website development contract example


(website development contract example)Website Construction Agreement

Party A:_________

Party B:_________

Party A hereby entrusts Party B to carry out_________Website construction。To clarify the responsibilities of both parties,After friendly consultation,The parties have reached the following agreement:

Article 1 content of the project、price、Development progress、payment method

set out in annex I。

Article 2 Party A's rights and obligations

1.Provide a special person to contact Party B。

2.Provide all the information that needs to be put on the Internet to Party B,and ensure the legality of the data。

3.According to the requirements of Appendix I,Pay fees in a timely manner。

4.Party A will use the subject matter of this contract and related works within the scope of copyright law、program、file source code,not copy it、spread、sold or licensed to other third parties。

5.Party A's response to the web pages in this contract、Images are used exclusively。

Article 3 Party B's rights and obligations

1.Provide a special person to contact Party A。

2.According to the requirements of Appendix I,Use Party A's information,develop website。

3.within the time limit required by Appendix I,Complete website development,and notify Party A for acceptance。

4.During the acceptance period, at the request of Party A,Make corrections to non-conformities。

5.The subject matter of this contract and related works、program、The copyright of the file source code belongs to Party B。

Article 4 acceptance

1.The acceptance criteria are as follows

(website development contract example)a.Party A can access this website through any computer with Internet access。

b.Homepage without text spelling and pictures(Subject to the materials provided by Party A)mistake。

(website development contract example)c.The network program works normally。

(website development contract example)2.Acceptance period is5day time。

The fifth Liability for breach of contract

1.Either party has evidence that the other party has、is or will default,Can suspend performance of this contract,But you should notify the other party in time。If the other party continues to fail to perform、Improper performance or breach of this contract,The party may terminate this contract and demand compensation from the other party for losses。

2.Party unable to assume responsibility due to force majeure,should occur in the event of force majeure3days,promptly notify the other party。

(website development contract example)3.One party is indeed unable to assume responsibility due to force majeure,causing loss,non-payment of liability。The force majeure mentioned in this contract refers to the unforeseeable、Objective events that cannot be overcome and that have a significant impact on one of the parties,including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods、earthquake、Fires and storms, etc. and social events such as war、turmoil、government action, etc.。

Article 6 Privacy Policy

Both parties should strictly keep the other's business and technical secrets that they know during the cooperation process,Otherwise, you shall be liable for the loss caused thereby。

(website development contract example)Article 7 If there are any matters not covered by the above terms,warp armor、To be supplemented by both parties after negotiation

(website development contract example)to add on(handwriting,Official seal required)_________。

eighth other

1.If any provision of this contract is determined to be invalid or unenforceable under current law,All other terms of this contract will remain in effect。In this case,The parties will replace the agreement with a valid agreement,And the effective agreement should be as close as possible to the original agreement and the corresponding spirit and purpose of this contract.。

2.Expiration of the validity period stipulated in Appendix I,This contract automatically expires。At that time, if the two sides are willing to continue to cooperate,contract should be renewed。

3.This contract is signed and sealed by the authorized representatives of both parties,Effective from the date of signing。

4.This contract is in duplicate,Each party holds one copy,It has the same legal effect。

(website development contract example)Party A(stamp):_________ Party B(stamp):_________

represent(signature):_________ represent(signature):_________

_________year____moon____day _________year____moon____day


Contents of appendix items、price、Development progress、payment method

1.Contract amount

domain name_________indivual,_________Yuan/year

Host space_________mwebspace,_________mlogspace,_________memailspace,_________mdatabase space,_________indivualemail,_________mbandwidth,_________Yuan/year

Web page_________Page,Template generation/database management,_________Yuan



(website development contract example)counter_________indivual,_________Yuan


total fees_________Yuan

(website development contract example)2.payment method

The total amount involved in this contract is RMB_________Yuan,After the contract is signed,Party A pays the contract amount_________%,which is_________Yuan as deposit,After acceptance, the balance of the contract will be paid in one lump sum_________Yuan。

3.Development cycle

(website development contract example)Party A is in_________year_________moon_________day before,Hand over the information to Party B,Remit the deposit to Party B's account。

(website development contract example)Party B is in_________year_________moon_________day before,Complete the construction of the website。

(website development contract example)Party A is in_________year_________moon_________day before,Acceptance of the website。

Party A is in_________year_________moon_________day before,Remit the balance to Party B's account。

4.Contract period

This contract is valid for_________year_________moon_________day to day_________year_________moon_________day。