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Which programming language is to use when building your website?,Different programming languages have their own advantages and disadvantages,So which programming language is used in the construction process??The following Zhengzhou website construction Xiaobian analyzes you。

  PHPThe characteristics of language are open source and free.。due toPHPThe source code of the interpreter is open,So the website with a higher safety factor can change yourselfPHPInterpretation。in addition,PHPThe use of the operating environment is also free。Ability to run very stable on all operating system platforms,This makes it a common server language。Very easy to learn and use a language,Its grammar characteristics are similar toClanguage,But noCLanguage complex address operation,Moreover, adding object-oriented concepts,Plus it has a simple grammar rule,Make it easy to edit very simple,Very practical。Zhengzhou website construction believes,due toPHPRun on the corresponding platform interpreter,Compare system resources,Running environment simple,So the efficiency is very high。And supportMySQL、ODBC、Oracle、AdabasDAnd other databases。

(website development companies in cantonment)

website development companies in cantonment

(website development companies in cantonment)  two、Java

  JavaThe language is characterized by cross-platform、Object-oriented、safety、Multithreading、Easy to use ,JavaThe self-contained virtual machine has achieved cross-platform sexual machine。Currently used in software development、game development,Quickly used for website construction,Because of a large cost。Its structure is very rigorous、Program can be edited into machine code、Program stability。


  .NETThe frequency is second only during the construction of the website.PHP,It is characterized by the source code to compile、Visit speed、Express development、Powerful molecular station management company。Mainly used in small and medium-sized company website development and desktop applications。ASP.NETIs one of the application implementation framework,Be a subset,Mainly used for front desk development technology,C#It is a complete language of the door.,andJAVAsimilar,Can also be used.NETBackground development of the platform。

website development companies in cantonment

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