website development package price pdf


With the popularity of the Internet,Website production、Website marketing promotion becomes more important,Many business bosses often ask:How much is website production??

Different from each station company,Different types of website,The price of the website that is finally caused will also be different.,I can see this article.:How much is website production?:

The cost of the website is mainly:domain name、Host and website source code,If you won't build,Need to ask others to build,Website design、Fee after-sales maintenance, etc.。

one、domain name

domain name,Can understand the address of the website,Others can access your website through the domain name,Domain name can be in Alibaba Cloud、Tencent cloud、Western digital and other domain name registrars registration,Corporate common domain name iscom,Really,If you pursue personalized words,can choosetop、tt、ai、ccWait domain name。

two、Host(100-1000Yuan or so)

(website development package price pdf)The host is a place where the website file data is stored,If it is a well-known company,There will be many people visit after your website is produced.,Then you need to buy a server;If the company is in the starting stage,Well-known,Then the website chooses a virtual host to do a website.,No need to spend too much money to buy a server。

The main point of purchase owner is to stabilize、Safety,Domestic doing better or Ali Cloud and Tencent Cloud。

three、Website source code(0-10000Yuan)

What is your site is the source code?,Source code is actually not bad,It is basically good to flow online.,There are a lot of free source code on the Internet.,Choose a favorite you like,If you like it,Can be customized,There are hundreds of thousands of prices, don't wait。

Four、Service fee(A few hundred to several thousand)

If your company doesn't have related website technicians and designers,Just find the relevant construction site to build,Service charge is generally at hundreds to a few thousand,See the requirements,There are also a few senior designers for tens of thousands.。

The above is a introduction to how much money on the website.,For SMEs,Choose an economical building package is enough。