how much does website development cost


I want to be a website,How much is it?

how much does website development cost(how much does website development cost)

General case,With the different requirements of the web page,The web page makes the money is also different.,If the functional requirements for the web page、Or designed special needs,The price of making a web page is very high.。 But if it is made of a general web page,It is more important to judge how much money it takes.。 Here everyone needs to be clear,The web page is relying on the domain name and website space.,So, in addition to flowering on making a web page,It will also spend the purchase of the domain name、And the purchase of the website space,So here you can see,The money taken by web page production is probably consisting of three parts.

First, domain name,

Second, website space costs,

Third, web production costs。

Domain name,The domain name is the domain name address that netizens used to access your webpage.,No domain name address,Everyone is accessing your page.,So before making the webpage,Need to buy a website domain name。 The cost of domain name is not high,General a one-level domain name80Yuan is relatively reasonable,Of course, the suffix is different,The price will be all different。

If you want to save the fees for making web pages,It is recommended that you can make web pages through the Self-boosting station.,On the one hand, you can make self-service web pages.,On the other hand, you can avoid the trouble of writing code write programs.,Can realize zero cost production web pages。Self-service platform platform can be used to design a template for design sites,Alive or use“Blank template”Own design,High flexibility。