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SuzhouwebWhich one is better for training|Do you need money to develop your own website?

(su development website)How much does website development cost?

want to make a website,what needs to be provided?

How long does it take to develop?

Website wants to promote and advertise,what needs to be done?

After reading it, you will understand!

0 1The cost of buying a domain name

domain name,E.gwww.***.comURL like this,this is the domain name。

The domain name can be purchased by the customer himself or by a website production company.;Domain names are billed annually,Optional domain name purchase period,1year、3year、5Years vary,you purchased this domain name,It doesn't mean the domain name belongs to you forever。Need to renew every year after expiration,If the domain name does not want to renew,That domain name doesn't belong to you。

After purchasing a domain name,Need to go to a special department for real-name registration certification,This is required by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China,In case the information posted by the website is legal。

0 2Rental server space fee

Cloud server space is a relatively professional vocabulary,Some say it's space,or virtual space。What is this server used for??is to store all the content of our website,include pictures,video,memory for text。and our usualUThe disk is the same function。It's just that this server must be placed in the computer room,fixedIP;After the website is completed, the program should be uploaded to this designatedIPspatially,can be accessed normally。

Server costs are relatively,big difference。According to the capacity of the space,bandwidth,server location,The stability of the computer room is different,The price is also different。

Of course,This fee is also purchased annually。If the website is no longer available in the second year,No server fee,If you want to continue using,This fee must be paid。

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Class content:1、HTML+CSS、Browser Compatibility、Photoshop、Static web page combat、Responsive layout、Multi-terminal adaptation、FlexFlexbox layout、Animate CSSanimation framework

2、JSBase、Web API、SwiperAnimation implementation、JavaScriptadvanced、jQuery、BootstrapResponsive Framework、ES6/ES7/ES8