ecommerce website development timeline


An article published on the website of the Ministry of Commerce reviews the development of e-commerce in the past five years,Think that today's e-commerce competition in my country The keyword has been removed from the goods、fight price、The speed of express delivery has been transformed into a fusion of spelling、fight ecology、Fight innovation and fight data。

(ecommerce website development timeline)ecommerce website development timeline

Fusion is the way。my country's e-commerce is no longer the only one online“Pastry”,Online subjects began to actively go online Down。Ali、Jingdong has begun to migrate offline,Ali's cumulative investment in traditional industries exceeds 1000 billion,Jingdong plans to be online open under 1 Wanjia Store。And offline traditional industries represented by Kidswant are accelerating their embrace of the Internet,Kidwang use information Technology,Commodity system、Membership system、The service system and supply chain management are fully connected online and offline,Realize precision marketing, Precise service,Average sales per customer from 200 Yuan grows to 1224 Yuan,The floor efficiency is three times that of Walmart。

(ecommerce website development timeline)

Innovation is the soul。Whether it is technological innovation or model innovation,are the core driving force of my country's e-commerce development。shared Bicycles can become a new Chinese phenomenon in the eyes of foreigners“Four great inventions”one,and go abroad,share with the world,its success From business model innovation,From unique design innovation,Also from the Internet of Things、Technology application innovation such as mobile payment。

also,Virtual Reality、Augmented Reality、Live e-commerce、New technologies and new models such as social e-commerce have also been adopted by consumers Accept and welcome。The ability to innovate has become the most unique skill of Chinese e-commerce enterprises that cannot be imitated.。 Data is a treasure。Data resources are increasingly becoming key production factors and valuable social wealth,its infinite growth、Can be used repeatedly The attributes used provide conditions for the sustainable development of related enterprises。Several major fresh food e-commerce operators track users' consumption and purchase lines for,Portrait of the user,Use big data to give personalized advice to thousands of people,Realize precision marketing。driven by big data Make scientific predictions about market changes、quick response、control production,people at any time、goods、field optimization。

also,The rapid development of e-commerce also benefits from the rapid progress of technology、The bold innovation of market players and the inadequacy of government services optimization。

(ecommerce website development timeline)

in expanding international space,Commerce actively promotes e-commerce going out strategy,APEC、Shanghai Cooperation Organization、gold brick country、The G20 and other countries take e-commerce as an important content and establish a working mechanism。active with“One Belt One Road”along E-commerce cooperation in key countries,have been separated from the French、new Zealand、Vietnam etc. 6 China has signed a bilateral e-commerce Cooperation documents;Make the most of China International Import and Export Expo、Platforms such as China Internet Conference,Carry out international regulations on e-commerce In-depth discussions on topics such as,Attract more countries to participate“Silk Road E-commerce”rule building。


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