,Methods useSQLDatabase is completely different。

74.How to study

Programming is a solution to the problem。In order to solve the problem,Learn how to correctly study solutions。Make notes,submit questions,And try to find the correct document or solution document。

(portfolio website front end developer)75.Understand accessibility

Accessibility(Also known asA11y)It should be a standard in software development,But unfortunately,It is not。Many people are usingWebIt is difficult to encounter difficulties,Because these applications are not designed for disability or disabled people,They will cause obstacles。therefore,EachWebDevelopers should understand accessibility features,And make full use of them。

76.To understandingkubernetes

Kubernetes(K8s)YesDevOpsandWebHot topics in development。K8sIs an open source container arranging system,Automated application management,Expansion and deployment。Many companies are already usingKubernetes,So understand this understanding very precious。

77.Write useful comments

(portfolio website front end developer)Comment on other people's blog articles and code segments are really helpful to the author。but,Please don't do it in an insult or misleading.。Try to clear,precise,Comment​​It should always be worth。no value=no comments!

(portfolio website front end developer)78.Get new certification

(portfolio website front end developer)Certificate is still a good way to show your expertise,And you can bring new professional opportunities,For example, new work,Promoting or increasing salary。You can add them to your resume andLinkedInPersonal information。Many companies have additional budgets,So you can even get a free。

79.Practice authorization and certification

Dealing with users and their data is a challenging thing。If the company is smashing,And personal data has been exposed,So the trust of the company will fall quickly。therefore,Today is for each developer,Know how to correctly handle authorization and authentication(Do not,That is not the same!)。


APIeverywhere。But the important thing is,They must be properly protected,And only authorized services can access them。

(portfolio website front end developer)81.Write a good email

(portfolio website front end developer)what,You are an encoder,Why should I care about the email you might think。All right,We receive dozens of emails every day.。One of the many reasons whose programmers don't like to receive emails is the way of email.。therefore,As a result,Try to write emails with readers want to read。

(portfolio website front end developer)82.Don't be a gatekeeper

(portfolio website front end developer)There is already enough problems in this world.,So you really shouldn't know,Discrimination against or exclude others in work or communities。Benevolence,It will return!

83.Follow the great man

Honest,How many people have you followed?,And you don't actually understand or don't understand their actual behavior?Try people you follow by people who really provide expertise or other opportunities。

84.Take new risks

Most people live in our comfort zone,It's hard to get rid of trouble。but,If you don't risk,There is very few opportunities to get the return.。Not necessarily dangerous,Instead, for example, apply for new work,Things to write or create products。

85.Learn about machine learning

Machine learning is one of the most popular disciplines。Salard above the average,High demand for skilled developers。If you are looking for new challenges or want to improve your skills-Machine learning is now a good opportunity!

86.Keep modesty

(portfolio website front end developer)Don't treat things as a matter of course,Don't make fun of those who have just started working。We all start from a place,I hope that we have a great person to support us.!

87.Tracking progress

If you can't measure,It is impossible to improve。If you think you have not achieved enough progress or progression,It may be time to start tracking progress.。submit,Code line,course,books,Certificate, etc.,But to track。

88.Learn how to use files

(portfolio website front end developer)Before seeking help,You can solve many problems by viewing the right document。Even if you start,For example, use new framework,You can also learn a lot from the document.。usually,You don't even need the last lesson,These documents are enough.。

89.Select quality than speed

This is a fast-paced world and industry。But this does not mean that all things have been in a hurry.。Quality is very important,So spend time on what you do.。E.g,Don't write tests for code,Because you don't have time you don't have time!

(portfolio website front end developer)90.Participate in work interview

(portfolio website front end developer)Even if you don't have to work now,You can also choose to take the interview from time to time to keep your practice and view your market value.,This is a nice strategy。

91.Help others prepare for interviews

(portfolio website front end developer)Many people struggle in the interview,If someone helped them prepare and act as a standby companion,They will be very grateful。

92.Invest in yourself

The best way to spend money and time is to invest in money in yourself and career.。Paid courses or certificates are a good way to invest,And from the long run, usually reward。

93.Invest in your tools

You don't need to buy that novelty every year.MacBookoriPhone。But you will spend a lot of time before the computer,So please don't always buy the cheapest thing.。Good display,keyboard,Mouse is necessary。It is very important to support your healthy chair。Tools that help you make programming and developing can also provide huge value。

94.Try working at home

existCovid-19Big pop,Many people are forced to work at home。Many people struggle for this,And others like it。but,If you take the right way,It's really cool for you and your family.。Many companies know what employees work at home mean,Therefore, you must communicate your needs and fear honestly.。

95.Get a distance

Software developer,You can usually work anywhere in the world。This provides you with the greatest company,The coolest products and the most intelligent people work countless opportunities。

96.Find a purposeful job

(portfolio website front end developer)Many people go to work because they need money。very good They replace the time to salary,This is not wrong。but,If you think it is like me9arrive5Work to do,Then you should try to find a destination work.。E.g,Can be a community,Social or open source。

97.Join a startup company

Whether you are an industrial veteran or an absolute novice,Work in the launch environment may be full of challenges and harvesting。Many things have to do,Should shoulder the responsibility from the beginning,No clear professional path,And often!。

(portfolio website front end developer)98.Apply for new work

To them,You must constantly replace work in the technical industry,To increase salary and maintain relevance。I think it is not every case.,But sometimes find a new job is meaningful.。Toxic boss or colleague,High pay,New technology or learning opportunities,Or the distance from the distance。If you have a reason to apply for a new job,Should do this。

99.Join the coding training camp

The coding training camp has appeared in the past few years.,It does help you start the occupation of software developers quickly start,Especially if you come from non-technical fields。Many companies acceptBootcampGraduates served as primary positions。

100.Explore cloud technology

(portfolio website front end developer)Cloud is just someone else's computer。If you look at this,Cloud technology is everywhere,Many companies have specially hiredAWS,AzureorGCPExperience developers。therefore,If you want to take a career next or try to keep in touch with the future,Please understand cloud computing and cloud technology!

101.never give up

Sometimes everyone is struggling-a little more,slightly less。This is not always so easy.。But you are not alone,We all start from a place。You can do it!

portfolio website front end developer(portfolio website front end developer)

That's it。This is the longest post I have written.。Not all content is related to you or applies to your current situation,But I hope you can benefit from this list.。Let us help each other as a community!

If you like the article I wrote,please follow me,To learn about programming,Make,More information about writing and occupation


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