tds on website development charges


With the development of the Internet,It can be said that every company has its own business website.,Even if there is no current,That is also being prepared,After all, for the company,Enterprise website is the most important after enterprise brand,It is also one of the most important propaganda channels.。

For corporate websites,Whether it is an enterprise information display,Or enterprise product promotion,Can be carried on the website,And the website can better cultivate corporate culture、product、Service and other push to the user。so,Business is still necessary。

tds on website development charges

but,Many companies will seem special trouble when choosing website development companies.,It is too much company for website development on the market.,And there is no specific quotation form,Pure belongs to the development company quoted according to the company,Maybe some company quotes are almost,But some company quotes can be said to be heaven.,But the company's service project is different.,This is not awkward,It's better to bring your own business.、These companies have problems with no pits.。

So,When the website is developed,What is the cost of corporate website design and development??And what the website development is included?Below, Rabbit Technology gives you a saying.。

tds on website development charges

1. domain name

The so-called domain name is actually the URL,That is the website address(;Generally,Domain names are charged by year,There are also monthly、Charged in the quarter,This is also the fee charged on the domain name registration platform;usually,Domain name purchased in regular channels,According to the domain suffix,Middle length to make prices,Minimum tens of pieces a year,Most of dozens of men, it is possible。

Usually for small and medium-sized companies,The price of the domain name will not be too high,Dozens of hundreds are possible,And the domain name is also a must-have after the website development is completed.,So this money must be spent。

tds on website development charges(tds on website development charges)

2. Virtual space/server

So-called virtual space/server,Simply, it is where to carry websites and domain names.,Of course,You can also put the virtual space/The server understands the place for a storage file;Mainly stored in the enterprise uploaded to the text、picture、video、Data, etc.,Thereby the website is running normally。

and,Virtual space/Server and domain operation,It is charged by year,And the domain name is,Xunk/The fluctuation of the server cost is determined by the user's choice and the needs of the company.。

In general,Enterprises can choose corporate classes when choosing a development site、E-commerce micro-commerce、Information portal website,if we assume,The website developed by the company is an enterprise station,Mainly to see the capacity of virtual space,Number of people depends on enterprise website access。If you don't put it into promotion,It is estimated that there are not many people visit a year.,That doesn't need much capacity,If you promote promotion,The capacity needs to be determined according to the number of websites.。

if we assume,The establishment of a company is an e-commerce micro business or a information website.,More than just need to consider the problem,Also need to consider access to the website,Generally,These websites are all independent cloud servers,Broadband and other software can be upgraded at any time。

(tds on website development charges)tds on website development charges(tds on website development charges)

3. Website design

For website development,domain name、Virtual space/The cost of the server will not be too expensive,Charge will not be too high;We really need website design and program development for website development,Common,As long as it is a custom website,All avoided,Only when the site is designed in line with corporate characteristics、product、Service, etc.,It will better attract users better;For development companies,Website development is charged according to page,Some is according to the design life,But there is no specific offer,It is quoted according to the needs of designers or enterprises.。

tds on website development charges

4. Program development

After the corporate website design is completed,The front end of the website development company、Background technology developer,To make a page design,Find a website design into a website,This fee is a cost-effective,If the customer has additional functional requirements,The fee will be finalized according to the size of the demand。

Popular,Enterprises to design and develop a corporate website,Usually needs10000+,And according to the needs of the company,Development of business meeting in developing websites and promotion of development costs and prices。

tds on website development charges

For enterprise development enterprise website,How much cost is uncertain,Mainly see the needs of enterprises,Website development,After the promotion,The website is constantly updating,This also designs later maintenance costs,This will talk about it at the beginning of the website.,Otherwise, it will be pulled in the later period.。


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