how to bill for website development


(how to bill for website development)How much is website construction?,What are the website construction costs??Be a regular corporate website in the current market,General custom price4000~6000Rong this range,If you do brand propaganda, the website design and production cost is probably6000~10000Yuan,If it is more important to the network marketing brand promotion,Website construction production fees10000~30000Yuan,Price should be determined according to the number of keywords,Be a online shopping mall or integrated information portal website price30000Yuan seven,Website construction costs are no standard prices,Is based on page design requirements and quantity、Website function difficulty coefficient。

The more website columns, the more,The more pages,The more functions,There must be several teams to make this project development.,Work cycle and time take at least one month,Several people have tens of thousands of wages。

how to bill for website development

Website construction foundation support

There will often be a customer inquiry,Is the website is not permanent?,Not permanent,If the website is going directly from a long time,Domain name and space must pay the fee every year,If the website does not have a domain name、Space or cloud server action support point,The website is not working properly.。

1)Website domain name

(how to bill for website development)Website domain name is often said,Take new registration as an exampleyncaili.comInternational domain name,Registration price60Yuan,pja.cnChina's domain name is much cheaper,Registration price as long as22Yuan、clxx.netNetwork service is worth a little,Do the Internet is more representative,Registration fee72Yuan,The fee is based on different domain suffixes、Different domain registrars are different.,At present, the domain name registration price is generally25-100Yuan,This is just the cost of domain name,Want to remember the website,Just have a good domain name,Therefore, you must spend these money.。

2)Website space

(how to bill for website development)Space only belongs to a small part of the air in the cloud server or independent server,Mainly used to store all the information of the website,Website internal space mainly contains documentation、Photo、text、Short video,database、Website source code(php、css、html、js)。

Website space is also charged annually,Every familyIDCThe server's charging standard is different,Mainly based on the configuration of the server、Network bandwidth、Server's volume,Charging standard1000Yuan~20,000 yuan is not,Only large websites with high traffic will only use one or more cloud servers,Small and medium-sized enterprise website uses virtual space,The price is almost600Yuan left and right!

how to bill for website development(how to bill for website development)

Website design and production

1)Template design

(how to bill for website development)There are many free online today.、Low price website template,Customers only need to apply for registration on the platform to apply the template and background management system provided by the platform.。

This type of template is totally worthy of corporate culture.、User needs and search engine requirements,Not only the website page design is single,There is also a limit to the role,Experience the experience of customers,Not in line withseoOptimal conditions,Can't effectively improve conversion rate,If the company uses the website to do marketing promotion,This way is not。

2)Imitation station design

(how to bill for website development)Now the website seems to be very small.,If you want to go online as soon as possible,There is still a little requirement for the design,Imitation station is not a good choice,In the subjective sense, it has met your own needs.,Can also change in the foundation。

3)Custom design

Applicable to customers have their own insights and ideas,Need to experience、Professional website construction company to do personality customization,The design and production of the website can really fusion the company's culture.、feature、Advantage design, send customers and users satisfied sites。

Custom design website needs to carry out plan planning,New design page and production web page,The website that is made is convenient for management and operation.,Can also improve the conversion rate of the website。

4、Website background development model

Website construction in recent years is generally using languagePHP,PHPMaking website background running effect ratiojava、asp、jspWaiting for language,Valentine's cost,At the same time, the webpage load speed is also relatively fast.。

Website development costs generally depend on the number of columns and operational flows,The more columns,The more complex operation flow,The more difficulty in implementing the program is also,Means that the more time spent,Charge is naturally high。