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Director of Research, HSBC Jintrust Funds、Fund manager Lu Bin has been“dare to speak up”、Known for maintaining close communication with investors。a few days ago,Lu Bin was interviewed by a reporter from China Securities Journal,Introduction to market shocks、Central Bank RRR cut、“Ning combination”His latest market research under the background of siege。

Lu Bin said,The unexpected news of a comprehensive RRR cut eased market concerns about liquidity,New opportunities emerge from the structural differentiation of the market。Investment layout for the second half of the year,Will be both offensive and defensive,In addition to the core assets represented by new energy,Finance and Real Estate、cycle、Any growth direction will be part of Lu Bin's investment portfolio。

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(portfolio websites web developer)Lu Bin is a keen perceiver of market changes,public fund industry“dare to speak up”a fund manager of。in last year's investment,he captured“stock champion”record,Facing the pursuit of investors,He communicates closely with investors,Share the latest market research,Strive to help investors make rational investment decisions。

retrospective findings,Lu Bin's judgments on the market this year can be described as accurate。at the beginning of the year,Lu Bin pointed out,2021Years of market need to do bottom-up research,Find some opportunities in the industry,Rather than saying that grabbing a good track can be done once and for all。exist3moon、4month,Lu Bin is optimistic about the market because he is optimistic about the opportunity to fall。subsequently,Facing the extreme differentiation of the market structure,during the Dragon Boat Festival,Lu Bin said,Structural opportunities in sectors and individual stocks that have been overlooked by the market over the past few years,Outstanding performance over the past few months,Valuations have been substantially fixed,Structural risks need attention。Looking forward to the second half of the year,relatively cautious strategy。

now,What is his analysis of the new trends in the market??Lu Bin said:“There have been some changes in the market recently。First,The central bank has made a decision to cut the reserve ratio across the board,This at least gives you a clear direction,Maybe a quarter or two in the future,Low probability of widespread marginal tightening of liquidity。second,The recent market performance has been very divided,High prosperity industries have performed very well in the past month,Many small and medium-sized market capitalization or growth-oriented good track companies,sought after by funds。And many large-scale,Includes large-cap value and large-cap growth companies,Shares are weaker,Valuations have fallen sharply。”

(portfolio websites web developer)Lu Bin said,Facing market differentiation,Still need to focus on exposed structural risks and opportunities,In the second half of the year, various industries need to be closely tracked2021year-2022Fundamental changes and trends over the years。After adjustment in the first half of the year, some industries,Valuations have fallen back to historical bottom territory,Once the fundamentals show an inflection point,There may be a valuation fix。

Waiting for the configuration timing after the callback of the new energy vehicle

Looking back at Lu Bin2020Year“masterpiece”,The advance layout on the new energy track and the courage to hold heavy positions are his magic weapons for winning。Lu Bin has been emphasizing,Your investment must be market-wide。He said:“choose in a track‘Lie to win’seems easy,But for the investor's holding experience,Need to look for opportunities in different fields、Build a combination。”Focus on the interests of investors,Lu Bin is very clear about his requirements。

WindData Display,as of7moon16day,The net worth of HSBC Jintrust Low-Carbon Pioneer managed by Lu Bin has increased by 1 in the past month.21.57%。According to Lu Bin,At present, the fund's asset allocation is about half of the offensive and defensive positions。“Starting from the goal of creating better returns and better investment experience for holders,on the one hand,undervalued real estate stocks、The probability of continued downward adjustment of large-cap value and large-cap growth stocks is already relatively low,Some targets already have good implied returns,Can be used as a defensive position;on the other hand,Sectors such as new energy vehicles and cycles,Fundamental strength is good,Performance still remains flexible,more aggressive,still maintain a large investment。”Introduction of Lu Bin。

Lu Bin said,In the second half of the year, we will focus on investment opportunities in four directions。The first category is the direction of core assets,Among them, electric vehicles are expected to become an investment opportunity throughout the year this year。The second category is the value direction of the larger market,including finance and real estate。past month,whether it's because of style,or for fundamental reasons,Valuations in these industries are lower。The third is the cyclical industry,Cyclical industries with strong correlation to carbon neutrality are expected to have continuous opportunities。The fourth is the opportunity for growth,The valuation match of the growth opportunities in the broader market is getting better and better。

For new energy vehicles,Lu Bin said,short term,a surge、Sentiment very high volatility is set to increase。But if you look at it over a long period of time,,It may still be in the process of growing with a high boom in the industry.。He said:“From an investment strategy perspective,I would recommend that you wait a little while the industry is rising rapidly,waiting for investment opportunities。later quarters,May be called back for various reasons,That would be a better time to configure。”

This article comes from China Securities Journal