ecommerce website development quotes


ecommerce website development quotes

How much does it take to make a website?、How much does it cost to build it??Always a problem that the person in charge of the company is more concerned,Website is unlike goods,So there is no fixed sale price,The cost of doing the website depends on the customer's request,The higher the web design requirements、The more columns and functions,The larger the development of the background development,The price is natural and not cheap,The settlement of the website construction industry is very deep,The general enterprise official website has more than 10,000,How much is reasonable for doing a website??First of all, know what the basic costs of website construction are included.?

one、Basic expenses for website construction

1、domain name

Enterprises should buy a domain name for the beginning of the website.,Common international domain name(.com)Price60Yuan/First year,Domestic domain name(.cn)Price22Yuan/First year,The price of other domain name registration platform is almost,In short,Domain name new registration price100Within the yuan。

2、Virtual host/server

The advantage of a virtual host is that you don't need you to deploy the site needs to run.,Provided by space service providersFTPaccount number、password、Upload address and database space,Upload all files,Space binding domain name,You can use it directly to configure the database.,The entry-level price of the virtual host is generally200Yuan 1 year,Also cheaper。

Cloud server is also called physical server,Compared to hosting server,The price will be cheaper,At present, most websites are using cloud servers.,An entry-level cloud server(1nuclear/2G/4M)General year1500Yuan or so,If you purchase for many years,The price will also have a discount,Such performance is sufficient to meet the use of enterprise websites。

(ecommerce website development quotes)ecommerce website development quotes

two、Website design、Make、Development method

(ecommerce website development quotes)The current website construction is mainly divided into two modes of customization and template.,Find items made from both,Service gap is relatively large,The price is also different.,Customized website design and development price is generally3000Element,Template website general price2000Within the yuan,Even hundreds of dollars,Let's talk about their differences。

(ecommerce website development quotes)1、Custom Development

Custom development website is a new development model,Everything starts from scratch,From prototyping map to art design,Developed to the background program management system,Both are unique,Program planning、Art、Personnel such as programmers must complete together。

This type of website is good for later keywords to get a good rankings in search engines.,Also suitable for long-term business websites,Can choose this way of production。

(ecommerce website development quotes)Doing website costs mainly on the design requirements of the website、Number of columns、Functional difficulty、Website type and other factors,Custom development of the company's price3000Ruster、Marketing website price5000rise、E-commerce portal website10000Ruster。

2、Template development(Imitation station)

The template website and imitation station are based on a set of websites.,Do some adjustments to the details of the website,Color、Modification of layout, etc.,Secondary development,This type of website construction and production are very rapid,General customers have no special requirements,Basically only replace the content,This is more suitable for the website requirements、Low user,General price2000Within the yuan。

ecommerce website development quotes(ecommerce website development quotes)

three、How to choose a company company

(ecommerce website development quotes)1、Whether the website provides source code

Website no matter,What kind of website construction company is looking for?,Dynamic website requires front-end page(picture、html、css、js)、Background management system(php)Database(mysql),Both sides retain website database files and source code,The advantage is that there is any problem in the website.,Can restore data,reduce risk。

(ecommerce website development quotes)2、Do a website cost performance

A site production is nothing to say the price is more expensive.,Better,Take a look at your needs,For example, you just be a simple corporate website.,If flower7000、8000It's very possible.,The function of the corporate website is simple.,Easy to make,Flower time,I don't have to spend so much money.。

(ecommerce website development quotes)3、Post-maintenance work

Generally,After the website is completed,One year free maintenance period,Provide which maintenance work is included in the maintenance work(domain name、sslCertificate、space、database backup、ICPMake a record、Advertising map、Website subsequent page changes、Website background training operation and content update maintenance),General maintenance cost1000Ruster。

4、Website case

How to choose a company company,A more direct way is to see their own official website and successful cases.,See if you can meet your needs。

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