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website development companies in sri lanka(website development companies in sri lanka)DialogAxiataSri Lanka is one of the largest telecommunications service provider,It is also the country's leading mobile network operators。Reina·Duoyiqiman(RainerDeutschmann)YesDialogGroup Chief Operating Officer,Leadership Business Planning、M & A and corporate strategy。

Duoyiqiman in telecommunications、ITServe、E-commerce、Digital marketing and business strategy, and other fields has more than20Years of experience,Covering start-ups、Large public multinationals and other senior management staff positions。JoiningDialogAxiataBefore,Duoyiqiman served as India's telecom giantRelianceJioChief Product and Innovation Officer,Responsible for establishing the company's business units,Business leaders launch project,At the same time as the senior leadership team of a,The implementation of customer acquisition plan,To achieve the company's initial1Million customer accounts and target。He was also senior vice president of Deutsche Telekom's core telecom products,exist14European markets establish and lead the development of Deutsche Telekom's core products,for9000Million customers and3000Million homes to provide services。also,Duoyiqiman passion for science and technology,He is a digital telecommunications、analyze、Financial technology and block chain company provides consulting and investment。

DialogAxiataSri Lanka has been at the forefront of innovation in the mobile communications industry,Company for6In Sri Lanka, the consumer was voted“Annual Internet Service Provider”,continuous8In Sri Lanka topped the list in the ranking of corporate responsibility。

As Group Chief Operating Officer,Duoyiqiman promote Sri Lanka's leading telecommunications company、Digital pay-TV services and digital transformation。Date,Global Intelligent Platform smart technology companies and graffitiDialogAxiataEstablish new partnerships,To develop smart home solutions for the growing market in Sri Lanka。This year2moon,DialogSmart homeAppSmartLifeAchieve a major upgrade,To expand its line of smart home,To provide users with a more secure、Secure seamless connection experience。Here,Duoyiqiman representation:“DialogAdhering to enrich people's lives in Sri Lanka、Enterprise development and help create future ideas。Now updated revision on the lineSmartLifeAppExpanding the company's line of smart home,To change the physical environment through the fusion of smart technology,It gives new meaning to intelligent devices。”

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