website development pittsburgh pa


website development pittsburgh pa

Build headline compilation Because there is hundreds of steel companies,Pittsburgh has always been called“Steel City”。Now this city is working hard to transform,Being a robot technology、AIAnd machine learning innovation hotbed。

Report,Pittsburgh entrepreneurial ecosystem,Virtual income begins,The number of technology companies is also increasing。CrunchbaseData Display,2018Year-old,Pittsburgh1.467Billion dollar venture capital,Although it is much lower than2017Year14One hundred million U.S. dollars(A number of large investments have distorted the number of winds in this year.),But it is higher than2016Year-round1.419One hundred million U.S. dollars。exist2017year,Ford Investment Automatic Driving Motor CompanyArgo AI 10One hundred million U.S. dollars,AIStart-up companiesPetuumget9300Ten thousand U.S. dollarsBRound financing,Language platformDuoLingoget2500Ten thousand U.S. dollarsERound financing,These investments have greatly raised Pittsburg2017Total wind vault。

This growth in Pittsburgh is largely due to Carnegie University(CMU)Impact。CMUHave a top computer science course,And open the first United StatesAIUndergraduate course。existAIAnd machine learning areas,CMUIs a global leader,This is undoubtedly a good thing for Pittsburgh.,Because automation is promoting the development of a variety of technologies,And many Pittsburgh entrepreneurs are based onCMUResearch。

(website development pittsburgh pa)Machine learning and robotics have come out of laboratory,Transform into many commercial applications,There are also many people who are interested in investing Pittsburgh.。Today in these areas,Pittsburgh has a large number of technological talents and companies。With the development of robotics,It has become an important pillar of the Pittsburgh economy。In automatic driving vehicle,Pittsburgh has always been a leader,20century80The Pittsburgh is already studying automatic driving.。

(website development pittsburgh pa)Ranked 5th,It also attaches great importance to commercialization。It not only provides the best patient care in the United States,Also in childbirth methods and medicalITInnovation,Even a separate sector to commercialize these technologies。

But universities are not the only factor in promoting the development of Pittsburgh's entrepreneurial ecosystem。

According to Anyong Accountant(Ernst & Young)Recently released report,Over ten years,Amazon、Ottek(Autodesk,3DPrint giant)、Delphi、IBM、Philips Medical(Philips Healthcare)、Shilehui(Smith&Nephew,Orthopedic giant)andYelp(Best Rating Website in the United States)Waiting for large companies to acquire80Multi Pittsburgh,All of these large companies are working in Pittsburgh。

more importantly,In the past few years,Superfine、Facebook、Apple、Germany Bosch(Bosch)、General Electric(GE)And Hindu Tower(Tata)Waiting for large technology companies to open technology or research office in Pittsburg。

These big companies choose Pittsburg,In addition to a large number of scientific and technological talents,Pittsburgh's lower life and operating costs(Silicon Valley、New York, etc.)It is also an important factor。

Overall,Pittsburgh has been well educated labor and large companies in the region(They can also provide talents for entrepreneurship companies)Being promoted the development of this city。

despite this,There is also a road to Pittsburgh on the road that promotes the sustained development of entrepreneurship.。At present, Pittsburgh is still in the development of transformation.,No Silicon Valley or mature market like Boston,Lack of rapid growth companies。

Pittsburgh also lacks the lack of sales and marketing talents,This is a major obstacle to the development of Pittsburgh。Another problem is universal lack of funds,And this affects the development speed of entrepreneurial companies。

For many years,How to keepCMUAnd Pittsburgh University's talent became a big problem in the city。In the past,The company has to go to the field recruitment,Because many developers、Programmers and high-end researchers usually leave Pittsburgh to California、Boston,Even Austin。Now,With Pittsburgh in robotics and othersAILeading position in the technical field,CMUAnd Pittsburgh University graduates are willing to treat Pittsburgh as a city with a variety of opportunities.。

Although the other fields of Pittsburgh cannot obtain wind investment funds,But a very good technology environment began in this city.。no doubt,Pittsburgh's technology ecosystem has a lot of potential,Just like filling out,Pittsburgh needs a little aggregation energy,Filling something lacking。