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After the website is built,generally be patient、Carefully manage and operate。but before operating,we must be ready,build a website。When building a website,The first task is to clarify the purpose。during the operation of the website,We should be responsible for the website in the early stages of website optimization and web page production。Because the details of website construction will have a decisive impact on the quality of the website。

website development png

first,The first thing involved in building a website is code。when making web pages,It is often necessary to keep the code as concise as possible,This is the most important thing in website building。therefore,code should be simplified,remove some unnecessary code。There are many website building companies now using forms to build websites。Code this way is usually long and nested。The ideal style isCSS+div,It simplifies the code and ensures the proper display of the website。

under construction,If you pay attention to the simplified details of the code,This will also be of great help to the optimization of the website in the future.。Not only do we want to simplify the code,Also pay attention to the logo design of the website,the image of the logo。well known,The logo of this website is designed by us。some are pictures,some are text,Some are in the form of pictures and text。it's here,suggested sitelogoshould be in text form,to avoid blurry pictures,Easy for search engines to crawl。

second,Content construction details in website construction。first,We should learn how to optimize images。This is mainly optimized for users。We can't set some pictures that are low definition or inconsistent with the content。

(website development png)The function of pictures is to help users better understand the content of the website,Deepen the user's impression of the content。The image size used should not exceed50K,The best image format isPNG。Some website maps are also pictures,But it is not recommended to use pictures,directly by hand。during the writing process,We should reasonably add keywords to the website,And the number should not exceed100。in the process of building content,we should learn to useULLabel,and try to use in the listULLabel,This not only simplifies the code,It can also make search engines more interested in this type of content。

in the process of building the website,There are two details to note,That is, the code of the website and the construction of the website content,Because these two aspects involve the main part of web page production。These two aspects also have a great impact on the quality of the website。therefore,We should pay special attention to web page production。

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