terms of reference for website development


terms of reference for website development(terms of reference for website development)

Age of the Internet site is now the most effective form of publicity,Many companies will custom website development,According to their industry and enterprise market demand customization,Allow enterprises to have more room for development,Development site can directly affect the development and expansion of channels for enterprises,And we may not know what are the advantages of custom website development?What are some important steps have custom development site?These sites are a lot of friends want to have doubts,here,Chong Yi Jun to come with you briefly tell us about it~

first,What are the advantages of custom website development?

terms of reference for website development

1、Site more personalized

Because the site is customizable,Whole site will be re-customize,Planning based on business needs,Designed according to corporate culture,According to the development needs of the user features and content layout,So that no unwanted content and functionality。Entire site revolves around target customers,Able to grasp the needs of users。

2、The user experience even better

Custom-developed user-centric website,Combined with user needs。At design time,You need to consider the user's habits。In development,To consider the user's convenience,Ensure that each user can quickly improve without hesitation。It used to find users want to see content。

3、Site Map more perfect

After opening the website,Ensures quick navigation to find,The navigation browse the web。Navigation in any high-end website content are unmatched,Simple style,The purpose of navigation,Attract visitors,Emphasis on specialized websites。

4、More to the code source compliance

Currently most popular are often written in strict compliance with the codeWEBspecification,usehtml5+Css3,Page code greatly reduced,Improve the response speed of loading pages; Styles and structures are separated from each,Reconstruction and strong,Easy to maintain;Clear structure;Improve the search engine friendliness,To lay natural advantages good ranking for the website。

(terms of reference for website development)

5、Better compatibility

Compatible, including support IE9 And above、360 Browser、Firefox browser、Google、safariAnd other mainstream browsers。The most popular use of domestic and foreignH5Special effects design,The technology to make the site more fluid vivid and natural effect;Meanwhile specification page elements,Under the premise to ensure that the effect of,try to deductAjax、Frame、Flashusage of,All resultsCss3priority。

6、Daemon develop more safe and simple

Background development is based on the development of customized web design,Full-featured,Simple and easy to understand。Background can also be customized according to customer demand,Custom background for each site is a separate source,It can be deployed on any computer or run any server above。To facilitate the secondary development,Unlimited。

terms of reference for website development(terms of reference for website development)

Companies choose to do is hope the site can provide a value,Customize the site more personalized、safety、stability,More conducive to the latter part of the site optimization and promotion,Create greater value for the enterprise。

What are some important steps have custom development site?


Development Project Planning

Website development is not groggy development,What is the purpose also need to clear the site is developed,What are the main functions have,What information can be acquired through this site?Web site as a way of outreach,Each one is different,Enterprises are classified according to their planning needs and user case。


websiteUIInterface design

After the user to schedule their website,We need to interface design,Design requires the user interface to provide relevant information,Page design need to follow the needs of users to design,In accordance with the user's browsing habits to design。


Website development program

After the Good Design,Just static display,Want to achieve interactive use,Require programmers to write programs。Partakers development process two plates:

(1)、Front-end development。Front-end engineer responsible for the design of good pages cut plan,The page is laid out using the code。

(2)、Back-end development。Its main task is to write a background,Allows users to easily manage their own information and revise and improve information, etc.。

(terms of reference for website development)


Before the test site on-line

Program testing is a technical live,After a lot of people think that good,There is no need to test the,this is actually wrong,A wealth of experience and then,Also there is a time to be wrong,So, after the site is quite necessary to do the test site。And the program of testing is not a simple programmer design it on the line,But need to test several different personnel,Such testing can be more comprehensive。

terms of reference for website development