website developer average salary


looking forward to,looking forward to,Programmer salaries are finally out~

(website developer average salary)2021year9Recruit programmers nationwide435501people。

2021year9Monthly average salary of programmers nationwide15052Yuan,median salary13000Yuan,Among them, the highest salary in Beijing can reach50000Yuan。

1、city ranking

website developer average salary

9Top monthly programmer salary19city of,There is little difference between the average salary and the median salary of programmers,can exceed ten thousand。almost all line+new line+provincial capital,ITThe industry still pays more in big cities,especially Beijing、Shanghai、Shenzhen,average salary、median、The highest wages are far ahead,high demand。so engageITof young people,After graduation, it is strongly recommended to go to a first-tier city,work harder,But the starting point and upper limit are much higher。

2、Language ranking

(website developer average salary)website developer average salary

Rustis the most profitable!in the more popular languages,Pythonaverage salary18445.3Yuan,As the mainstream language used by developers in emerging industries,Whether it is the salary level or the number of recruits, it is worthy of the expectations of the programmers。

Javaaverage salary15048.8Yuan,ranked No. 117,don't panic,Xiaoqian thinks that the main reason is the large base,After all, where is the market share?~Large and small factories are using,big salary gap,So the average salary ranks lower,But the market prospect is still broad。

(website developer average salary)3、By function

website developer average salary

Salary varies widely by position,Algorithm-related jobs have leading salaries。Many big factories are recruiting,Candidates are also required to be familiar with algorithms,Junior engineers are prone to mistakes and ignore the basics,Blindly study algorithms,If the foundation is not solid, it is difficult to have better development

one way or another,Programmers must first make a solid foundation~The income of many basic positions is also very good。such as software engineer、Embedded software development、Unity3D、crawler development engineer、WebThe median number of front-end development engineers is all over 10,000,Yes12500Yuan。The architect is also very strong,The median is already25000yuan,No wonder programmers have the dream of being an architect。


as a programmer:Whether in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou,which city,need to learn;No matter what programming position,need to settle slowly;no matter what language you learn,requires diligent study;no matter what degree,career planning is required…

Don't feel like you're holding you back if you're not average,Usually a small hurdle every three years,Five-year hurdle,After you have passed your bottleneck period, your salary will have a qualitative leap.。

On success or failure,heroic,The big deal is to start all over again!

2021Two-thirds of the year has passed,Let's work hard together


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