website development ppt


Q:“To put an elephant,Total steps?”

A:“Three steps。1. Open the refrigerator door;2.Put your elephant into the refrigerator;3.Refrigerate door”。

(website development ppt)

A very difficult thing to listen to,In the world of brain,Do not consider its implementation cost and feasibility,In fact, just three steps can be completed.。In fact, many things in life,Change angle,is also like this。

Build a website,this phrase,Many people have heard of,But when you haven't learned the specific steps of the station,You will feel that this is hard,It is difficult to achieve without technical creativity。

actually,When you brave open the refrigerator door,You will find,pass through【Template construction station】Build a website,3step,enough。

First1step:Select a template

Per industry、Every website has different characteristics,For example, Internet companies need technology,Then you can choose a hot tone template;Furniture companies need warm feelings,Then you can choose,Yellow、Orange and other warm colors。New network template building has a rich template,Multi-industry coverage,Can meet your various scenarios。

website development ppt

First2step:Modification,Add function controls

(website development ppt)After selecting the template,Next, the user can operate by dragging,By replacingLOGO、Pictures and texts of corresponding positions, etc.,You can build a website。

also,If two companies choose the same template,I want to stand out.,Attract attention,The key is the flexibility of the module。On words and map,Flexible choice different modules,For about left and right、Graphic、Icon selection, etc.,You can make your website different。

website development ppt

First3step:Bind domain name,Publish online

(website development ppt)

finally,We only need to bind the domain name we purchased in the background of the template platform platform.,You can successfully release your own website.。

Is it simple when building a website surprises??Not counting waiting for domain name resolution and recording,1You can complete a website to build a website.。

(website development ppt)website development ppt

Of course, if you have a small goal,Plan a high visual quantity、High quality website,Need to understandSEO、websiteUIOther knowledge。After the website is completed,Can gradually deepen the learning of these content according to your own situation。


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