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(website developer and designer)Jingmen News Network Recruitment


Post salary+Six insurance and one gold√

(website developer and designer)Weekend√

Year-end awards√ Legal holiday√

Exclusive birthday√ Time group construction√

These are just routine operations~

website developer and designer


Skills Training√ Work sharing√

God teaching√

Make your ability to get on the staple floor!

website developer and designer

More a large wave

Hidden welfare

Waiting for you to unlock

First-class office environment

A group of small partners

“Cousin in Jingmen”

The little sister is fed


website developer and designer

Are you already in your own?

(website developer and designer)Recruitment position


job requirements:

1. proficientPS、AI、CDRPlane design software;

2. Have a good aesthetics,A certain generous foundation,Graphic design professional priority;3. Responsible for website page and picture design,Cooperate with website planning and developers to make the corresponding topic;4. Familiar with and will makeH5、PPT、Length map、New media expressions such as posters;5. Have a high degree of responsibility and team spirit,Willing to accept challenging work,Ability to complete tasks in time;6. Have relevant personal outstanding works,Relevant work experience is preferred。

Post delivery mailbox

contact number

18571959999(Ms. Luo)

(website developer and designer)what?

Is there any other recruitment position??

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