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1955year6moon8day,British computer scientist Tim·Bernas·Li born。He is the inventor of the World Wide Web,Be known as“Father of the Internet”。

1989year,Bernas·Li Cheng successfully developed the world's firstWebServer and the first oneWebClient computer。1989year12moon,Bernas·Lee is officially namedWorld Wide Web,1990year12moon25day,Bernas·Li and Robert·Carlio successfully passedInternetAchievedHTTPFirst communication with the agent and server。1991year,Bernas·Li has created the world's first website,“WWW”exist InternetFirst debut,Stick now,Get great success。

For the founding of the World Wide Web,Bernas·Li has numerous reputation。World Wide Web Invention,Bernas·Li also thought of commercialization,But considering the Internet will therefore fall into a split state,He finally chose to provide free of charge to everyone.。

2017year3moon,Bernas·Li《Guardian》Write a word,I feel more and more concerns about some new trends in the development of the Internet.。“I(Maybe)Invented the Internet。However,It is all of your people to build it today.。”He hopes that the Internet can make people exchange,But actually,Today people are more and more dependent through information.appCome and keep communication with the Internet。in addition,Personal data loss is also panic。

2018year,Movie《Network locker》Release,Telling a father on the Internet and stripping、Finally rescued the story of missing daughter。In the film,The Internet has changed clearly to people's lifestyle and social methods.。on the one hand,It helps people maximize information,on the other hand,rumor、False news also brings misleading and injury。more importantly,The expression of human emotions is increasingly dependent on electronic information on social platforms.。

Bernas·Li Li's worry about the Internet,Perhaps it is an anxiety and helplessness that everyone in the Internet era.。Today's Internet has implemented Bernas·Li original vision,But he also said:We need to save it。