ecommerce website development tools


(ecommerce website development tools)Today, I will introduce you.4Commonly used,Front-end development tool,Everyone can use their own usage,Which one iswebThe front-end development tool is better。

ecommerce website development tools

1、Sublime Text

Sublime Text I have been known as“God level”Code development tool,Powerful,The interface layout is paying attention to and the beautiful view is high.,Support multiple layouts and code thumbnails。Sublime Text Syntax supporting multiple programming languages highlight,Not only has the function of automatic code,It is also possible to use common code snippet(Snippet)Save up,Call at any time,supportVIMMost commands in mode。

ecommerce website development tools

Sublime Text It also provides user-defined configuration and utility editing status recovery.,Sliding bar with files on the right side of the editor,What can be convenient, where is the file in the file?。However, this tool is more suitable for friends with a certain front end.!

(ecommerce website development tools)2、Visual Studio

ecommerce website development tools

AbbreviationVS(Microsoft Visual Studio)Is Microsoft's toolkit series products,existWndowsThe most common application program integration development environment(IDE)。Code editor、translater、Debugger and graphical user interface tool。Provide a complete development function,There are even a lot of powerful websites,All useVisual Studiodeveloping。

Visual Studio Powerful functional industry recognition,But use it is slightly complex,Need more time to get used to habits,The efficiency after the smooth use is still very high.。It can not only develop static pages,Also very beneficial to develop dynamic webpage。I think it is better than Dreamweaver Be more winning。


ecommerce website development tools

WebStorm YesjetbrainsCompanyJavaScript development tools。Lightweight,Installation fast,For machine configuration and memory requirements are not high,Support cross-platform use。In the vastJSDevelopers are also known as“WebFront-end development artifact”,“IntelligentJavaScript IDE”。compared toDWIntelligent tips,WebStormrighthtmlespeciallyHTML5andJSIntelligent reminder obviously more worthy of the words of intelligence。

butWebStormCompareDWWeak place is,Do not support drag and insert codeHTML,More suitable for handwriting code developers using。For beginners is not friendly,After all, every developer is good at pulling the layout.。


ecommerce website development tools

Dreamweaver,AbbreviationDW,Classic web development tool,For beginners very friendly。But you don't use it.DWTradition、The way using the operation interface to develop web pages has been abandoned for a long time.。Don't say to make a web page in a way to make a web page is simple and convenient.。You will slowly discover,There are too many redundant code.,Don't learn something,It is also very difficult in post-maintenance。

Of course,DWThere is also its truth,For novices developed with the front end,Easy to get to understand,I suggest you must write a web page with your code.,Do not use“dot dot dot”Way to develop web pages!

ecommerce website development tools(ecommerce website development tools)

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