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website development company orange county(website development company orange county)zThe rich girl Lulu is on fire,mercedes benzGFire,Hong Kong stock Zhongwang Group also took the opportunity“a fire”。

recently,A woman named Gao Lu(username@Lu XiaobaoLL)Netizens picked up posts that showed off their wealth and family background on social accounts many times。in,One of the ones she once showed off on social networking sites claimed to be her“new buy”American mansion,attracted great attention from netizensfocus on

(website development company orange county)There are online posts claiming that the mansion was once related to Liu Zhongtian, a major shareholder of Hong Kong-listed company China Zhongwang Group.,and how this mansion was exposed“buy”express curiosity。to this,Zhongwang Group responded yesterday:@Lu XiaobaoLLThe published properties have no relationship with Zhongwang Group or Mr. Liu。

website development company orange county

But investors don't buy it,Hong Kong stocks opened today, China Zhongwang's share price dropped rapidly,Intraday close5points。

01 Lulu's Melon

It's going to be big from Lulu's Mercedes-BenzGSpeaking of。

website development company orange county

this lulu,Make good use of Weibo、can use twitter、and facebook,and continuously、Afraid that others will not know,So many melons left。Lulu will be bigGEnter the Forbidden City andPOon social networking sites,aroused great public opinion,And because of the withdrawal of the hot search、Actions such as deleting Weibo have aroused the audience's rebellious psychology,more resentment。

Although the incidentG,But this is not the one who was picked up,But in the party in the online albumInstragramposted on2018year3month in the affluent area of los angelesNewport BeachBought a sea view mansion。

website development company orange county

No public@Pacific Time with extremely skilled research methods:According to the location of the property,By querying all local real estate transaction data,Find information on this house,Basic information about successfully locking the listing。

according toRedfinweb page display,This suite was last sold for1181Ten thousand U.S. dollars(combine8140million yuan),The usable area of the set is7644feet(combine715square meter),Covers an area of0.45acre(combine1821square meter),shared4bedrooms and9bathroom。Generally speaking,More bathrooms than bedrooms,It proves that the more luxurious the house is。

backthe sea、luxury swimming pool、can stop12measuring car garage、year10510,000 RMB of property tax...Snowball has no words,In short:mansion。

According to the public account@Pacific Time Survey Understanding:The last time this suite was sold was2019year5moon20day,And the time when the heroine posted the picture is2018year3moon。what happened during this time?

website development company orange county

Information on the sale of the house

It can be seen from the information above,The original owner of this house is in2015year8moon5listed for sale,listed price2000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,After several price reductions(Real estate with high total price often needs to be sold after a substantial discount),arrive2018year8moon14day talentpending sale(means pending,Last state before completing the transaction)。

According to the time point on the transaction information table,We can search for this suite in the local areagovernment(Orange County,i.e. Orange County)'s registration record。

exist2018year,This suite is not as untraded as the real estate trading platform said,property in the house2018year8moon24from a family namedLee Louoistrust transferred to a trustee namedWang Zhijjieunder the name of,And this recordParcel Number(Can be understood as the property identification number)Exactly the same as the property shown above。

In the United States,Buying a house without a real estate license,But the transfer of ownership of the house has a covenant(Grand Deed),This proves a transaction or transfer of the house,Below is what we areOrange CountyCountygovernmentThis message seen on。

website development company orange county(website development company orange county)2018yearly transfer

Wang Zhijiewho is it?The hostess isInstagramhow can you say“newly bought house,I love it”In this case?Let us continue to pick up the details behind。

02 Zhongwang Group may be implicated

Wang ZhijieThis man is unusual,through a copy from2017year9A public filing in the California District Court last month revealed that,She isZhongtian Liuwife,Zhongtian Liuwho is it?It is Liu Zhongtian, the owner of Zhongwang Group.,its owning group74%equity,worth up to240billion。

website development company orange county(website development company orange county)Zhijie WangPresentation on court documents

website development company orange county

Zhongtian LiuPresentation on court documents,The document specifically identifies its identity

Additional Documentation for Orange County, CA,Wang ZhijieThe real estate purchased in California is far more than the princess of the Forbidden City,We can find it asGranteethe threeGrant Deed(Property transaction record),Three documents prove it2014year8moon29day、2015year3moon17day、2018year9moon19On the local area, you will buy a property.。And Orange County is just a county in the Los Angeles area.,Los Angeles is only one of many big cities in the United States.。

website development company orange countywebsite development company orange countywebsite development company orange county

Wang ZhijieThree in Orange CountyGrant DeedRecord

With the in-depth excavation of information,Our vision has gradually transferred from the Forbidden Palace, and,What is the contact between this company and the Forbidden Palace??1moon19day,Zhongwang Group issued an emergency response:@LoubaoLLReleased property and Zhongwang Group or Mr. Liu have no relationship。Mr. Liu does not know the Weibo user@LoubaoLLIts family。

What kind of company is Zhongwang Group??

03 Zhongwang Group's Capital Road

China loyalty2009Annual list,A total of funds95HK $ 100 million,Becomes since then2008The world's largestIPOproject。at the same time,Liu Zhongtian is therefore also skyrocketing280HK $ 100 million,And therefore jumps to the new richest in China,In that year《Forbes》China's rich list occupies8name。

(website development company orange county)But in fact,Zhongwang Group landed before and after the capital market,Not a smooth sailing。

Zhongwang Group is listed on the public brother“Kick out”company

During production of aluminum production,Liu Zhongtian found when investigating other countries,airplane、Automobiles, etc. are very large for industrial aluminum profiles.,It can be said that this is a long-term trend.。

2003year,Liu Zhongtian Power Recommended Recommended Industrial Aluminum Profile。Although all aluminum profiles,But the difference between the two is very large。Industrial aluminum profile production equipment must be advancedFive sixAnnual custom,And the company's research and development capability is very high。Of course,Reward,The profit is also very considerable。

During the transformation of Zhongwang Group,Almost put money in the construction and equipment customization of plant buildings。The shortage of funds, let Liu Zhongtian have produced the idea of listed。But there is no progress。Just when he wants to give up,Someone gave him a strong heart,“The listing first can get a penny that doesn't need it.,Don't have to chase bank loans again;second,Listing after the company“private”Change“male”,Executive mentality is different,Work will be more sold;third,Listed to the company,Is a strong boosting agent。”

(website development company orange county)Opportunity2008year,Zhongwang Group got a lot of capital airport expansion、Materials for major projects such as Beijing Olympic Venue Construction,Total order is as high as73Billion。also,China Railway Great Speed Plan,Also let Zhong Wang become one of the winners。

Cut off2008Year of the year,Zhongwang Group realizes the revenue112.6Billion,Become a third largest、Asia's largest aluminum profile。And a series of heavy investment projects,Also let Zhongwang Group finally realize the dream。

what is interesting is,On the eve of the market,Liu Zhongtian will“Take a river together”Brother Liu Zhonglo from the company“dismiss”In。but,Liu Zhongtian believes,“I have a very deep understanding of the shortcomings of family companies.。It turns out that Liu Zhonglo is in place.,He said a point of view,I said a point of view,The following people don't know who to support,Don't do your hand。”

(website development company orange county)until2009year5moon8day,China Zhongwang Holdings Co., Ltd.7Hong Kong dollar/Offering price,Finally listed at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange,And raise13One hundred million U.S. dollars。Among them, Liu Zhongtian holds a contract40Billion Group Shares,Total shares74.1%。

After the Loyalty Group was listed, he was suspected of smuggling

2010Since the second half of the year,US Department of Commerce launches anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation against China's live aluminum profiles。China Zhongwang, which is less than a year in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at Hok Stock Exchange,Also received double reverse survey documents from the United States。

2011year3moon29day,The US Department of Commerce is finalized by China aluminum profile enterprises.,Some aluminum profit and anti-subsidy tariffs of Zhongwang exported to China,Among them, the anti-dumping rate is33.28%。

also,There is media day report,US federal prosecutor said,Zhongwang is suspected of smuggling a large number of aluminum to the United States,Escape18Billion dollar tariff。Time55Aged Liu Zhongtian、China Zhongwang and several defendants,Has been taken by Los Angeles24Prosecution。8moon1Day morning,China Zhongwang Shares once plummeted20%。

website development company orange county(website development company orange county)but,With the rumor of Zhongwang Group,This matter has been suspended。

Previous,2018year6moon,AChina Housing Share Announcement,Plans to replace and issue shares,Acquisition of Zhongwang Group100%Equity。After the transaction is completed,China House Shares Controlling Shareholders will change to Zhongwang refinement,The actual controller will change to Liu Zhongtian,Zhongwang Group is here to be listed。

website development company orange countywebsite development company orange county(website development company orange county)Zhongwang Group is looking for a long time,Its stock price has rebounded after the time is over.,However, this time I was involved in the Hyun Mercedes-Benz female event.。Anything else,It is the gift of Lulu and luxury homes.。

Lulu's melon is still ending,Changchun University of Technology far from Northeast has also been“spread”。18Day afternoon,Some netizens broke,高露曾拍摄了一张在长春理工大学参加研究生学位考试的照片,Gao Lu took a photo of the graduate degree exam in Changchun University of Technology,今天上午,Suspected to bring your mobile phone to the examination room:高露考试期间违反规定携带手机,This morning,当时未被监考老师发现而未作处理。Changchun University of Technology responded,后因硕士学位论文没有通过答辩,During the high dew exam, it violates the regulations carrying mobile phones.。

website development company orange county

而今,but,这个让150Post-sincerity thesis has not passed the defense:

website development company orange county


The company responded urgently:公众号太平洋时间、not my business

website development company orange county