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(static website development)  Hello everyone,I am a small series for the majority of programmer brothers.,Recommend a gadget every day/Source,Fill your favorites,Share a tip every day,Let you easily save development efficiency,Realizing non-overtime, no, no hair, no hair,Is my goal!

  Many blogs on the market are now,Such asCSDN,Blog,简 书 等,Can be published directly,User interaction is done,Written article Baidu can also search。Disadvantages are more unfair,Will be affected by various limits and nausea advertisements。

  So today, Xiaobian recommends a Based onNode.jsCompact and efficient static blog framework,He relys less than installation,In a few seconds,You can use a beautiful theme to generate static pages。


  • Super fast speed: Node.js Super fast generation speed,Let hundreds of pages instantly complete rendering in a few seconds。
  • Super security:Because it is a static site,So there is no additionalsafe question
  • Small load: Because it is a static site,So the server load is small.。
  • support Markdown:support GitHub Flavored Markdown All features,Even more integrated Octopress Most plugins。
  • Powerful plugin and expansion:powerful API Bring unlimited possibilities,With several template engines(EJS,Pug,Nunjucks)Tool(Babel,PostCSS,Less/Sass)Easily integrate
  • One-button deployment:Simply deploy only one instruction GitHub Pages, Heroku Or other platform。

Open source protocol

  use MIT Open source license agreement

link address

(static website development)static website development


static website development

static website development


  Share here in this issue,I am Xiaobian South Wind blowing,Focus sharing fun、novel、Practical open source project and developer tools、Learning Resources!I hope to work with you to learn exchanges.。


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