ecommerce website development salt lake city


ecommerce website development salt lake city

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I still remember the first time in the United States to buy furniture in the United States.,The heart is simply collapsed.。。

for example,This appearance does not have a sofa,Guess how much money?

ecommerce website development salt lake city

Two、Three hundred dollars?

Factual prove,The little exploration is still too nap.,900DollarOk!!!Still playing……

(ecommerce website development salt lake city)Okay,I don't have to have a sofa?...

Maybe you will say,Little exploration, don't you I ibe?,Mainly because IKEA is too many articles... And quality.. I really don't know how long it can be supported.。After discovering some American friends,That's just that I will not find a place to buy furniture.。actually,The United States has many websites that sell furniture,Price can be quarantined than one quarter than the price of traditional furniture stores,Or even half!

This furniture that I want to say today Overstock,One of them。(Minor,Absolutely confiscated advertising fee,Overstock If you see it, if you see it.,Welcome to contact Xiao,Give us an advertising fee!)

Overstock:Furniture website for sales tail goods

unfamiliar Overstock friend,Little pride first introduces you to introduce。

Overstock was founded in 1999 year,Headquartered in a small city near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Midvale。This is a online sales brand discount product、Tail company,Mainly selling home supplies。Website slogan is called:where quality cost less(High quality and low price),Founder CEO Yes Patrick Byrne。

ecommerce website development salt lake city(ecommerce website development salt lake city)(Screenshot Overstock website)

1999year,Overstock Be《New York Times》The first place in the website that has the fastest growing range of the average visits,The first year has more than 17 Visit,Sales reached 100 Ten thousand U.S. dollars。feels like 2001 New year network foam,Overstock I have purchased a low price. 18 Stocks in stocks in stocks。2002year,Overstock Successfully listed。Ashand2017 End of the year,Company sales is 17.45 One hundred million U.S. dollars。

(ecommerce website development salt lake city)Be right,Is this company engaged in online retail,I actually follow Google、Goldman Sachs and other companies,at the same timeAppear in CB Insights “The most active block chain investment institution”The top five in the list,Ranked third!

ecommerce website development salt lake city(ecommerce website development salt lake city)If 2018 Arbitrarily calculated,Overstock Total investment 9 Home block chain。It can be said,Investment moves in the block chain have exceeded voted 7 Google of the house。

A company for furniture,Why invest so many block chain companies?What do these companies do?Listening to the small exploration one by one。

Block chain investment plural:From tools to consumers

By analyzing these block chains,Overstock Investment block chain company very much。for example,Startup of the block chain software solution for the enterprise development zone、Block chain service(BaaS)Open source platform,There are also tariff payments、Financial services for securities transactions,There are also block chain companies in the consumer field.。

Simple classification,Overstock The investment block chain company can be divided into:Tool type、Financial services,And the consumer field。

ecommerce website development salt lake city

(Silicon Valley Mercury,Copyright belongs to Silicon Valley)

Small exploration carefully studied these block chains found,Each company has its own characteristics:

first,First look at the tool-type block chain company。Like this block of block chain software solutions settlemint,Is a company in Belgium,In Dubai、Shenzhen has a office。initial,settlemint Is for Belgian financial finance company KBC Securities Design and development zone block chain applications,But founders soon realize that the area of the block chain technology is not only finance,So they have developed a set of block chain software solutions for enterprises Mint。

in short,settlement I hope to build a set API、Developer tools and framework,Enter any software developers to build a new application based on the block chain or integrate the block chain function into existing applications.。

Another offer BasS(“Block Chain Service”) of Factom,Hope through the block chain technology,Solve data storage、Safety、Integrity, etc.。The main industry, the industry, includes mortgage、iOT、Medical, etc.。Except for obtaining Overstock In addition to investment,Famous investor Tim Draper leading Draper Associates It is A Circular,And get Bill and Merlinda Gates Foundation(BMGF)、US Department of Land Security。

Why is this company will be in a number of institutions?

Mainly because Factom By block chain technology,Let medical record digitize、Detriment、Globalization。According to the company's statement,Medical professionals can access information through smartphones and find infants vaccination records。or,People infected with HIV can pass Factom Block chain access your virus measurement results。

Let's take a look at the financial type block chain company,From the service objects of these companies,Very“minority”。

picture Ripio This financial payment company,was founded in 2013 year,Is a company that provides electronic payment solutions for Latin American companies。It provides a range of financial services to emerging markets through block chain technology,For example, helping merchants to handle credit cards or Bi Tercoin international transactions,Argentina has now、Brazil、Customers of many South America, Chile and Ecuador。

Another startup of the district block chain payment Bitt,Headquartered in Barbados(Please forgive Xiao,Also search for Babados where... Country in the Caribbean)。Overstock It is A Wheel and B Into-lead partner。Currently cooperated with Barbados Central Bank to carry out pilot block chain plans,The object of service is mainly the central bank of the Caribbean and financial institutions.。2016year,Bitt I have launched the Barbados dollar based on block chain technology,Provide financial services for people who cannot get bank accounts。

As for the third category to C company of,Including the election voting platform Voatz、Aiming at the vintage field VintX,And social networks Minds。

Mobile Election Voting Platform Voatz Is a US company,At present, the company said the vote APP Can be used for government elections、church、University、A variety of scenes such as shareholders' conference。Has participated in dozens of voting,reward 7 Wan Zhang ticket。According to media reports,This year 5 moon,The primary election held in two counties in West Virginia, USA,I tried it. Voatz。

from iOS Application Mall,This vote APP Rendering two-pole differentiation。For example, commentary 1400 People's vote,Not available,It is also useful for school voting very smooth.。Small probe APP Show,Really need fingerprint identification、Biological identification steps such as face recognition。

ecommerce website development salt lake city(ecommerce website development salt lake city)(ScreenshotApple Store)

VinX Is an entrepreneurial company in Tel Aviv, Israel,This block chain company for wineries,I hope to create the block chain version of Bordeaux“Wineway”Model。What does this model mean??Everybody knows,Bordeaux in France is famous,Buy“Wineway”That is, consumers buy wine in a wine bar in advance.,No need to wait until the red wine enters the market。This also helped the winery to get working funds in advance.、Provide more cash liquidity。

So why do you want to use the block chain technology??according to VinX introduce,Vintage futures are digitally monetized,Can be VinX Free transaction in the exchange,First provides liquidity,second,VinX Ensure that all wine is registered in the block chain when leaving the winery,Make sure the buyer is buying a real wine。

ecommerce website development salt lake city

From the direction of investment,This is the same as the previous analysis of the layout of Google District block investment.,Google Investment Block Chain Company is more focused on the financial field,Relatively speaking, the main trend and trend of the current development of the block chain。but Overstock Investment is relatively more,Look at the possibility of combining the company's existing retail business,The combination is not high。Even financial fields that are most likely combined,Only one is for digital securities trading。

These investments are mainly passed Overstock Investment department Medici Ventures Make。2014 year,Overstock Opened its investment department Medici Ventures,Focus on investment block chain,I hope the transparency of the block chain、Efficient and safe to solve practical problems。

Large furniture retailers as a US,why Overstock It seems that the enterprises that seem to bring more advantages to the existing business, don't pay more!?Let's continue reading。

(ecommerce website development salt lake city)Behind investment:CEO Is a firm block chain belief

actually,Overstock The exploration of the block chain has long started.。It is not only the first large-scale retailer who accepts encrypted currency in the United States.,It is also the world's first company that passes securities through the block chain.。

already 2014 year,Overstock Follow Coinbase cooperate,Accept Bitcoin as a payment method —— At that time, the block chain and encrypted currency were still very small.,Almost no sound in mainstream media。Overstock Therefore, it becomes a large-scale retailer who accepts encrypted currency in the United States.。

Behind this,Mainly benefited from Overstock of CEO Patrick Byrne Push harder。Report,2013End of the year,Byrne Communicate with the company's engineering team,See if the system can accept Bitcoin payment。did not expect,This service is launchedJust two months,Overstock Give more than 100 10,000 US Bitcoin transaction orders—— At that time, Bitcoin was only 400 Dollar。

Byrne accept Business Insider Interview,“I am very early to block a long-term fanatic enthusiast.”(a long time crypto enthusiast)。He recalled the scene of the first time heard the block chain.,“At that time,Bitcoin is not called Bitcoin,Is the block chain。”

ecommerce website development salt lake city(ecommerce website development salt lake city)In addition to the first large-scale retailer that accepts Bitcoin as payment,Overstock Or the world's first company that passes digital securities through the block chain。

exist 2015 year 6 moon,Overstock Approval by the US Securities Regulatory Commission,Using the subsidiary tZERO Technical platformRelease 2500 Wan Dollar Digital Bond,Global issuance of block chain technology for corporate bonds、Settlement and transaction。This private bond can realize the day settlement(T+0),Not usually required 2 arrive 3 sky(T+2、T+3)。This not only accelerates the speed of financing,Also lowered outless(Check of securities that do not hold themselves)risks of。Because transparency on the block chain allows investors and buyers to track their purchase and ownership of encrypted securities。

Byrne In various interviews,They don't hesitate to express their optimistic about the block chain technology.。but,He said that he focuses on the application of investment block chain technology.,Not too interested in digital currencies,The only exception is Ravencoin(Ferry)。exist Byrne Look,Ravencoin It is specially designed、Resistance ASIC Sexual digital currency。Mainly this will let the mine go center,Not just in several major miners、Mine tap。

This year 6 moon,Accept Fox Interview,Byrne disclose,Famous economist with Peru Hernando de Soto Polar cooperate,Develop a global property registration system,To ensure the property rights of billions of people in developing countries。De Soto Professor's research results show,about 50 Billion 20 Three billion dollars have been blocked outside the global economic activity,The reason is that the asset ownership is controversial。Both people hope that the new company can clarify the property of property ownership,Personal power。“We must use block chain technology to eliminate poverty。”

In addition to Peru,This year 7 moon,Overstock Subprincend company with chain chain Medici land Governance Signing a memorandum of understanding with the Zambian government。At the time,Will cooperate with Zambia Government,Reform land ownership,Allow rural land owners to legalize their real estate and get a corresponding financial instrument。

No wonder after this series of moves,Major media Overstock Dance changes:Overstock Is it still e-commerce??People are already a block chain company.!

ecommerce website development salt lake cityecommerce website development salt lake city

Even some media,CEO Byrne Hope to restructuring company business,Selling its e-commerce sector,Transfer main concern block chain business。

Reminisce Patrick Bryne Input to block chains,Whether it is invested in South America Financial District Block Chain Company,Or cooperation with Zambian government,又或者是跟秘鲁经济学家开发全球财产登记系统,Or, it is also developing a global property registration system with the Secretists. CEO,或许在区块链领域的行为,This four cycling crossing the United States。

后来,Perhaps the behavior of the block chain Patrick Bryne 的人生哲学是什么,Not a moment of hard work or with the wind:服务。(That's what we're all here for — is service. )

later Overstock 的区块链业务会如何往下发展,Reporter,感谢 Overstock What is the philosophy of life?,确实为一众消费者提供了物美价廉的家具。He said,从这上面买到 200 Serve...

ecommerce website development salt lake city

How will the block chain business develop down? Overstock 转向区块链的行为?But small exploration?欢迎留言讨论。