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How much does a website cost?The cost of building a company official website is charged according to the cost of the website built by the company,If it is an ordinary enterprise official website,The cost is generally3800Yuan or so,If it is a custom website, at least5800Yuan。Of course,The cost of website design needs to be based on the function of the enterprise website、content、difficulty、working time。The cost of designing a website is generally high,less expensive sites,Basically it's a template。The advantage of template website building is that it can save more time,Build a website quickly,Just select the appropriate template。However, the basic structure of template building is determined.,Businesses can modify,but only small changes。If the company does not have relevant personnel who understand the code,Of course it cannot be changed,so,Whether it is design or template building,Or find a professional website construction company。

(website development costing template)How much does a website cost?The following Chuangmeng Xiaochuang will give you the lowest cost:

1.domain name

(website development costing template)To create a website, you must first choose a domain name,The cheapest domain name is also a few bucks,.Such asclub English domain name,General clubs and societies use these,But that kind of suffix domain name is not used by many people。The more commonly used,This commercial international top-level domain name is the first choice for everyone to make a website,This domain name is registered for the first year55Yuan。

Buying the cheapest space now costs more than 200 to 300 yuan,Of course, you can also find that kind of garbage for a hundred or so a year.,and space300Mabout,If the corporate website has many functions,Rich content,Articles to be published in the future,Then this is definitely not enough。There are also hundreds of years of cloud servers,Currently, the company's website is generally used,To choose a good server,also several hundred dollars。 system

(website development costing template)There are also many free website systems,But this kind of website source code has more loopholes,So there will be some problems with the website later.。And the free stuff sure no one serves you,later problems,Can't solve it?Even if you choose the free source code on the market,you don't understand code,do not know how to make,It also needs to be contracted to a network company。Still need a few hundred dollars,At least people have to charge500dollar installation cost。

(website development costing template) page design

you have a website system,Of course, some website systems will have their own templates.,But what if that template doesn't fit?。Usually some simple,At this time, you need to find someone to design,same,Look at the difficulty of the design,As little as four or five hundred or more, ranging from three to five thousand。if you want cheaper,buy a ready template,two or three hundred。

(website development costing template)5、A variety of terminal website display

mobile internet now,It is definitely inevitable to design your own mobile website,At this time it is necessary to makePCA website with two mobile terminals。Or use a responsive website layout,But it will make the work harder。Making a multi-terminal website in the general market,Costs ranging from 2,000 to 10,000,It also depends on the difficulty of the design.。

Combine the above costs,The cost of making a website can be as little as four or five thousand,More than 10,000 is not equal,All are based on customer functions and design requirements,Difficulty of Design,construction period。Many Internet companies on the market now provide a complete set of services.,If the business feels expensive,Might as well make it yourself。

(website development costing template)How much does a business website cost?How much does it cost to make a website?Which professional company to build a website?How much does it cost to make a website?。