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I often hear someone discussing such problems. – Entrepreneurial company,No special person to do a website,What kind of people should be founded??

A company decided to build a website,They generally have this3Selection:

  1. Find a platform platform to generate a website,Self-maintenance or purchase of platform maintenance services
  2. Find an advertising company/Building station company service
  3. Looking for a freelance person or a small team building
portfolio website web developer

Let me analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the above options.:

Find a platform platform to generate a website,Purchase platform maintenance service

There are many self-service construction platforms on the market.,Can choose template with low price,Generate web pages。If you do a website just to give an ending page on the website of the employee business card,Introduce the company and the main business,You can choose this platform。Try to choose Ali、Tencent's large platform,Template,Service stability。If your website is only“Company Profile”、“Product introduction”、”contact us”Wait a few fixed pages,I haven't intended to spend more merits in design.,On the platform platform, you can choose a template to generate a website.。

(portfolio website web developer)Select the template resource construction site on the platform platform,To avoid choosing some hot-selling templates,Avoid your website and others“Hit the face”。

portfolio website web developer

Such platforms are generally charged by year,Whether your website has subsequent updates,As long as the website exists,Just pay a lot of money every year“rent”。Compare the budget is not high,No special requirements。If you need to add custom services,To append a certain fee。If you have more picky about existing templates,Need to make a lot of modifications,It often get a high bill of bills。In this situation,Don't build a platform platform.。

in addition,The platform platform is used for customers who have no technology.,So don't provide source code,If you can't get the source code, you can't do fine changes.,Especially not suitable forSEODemand。This is a common problem of all platform platforms,How much vowed by their sales and customer service, to ensure that their products are friendly on search engines,Please be sure to remember,That is impossible!

in short,Is if your website content is less、Request、Design is not tangled,norSEODemand,Just want to be able to print the URL on the business card,You can try to build a website with the website.。

Find an advertising company/Building station company service

Advertising companies and construction companies are not equal,But for those who are only the needs of the station,Their service content is actually almost the content of your service.。This kind of company will send a salesman or project manager and your communication site requirements.,And give you a plan。If you don't have time to prepare,You can also ask them to work,Because of planning、Writing plan is also included in the station service。But you need to understand is,Can let you let go,Provide perfect planned companies,Very expensive。If you have already prepared the content,Just ask them to do,Can save the next cost(Relatively speaking)。

portfolio website web developer

Find an advertising company/The service cost of the construction station will be relatively high,Because of the collective of company,It is relatively high in cost。Your project needs at least one of them.、A small part of a project manager,And a designer and1-2Developer(front end+rear end)More time。Personnel cost is always overhead,In addition, the company has a lot of operating costs that will also be flattened to your project offer.… If your advertising company itself is only planned,No technology,They will take technical part(This is actually very common,I will take a lot of advertising companies' design and development business every year.)。This kind of company,Maybe you will feel that you spend so much.。But the company generally outsource from the company,Self-strength may be reflected in planning and operation,Can save you time energy in the structure and content of the concept website,Don't worry about what you want to think about the content on the website?。

If your company is not bad,I don't want to spend too much energy to build this matter on the website.,But there is a higher demand for the quality of the website.,It is recommended to find a professional advertising company./Building station company helps you complete the website construction。

Looking for a freelance person or a small team building

Freelance developer、Or itself,I want to take a project to earn a foreign developer,Have a fashionable name – Freelancer。This group also includes some number of people5The following small team、small company。For you are completely outside the door, you,I suggest you find some people in them talking.,In addition to understanding the market,You can also take some communication skills of this group and clear your project needs.。Talking to chatting, you will find that it is as simple as you think.。you can say,“I am in advertising/Building a station company can also understand the project,Why still spend time on these individuals or small teams??”,Because face to build a station company,You generally have no chance to touch the designer and even developers.,Can only face project managers or salesmen,This is hard to understand this line.How deep water。And our lovely personal developers will be simple.,Directly exchange opinions,Tell you how much time does it take to do this?,Can they directly provide you with business technical support?。If you think they are not reliable,It's okay.。

portfolio website web developer

The advantage of this kind of cooperation is to go to freedom,Looking for different people to meet different types of business needs,The cost is based on the difficulty of the project and the level of the external package.。

If your luck is good enough,Can find the developed folk masters from the skill tree(like me:P)。Such big cattle generally does not appear in the station company,They may be in the advertising company or the station company.,Waiting for the wings, you will come out to stand up.。Also or general construction companies have already raised them.,It is the working status of their favorite.。

If your time is relatively abundant,Just budget limited,You can also go to some outsourcing platforms to find partners,More people can choose,But I promise that you will never touch the cattle。And be alert to those special low prices。After all, the construction station belongs to the service industry.,Excellent people are disdainful to the low price list。on the other hand,Normal personal,For those low-return work, there will be too many service enthusiasm.,This is the temperament of people。I especially dissent those who go to the pig,Even the behavior of the price of Taobao,The price is low to a certain level,Is it impossible to get a satisfactory service,There are a lot of practitioners' business qualities or even low to the point,And touching like this will only waste your time and mood。

Due to the different people,You still need to know the people you are looking for(Or team)What type of website is good at doing?,Does their strength match your needs?。If you are visually demanding,It is necessary to see if they have a good designer.,If you have a higher performance on the website,I have to understand that they are not good developers.,In short, it is looking for some homework.。The most important thing is to watch their past cases,Talk to the implementation process of talking to a few cases on the spot,So as not to encounter people who provide fake cases。

also,Please understand the acquaintance of this line is also a good way.。

简而言之,in short,且有一定And have a certain amount of time and energy to screen out the outsourcing personnel时间和精力去筛选外包人员,If your budget is not enough, please build a station company.。
挑人,You can try to find someone to cooperate with outsourcing platform.,相信你总认识几位在BATIf you don't even have time to repeat,问问他们的人脉吧!

of,重中之重,Pick,双方一定要签署一份建站合同,It is best to let friends from the Internet industry introduce you to the candidates.。互联网行业不流行称兄道弟的套路,I believe you don't know a few。