website development company qatar


website development company qatar

For various reasons for preventive measures related to the epidemic,Qatar's e-commerce has maintained steady growth in the past few months。arrive 2022 year,Qatar's e-commerce is expected to be 13 $ 100 million 32 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Consumers spend average 260 Dollar。

According to platform data, Qatar e-commerce spending is mainly concentrated in consumption.electronic product,Fashion,Lifestyle and health and beauty products。Diversified and creating an employment plan attributable to the government,These programs provide funding for start-up companies and establish a startup program with excellent performance.。However,Qatar authorities are working hard to solve this limit。

IT The field innovation and the popularity of the e-commerce platform have also contributed to the rapid growth of e-commerce.。2002 year 6 moon,have 350 Website in the Qatar Transportation Department(MoTC)Registration in the e-commerce directory,It has been added again. 144 New site,Currently 494 E-commerce website。

website development company qatar

According to the information of Many e-commerce websites, Many e-commerce websites, are all mixed operations.,For example, famous hypermarket、restaurant、pharmacy、Clothing store,There are many e-commerce platforms that are only available online in travel and other retail.。

Data Display,Qatar e-commerce marketMENAarea(Middle East Northern)Seventh,Scale12One hundred million U.S. dollars,Official estimation2022The year will grow to32One hundred million U.S. dollars。Compare other Middle Eastern countries,Qatar's e-commerce scale is small,But Qatar has a very great potential。

International Monetary Fund Display,Qatar2019Per capitaGDPabout69687Dollar,Lease the world's fifth。at the same time,Qatar is still the country with the smallest gap between the Middle East。According to the Swiss Credit Institute《2018Global Wealth Report》,Qatar's Niki coefficient is61.5%(The smaller the Niki coefficient,The more an annual income distribution)。

on the other hand,The relationship between Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries will also promote its e-commerce development.。2017year6moon5day,UAE、Six Middle East, in Saudi Arabia and Egypt。This year1moon4day,This tension is finally cracking,Multi-Country and Qatar have resumed diplomacy and economy。

This marks more international e-commerce platforms to enter Qatar。This year2Month,UAE fashion e-commerceNamshiAnnounced Katar Site,Behind the relationship,The first company entering the Qatar E-commerce market。

website development company qatar

according to MoTC Qatar e-commerce plan goals and roadmaps are fully considered,Recommend local local localities with strong interest、Regional and international companies,Create from products and services to online shopping、Order implementation and delivery。

(website development company qatar)

Continuous coordination between each link in the entire e-commerce industry chain,Communication is also considered to be critical to effective implementation of the plan.。

(website development company qatar)

website development company qatar

A digital payment solution IT The company's senior officials said in an interview,“The number of e-commerce companies is increasing,Show the huge potential of the Qatar market。Qatar's e-commerce market will further increase,Because many SMEs(SME)Digital payment platform has not been used。same,Due to epidemic restrictions,Consumers have become accustomed to using digital payment,Accelerate the development momentum of Qatar e-commerce。”

Qatar is still 2019 Yearned“Theqa”,This is the management and recognition of Qatar's official platform for e-commerce platforms.,Consumers can verify the authenticity of the e-commerce platform on this website.,At the same time, you can also encourage consumers' online shopping confidence.,Trust。

in,It is said that the Middle East is a blue sea in e-commerce world.,Why do you see?How big is the market body in the Middle East??

According to incomplete statistics,2020The whole Middle East Internet e-commerce will reach500Billion dollars,Sustainable growth in the future。For the Middle East market,Compared with domestic mobile e-commerce consumption10%,middle East2%The proportion explains the development of e-commerce shopping in this area in the Middle East.,Similar to Taobao in the domestic primary stage、Tmall's development stage,Future development prospects are very optimistic;Especially in the Middle East,UAE,Kuwait,Bahrain,Oman and Qatar in these six core countries,Their per capita national product is ranked before the world50Country。

The Middle East market users are very young,The overall purchasing power is basically concentrated18arrive26Between the age,The population of the entire Middle East includes North Africa,Population5100 million,And a givee and huge family population make the Middle East consumption purchase power super group;Ramadan、During the National Day and Black Friday, etc.,The increment of its shopping is also very obvious。

website development company qatar

In a geographic location,Qatar is close to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates。For Amazon andNoonSaudi Station and the UAE,Sales to Qatar through these two national sites should not be difficult,I believe that the next two will also followNamshiFootspe in the road of Qatar E-commerce。

(website development company qatar)

according to MoTC E-commerce portal said,Qatar's e-commerce program aims to solve its main constraint,Create an environment that is conducive to Qatar quickly spread e-commerce。It also aims to establish a set of established protocols and governance mechanisms,Promote and encourage Qatar e-commerce future expansion。

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