ecommerce website development training


implementseoBefore website SEO,All we have to do is think about site positioning and content stuffing first,You also need to choose a suitable domain name、a good web space(server)and website programs。

(ecommerce website development training)one、site positioning

1.Main content of the website:Before building a website, you must think about what kind of website you want to make,Determine the industry,Determine what the main business is,This is very important,If it is an e-commerce site,Think about what to sell;If it is a corporate website,Think about whether to put products or news,or provide services to users;If it is a portal information website,Think about what。

2.Website profit model:There are many ways to monetize a website,Better to plan ahead,So that you can prepare your profit plan in advance,such as displaying advertisements、Sales Products、Provide services、Sell virtual products, etc.。A website should identify a primary monetization model,Other profit models can be used as auxiliary。 structure:what type of website,determines the different structure of the website,try not to putflashAnimation on the homepage,Have a picture first,The website structure of an e-commerce website and a corporate website is completely different,Such as Taobao and Dell's official website。

two、domain name registration

ecommerce website development training

Registering a domain name requires certain skills,The best choice for international domain names,International domain names are used worldwide,Its suffix includes for companies and commercial establishments .com、for web、for non-profit、for government.govand for educational institutions.eduWait。When registering, you must pay attention to the choice of suffix,Different companies and industries to choose according to needs,the requirement is:Keep it short and easy to remember、related to core business、Try to avoid culture clashes、preferably the same as the site name。Well-known domestic domain names such as Taobao(——same as site name,Shuangpin compound Chinese usage habits;——Short and easy to remember domain names、business related;Vipshop(——short and easy to remember、related to core business。

three、Web space server selection

ecommerce website development training

as far as I can tell,There are many web server providers,We'd better choose a reliable,Do not choose the price too low,Baidu cloud is better、Ali Cloud、Website space servers of these brands such as Tencent Cloud and Western Digital,They will provide different products according to different user needs,Servers are best for large websites,This will be more stable and will not be affected,If you use space, let many websites be used in one server.,will be affected by other websites,The stability will also be worse than the server,The price is cheaper,Suitable for beginners or small sites。

Four、Choice of website programs

ecommerce website development training

There are many kinds of website programs,Mainly blog type、CMS、Forum programs and online shop programs, etc.,For example, blog programs havezblogandwp,CMShave empireCMS、weaving dreams、PHPCMSContent Management System, etc.,Forum hasdiscuz,The online store program hasECShop、ShopexWait。

When we register the domain name,After purchasing web space,start building a website,Can slowly fill the site content。