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Use the Internet to develop customers

(website development clients)21 The century is an extremely developed communication.,The whole earth can be due to Intemet Tightly。Today, the rapid development of technology,Our work、Life is almost inseparable from the network。See all kinds of news from the Internet、Reading books、Communication information to shopping、Looking for goods, etc.,Unparalleled。Why don't we use this intangible network?,A group of potential customers for yourself?As soon as we tap the keyboard, you can find our customers.,There will always be customers waiting for us to excavate。

“How fast is made,How fast is sold”Is Dell's direct sales。Although Dell is known as the Money Machine for Wall Street,But he never been considered a pioneer,Its success is contrary to the computer industry.“Direct selling hurricane”:Cross retailer,Sales products directly to end users。As Dell said:“Stay away from customers。There are many such people--They think that their customers are dealers!”

Dell is so powerful customer group,It is because they use the convenience of the Internet.。They can be based on customer requirements,Quickly ship in the shortest time。We use Internet find customer,Can be expanded from the following aspects:

(website development clients)1.Browse Other Websites,build connection

(website development clients)Now,More and more companies began to build their own websites,Enable you to learn about their business。Company webpage often connects about personal conditions、Business unit or personal service, etc.。The webpage usually includes a contact address of more detailed information or direct contact address, etc.。Just click to click the mouse,You can get the information you want.。

Use of the Internet,You can also like writing letters,Very convenient to contact your business,Get in touch with some groups and individuals

Just tap the send button,In a few seconds,Your letters、CV、proposal、Opinion、I will get through the streets or files.、nation,Send to all parts of the world。

2.Use search engine

Search engines can help you swim to the Internet,And make your new customer successfully found your webpage。Now the search engine can be described as nothing.、omnipotent,As long as the slight shot keyboard will quickly find information about several related information。Famous search engine such as Baidu, etc.,One of them should be set to our homepage,In order to find the right people anywhere, anywhere。

3.Built a website

Establishing a website to pay attention to the following points:

(1)Make the web page simple clear。If you personally look for new customers,Interrupt occurs during the process,Can also recover,But you can't do it on the web page.。so,To determine how new customers can easily find the way to return to your URL after interruption。

(2)Strive to do personality,Can not be too popular,Otherwise people will not be willing to patronize。No feature means mediocre。

(3)Introduce the content of the customer interest on the web page,Strive to practice,Taboo。

(4)Make the text as short as possible。Try to make each text do not exceed 50 Word,Don't use uppercase letters。(5)To have products、Detiled introduction to information and other information,To make people get a psychological security

(6)Comply with online etiquette。When contacting online,Don't do anything that you don't do through your computer.,Here mainly refers to professional ethics。Every contact needs to strict professional ethics,Only in this way can bring you new business。

4.Can make propaganda on larger media

(website development clients)The new website that has just been established may not know many people.,People have no knowledge of our products and services.,So select other media to do certain promotion,Such as Sina、Netease、Sohu, etc.。At the same time, you can also do moderate publicity on the industry website.,Let more people know us,See our presence。

Methods perhaps more,But we need to according to their own characteristics to choose the right way。When potential clients on the network and exchange,Should pay attention to the language to cleanly,Because the Internet can not say some irresponsible remarks。