step by step website development


(step by step website development)Understand the dry goods,Now share the steps and sequences of building a website,I hope to be helpful。

For steps and sequences for building websites,In fact, there is no hard demand,As long as each item is,Take my actual experience,In fact, there is no need to have a sequence of order,Because the necessary materials for building websites are domain names、Server or virtual host、Website system or site platform、There is also the website template,Besides this4Sample,There are still some other matters to do,Regardless of business or individual,The steps and sequences of building websites are almost the same.,However, the company's construction station must be filed.,If you are completely no problem with the following steps,For reference。

step by step website development

first step:Buy domain name

Domain name is required,Any choice of a domain name registrar here,Usually no problem。

Second step:Purchase server or virtual host

The server or virtual host is also the same,Mainly see the space size and speed,Specific questionner customer service,And there are related categories when you purchase.,Such as enterprise basic type,Enterprise high-rise version, etc.,See demand。

third step:Buy a station system or buy at the station platform

1、Purchase Building System

(step by step website development)If it is a personal site,Download directly;

If it is an enterprise site,Need to purchase authorization directly to the station system。

2、Purchase at the station platform

Personal and businesses,Buy directly,You can ask the customer service if you don't understand。

the fourth step:Buy website template

(step by step website development)1、Website Template for Building System

Search online to find a free website template,Different website systems are used in different website template formats,Keep the title。But free generalbugMore,If it is a personal or in order to save costs。If it is a company's suggestion,Because the charge is not onlybugfew,And the function is relatively perfect。It is worth noting that,Template for building system,If you want to change the template,Must re-download and upload the installation template。

(step by step website development)2、Website template for the platform platform

The platform platform does not have to consider free and payment.,Because it is charged by year,Templates are all replaced,You can replace it at any time directly if you choose to replace the template.,And after you backed up the data,Replacement template can be used directly,I save a lot of unnecessary steps and troubles.。

step by step website development

the fifth step:Domain name

1、If you are a personal built website

First case:Choose overseas server or virtual host,No need for filing;

Second case:Select domestic server or virtual host,Must be filed,Select personal filing in the filing platform。

2、If you are a website built

There are also two cases,Record and not filed,But for safety, etc.,It is recommended to make a record better.,Choose a business record。

Sixth step:Domain name binding and analysis

Whether you choose to build a station system or a platform platform,It is necessary to resolve and bind domain names.,That is to bind the domain name on the server or virtual host you purchased.,The content of your website is placed on a server or a virtual host.,so,Domain name resolution and bind,Your website is completed.。

step by step website development

Friendly tips:Domain name binding,If it is a station system,Domain name is not accessible;If it is a platform platform,Domain names cannot be accessed,But the platform platform can have other servers to be temporarily accessible,After the filing is completed,Change the relevant parsing to the domestic analytical value.,Specifically ask the service provider。

finally,You can share、like、collect、Pay attention,in case for need,You can also view other content。