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Portsmouth Shipyard500Many years of rise and fall of life, revelation——

Crisis and opportunity are a pair“twin”

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now,Talking about the world famous military historical and cultural attractions,The British Portsmouth Army Port is one of the popular selection of military fans.。Walk into the Port of Portsmouth,3Ancient battleship quietly lying on the pier,It seems to tell them silent“Motherst”——Portsmouth Shipyard500Many years of crockeys。

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1906year,Portsmouth shipyard built“Fearless”Battleship。 Profile picture

(website development portsmouth)born in15Portsmouth shipyard at the end of the century,Successfully“Mary·Rose”Warship、“victory”Warship、“Royal Warrior”Battleship and8Fabricated warship。A bonfire of the two world wars,Portsmouth Shipyard With strong shipbuilding,One of the major import orders of the Royal Navy in the UK。According to records,only at1940year,The British battleship of the Portsmouth shipyard port area has docked.2500Remainder,The various battleships of maintenance exceed1000Ship。Heyday,The technical worker hired by the shipyard2.3More than 10,000 people。

However,From the previous century70From the age,With the large number of British Navy battleships,The shipyard lost the strong support of the country.,The brilliant brilliant is gradually。Hour,The shipyard has also actively changed,But the effect is small,Eventually to exit the historical stage of the world shipbate。This period,Let us retroact back the history of Portsmouth shipyard,Read this former“Marine overlord”Strutting story from strong direction。

Put the artillery rack to the battles,Create a mobile“Sea gunhouse”

(website development portsmouth)exist《Anthony's book》In one book,There is such a color illustration——

(website development portsmouth)A British warship walks in the waves,The mast is towering on the deck,Each compartment is installed in each compartment in the hull.,Like a mobile“Sea gunhouse”。This warship is the first ship built by Portsmouth Shipyard.“Mary·Rose”Warship,It is also the first generation of battles that can realize the carrier.。

“Mary·Rose”Battle of battles34year,Experienced big and small battles,It is once thought that“Uncomfortable myth”。

due to many reasons,“Mary·Rose”The warship did not leave the original drawings。500Years later,In the UK Royal Naval Museum,“Mary·Rose”The skeleton of the warship is completely preserved。Staring at this years of mottled ancient warship,Portsmouth Shipyard's Ship Ship Wada's East Summit。

15end of the century,With the opening of the new route,Portugal、A group of old names such as Spain opened the road to sea expansion。The United Kingdom is not fat,Started to vigorously develop overseas trade,Domestic shipbuilding enterprises have emerged as the rain。1495year,Portsmouth Shipyard officially established,Started to undertake the mission of the British Navy。

then,The British Navy ship battle is mainly hooked by the boat.,On the enemy ship。Sea battle,Most ships are inadequate,The soldiers who fight the ship often casualties。

“Target war,Create a battles with powerful firepower!”Portsmouth shipyard high-rise bold decision,Add a artillery on the battles,Enhance the long distance attack capability of the ship,Let the sea fight thoroughly farewell“fight”Era。

to this end,They hired a multi-skill superb march design warship。Subsequently,The ship operators try to modify them on a Clark merchant ship.。They started“Building frame”structure,On every compartment of the boat building,Double gun racks are also set up on both sides,Assembly7Doorwork,Realize the rifle。

also,They also set up different parts of the warship.5Mast,The motorization of the warship is greatly enhanced。In order to enhance protection performance,They all wrapped around the hull,Full-time battle sailor,Prevent the enemy from sneak attack。

“Mary·Rose”Once the warship of the warship,With its super combat performance,Attract people's attention。then,The British King Henry VII comes to praise“A beautiful flower at sea”。Shipbate,This advanced design concept quickly scraped a new style。

(website development portsmouth)“Mary·Rose”Birth,Thoroughly changed the sea battle mode,It is rich in developing new gun boats later.。“Mary·Rose”Huge successful success,Let the Portsmouth shipyard have established the Boats in the UK“Rivers and lake status”。

Thereafter,They created a great name“victory”Warship、British first armored ship“Royal Warrior”No、The world's first steam power warship“Herme”No……A ship-saving battleship is from here to the far sea。

Carefully grasp the opportunity is not afraid of challenges,“Fearless”Number“Fragrant”

1906year2moon10day,The first ship in the UK Royal Navy“Fearless”The warship is ushered in.“First show”。Be a majestic“Fearless”The number slowly drives from the pier to the demultipleae,People amazed。

“Fearless”No. is the world's first battleship using unified model main gun and steam turbine driven,Performance is far more than the main battleship。“Fearless”After receiving,Immediately become the UK Royal Navy“flagship”。

Time-dial19end of the century,At that time, the harmonious caliber used by the Naval Battleship of the World.,The difference between the ballistics and radio speed is also very large.,Therefore, in the process of fighting the problem is not high.。

1903year,A British Navy Ship Designer presents the idea of building a unified main gun caliber——By concentrating on large-diameter artillery,Return the target area,Thereby improving the hit rate of the artillery。

This idea immediately caught the importance of the UK Royal Navy。Second year,John·Abbanot·Fisher's lead,Collecting a few ship experts set up a committee responsible for designing new battleships,Discussion on the design and manufacture of new ships。They boldly put forward a construction“Full gun”Battleship plan。

(website development portsmouth)When communicating with shipbuilding companies,The military once again put forward new demand,Can you enhance fire?,Make new ships with higher speed and mobile?

“fish”and“Bear's own”Alien,Missing many companies。However,Portsmouth Shipyard is keenly realized,This performance comprehensive battles are the development direction of future maritime ships.。Challenge is arduous,It is an unprecedented opportunity。

(website development portsmouth)They adopted the recommendations of Fisher et al.,Take the lead“Heavyweight artillery”Concept of battleship。They use long-hitting vessels,Design captain160Meter,Drainage exceeds17900Ton,The new ship is named“Fearless”No。1905year5moon,“Fearless”The design blueprint of the battleship is officially approved。

(website development portsmouth)1Years later,“Fearless”The battleship is successful。This history unprecedented warship,British“Marine overlord”The status is unprecedented:“Fearless”Assemble10Door unified model、Good ballistic performance12inch305Millimeter caliber,While convenient concentration of fire coverage,Improve the radius of battleship;first time using4Taiwan steam turbine unit,Maximum speed21Festival,Fast than before any battles;Armored surface,The armor thickness of important parts is reached11inch,Canceled the horizontal contact between the water tank,Make the battleship offer excellent protection performance and anti-sinking ability。

Powerful fire configuration、High speed motor performance、Heavy protective armor……Experience,“Fearless”The battleship became a modern battleship“originator”,German、American competition imitation,Lead30Many years of world shock trend。

“Fearless”The battleship has been admitted,Quick products in the military market。Portsmouth shipyard wishes7Freefrupted battleship order。

Thick honor wall collapsed,shipbuilding“flagship”Continued legend

On the eve of World War II,British ship boom,Half Mountain, which occupies the global ship market。The development of Portsmouth Shipyards enters the Hessing,Employment employee2.3More than 10,000 people。

It is also,After the World War I broke out,Portsmouth Shipai is an important goal of the German bombing。According to the statistics,from1940Year1944year,Portsmouth has experienced67Secondary bombing,The total number of bombs exceeded5.6Ten thousand。

After World War II,Portsmouth shipyard reforming flag drum,Looking forward to reproduces the brilliant future。However,After the war, countries began to significantly reduce military expenditures.,Warrow orders sharply,Many shipboys have been closed。Portsmouth Shipyard has to pass layoffs、Reduced size to get industries“Cold winter”。

20century70Era,With the rapid rise of shipbuilding companies in Asian countries,European Shipyard in Infrastructure、The advantages of production capacity have gradually cut,In addition to the impact of high factors in European labor costs,Portsmouth shipyard accumulated a hundred years of strength。

(website development portsmouth)Crisis and opportunity are a pair“twin”,Always accompanying。this period,The British boat industry encountered“Collapse”collapse,John·Brown、Halland·Wolf、Armstrong and other big shipbuilding companies have announced bankruptcy。But there are also some shipyards such as Rosebs through transformation development.,I have been very difficult“Cold winter”。

After hundreds of years of vicissitudes,How can the Portsmouth Shipyard will be willing to be a heavy sand??20century80Beginning of the age,They began to struggle to transform,Committed to Ocean Tall、Cruise research,Barely maintain“life”。

But with the rise of global aviation tourism,Ocean cruise industry began to shrink,In addition, European countries have strict requirements for environmental protection.,The last copy of the Portsmouth Shipyard“Dinner”Down。

arrive1984year,The shipyard only remains3000people,Can only take the daily maintenance of some battleships。Later,Shipyard management,Development is difficult,Approximate bankrupt edge。last century90Beginning of the age,At the end of the cold war, the new round of military expenditure is largely reduced in a global scale.,The shipyard eventually went on the bankruptcy。Since then,The Portsmouth Shipyard This sound of the brand does not exist。

(website development portsmouth)The last straw of the camel is more?Think about the rise and fall of the Portsmouth shipyard experienced,Some truths are obvious。“No successful business,Only enterprises that adapt to the times。”500Brilliant achievements made for many years,For the Portsmouth shipyard tree, a thick honor wall。When flowers and applause,Facing the changes and challenges of the times,The Portsmouth Shipyard has never found an effective way to crack,Transformation Road Blue Blue、dance to tune,Only with the historical stage。