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Foreign media report,now,Many users cannot accessTexas Right to LifeOrganized abortion report website,The site does not show an anonymous prompt page,Reversely displaying one503Error and tell the user that they are blocked。The reason for given the user is outside the Texas or useVPNDifferently。

(website development company texas)Texas Right to Life Organized Tips Weiber--Including those who are not in the state--Tips for submitting abortion or anyone who thinks to help abortion。On the site9moon1Daily online,The Internet quickly mobilized to close it。

The false tips of the hacker activity molecule on the site,They aim to destroy the system and provide so many false tips so that it is impossible to investigate all people.。yesterday,Before the sitehost GoDaddyWith the violation of the terms of service, the company is24Leave its platform within hours。

Although the organization replaced a host,But doing so may cause chaos behind the scenes。Many people report,They can't access the prompt website,And also see a message,“You visit this website is limited by the website owner”,Then follow503error code。

website development company texas

This website revealed,Life rights are using security pluginsWordfenceTo help protect our website from hackers。same,The reason for the user is banned from accessing the website is not the same。

When foreign media reporters use state access to the website,Tip website shows the reason for being blocked,“For security reasons,Access to your area has been temporarily restricted。”However,When it tries to use a connection to TexasVPNVisit the site,Then switch again to Houston,Message changes,shown as“Access a prohibitedURL。”

(website development company texas)Eastern United States9moon3Day afternoon6point,Texas Right to LifeOrganizeTwitterRepayment,They are moving the website assets to another and will be24-48Restore website within hours。It is still unclear whether the site will continue to block after full recovery.VPNuser。

website development company texas