website development companies in egypt


website development companies in egypt

2moon19day,Middle East local e-commerceNoonBeta version of Egypt station released,will this yearQ2Release the official version。This isNoonOperates at its UAE site for two years,Saudi operation143rd site after a month。

(website development companies in egypt)NoonEgypt station is not yet open to Chinese sellers。

(website development companies in egypt)And last week,Amazon sources say its UAE siteAmazon.aewill this year4month online,Saudi station and Egypt station will also be launched within this year。

Egypt,The largest market in the Middle East and North Africa by population,will be2019A fierce competition between e-commerce giants。

Egypt has the most populous Internet users in the Middle East and North Africa

population of egypt9625Ten thousand,about to become Africa's third most populous1billion country。of which internet users4800Ten thousand,but only8%of users trade online。

The proportion of Egyptian users holding cards is low,only1000Ten thousand cardholders,That is to say80%The above Egyptian e-commerce users will use cash on delivery,This ratio isGCCCountries UAE and Saudi Arabia are similar。

(website development companies in egypt)2017year,The current e-commerce penetration rate in Egypt is only0.5%about,The penetration rate of e-commerce in the Middle East is1.8%。The value of e-commerce transactions in the whole of Egypt is50billion dollars,an increase over the previous year22%;Egypt has2030million internet users are at the age of15over the age of,These users are the main force of e-commerce shopping。

JumiaandSouqoccupied egypt70%market share above

Egypt has a total of450E-commerce website。But there are only two comprehensive e-commerce platforms,Acquired by AmazonSouqand African e-commerceJumia。SouqandJumiarespectively in2011Year and2012Year to enter the Egyptian market。

According to Egypt's first comparison-type e-commerce shopping portalYaootaprovided data,SouqandJumiaThe two contributed in total60-70%traffic(2015year data),2019I believe that the effect of traffic gathering to the head will be more obvious,But we haven't found authoritative data yet。

Souqof Egypt has been its most trafficked market,accounted forSouqwhole network 5200million monthly visits42%,That is, the monthly visits of the Egypt station are in2100Ten thousand。

website development companies in egypt

JumiaYesRocket Internetand Africa's largest e-commerceMTNCo-incubated e-commerce giants,Business coverage in Africa23countries,Egypt is its second largest market in Africa after Nigeria。

JumiaEgypt StationCEO Hesham Safwatdisclosed to the media,Jumiaalready in Egypt48%market share,beyondSouqBecome the largest e-commerce platform,2017year realized190%growth of,expected to be in2021year achieved compared to2017year10double the growth。

JumiaAlthough the amount of its deal in Egypt has not yet been announced,But fromJumiaFindings from the Group's Financial Statements,Its annual compound growth rate has reached42%,achieve5billion euros。

However,Egyptian market remains challenging,per capitaGDPlower,Inflation and customs duties are not friendly to e-commerce。

Egypt per capitaGDP 3514dollars,Compared to Saudi Arabia's per capita2million dollars,Egypt is a real Middle East“poor country”,but still far higher than India's1940US Dollars and Pakistani1333dollars。

Egypt2017Inflation for most of the year is as high as30%,Consumers are more inclined to look for high-quality and low-cost products。

Due to the lag in the development of e-commerce,Egypt does not yet have an exclusive e-commerce-related tax law。The vast majority of sellers on the platform settle in informally,The government has not yet provided clear tax incentives for small and medium-sized sellers to enter the platform。

(website development companies in egypt)in addition,Egypt's import tariff policy is still in the era of trade,Not friendly to e-commerce。existNoonAnd before Amazon officially announced its entry into the Egyptian market,Many Chinese cross-border e-commerce companies have tested the Egyptian market,Due to the instability of customs clearance,Detained goods, etc. are miserable。

so far,At present, China's cross-border e-commerce has not performed particularly well in Egypt。

However,Strong localization abilitySouq,NoonandJumiasee Egypt as2019one of the most important markets in。(source:ePandaGoing to the Middle East)

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