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Startup is very interesting business model,Every employee is ambitious、Struggle、Excellent thinking。

I have,I have collaborate with many startups.,I love this fast-paced environment.。But I like the point of the startup,It is very important to pay attention to the design of product and website image.。These companies pay attention to the increase of exponential growth,soDesigned to be placed

(product development company website)I collected17Start-up,They successfully created a stunning website。

Startup company website case


product development company website(product development company website)If you like photography and storytelling,You will like itExposure。They are a photo platform,Flooding the people of people around the world。Page is simple,But the focus is very clear on the photo,This is very advantageous。Match a clean and distinctive non-linen font,The page effect will be very good。


product development company website

NoblyIs socialapp,People trying to connect things to do。Home focus area is very eye-catching。On a clear purple background,They are huge whitelogo。This is the most important entrance,Or welcome page——It is very effective。

The Fernmway

product development company website(product development company website)FernwayIs a travel resource website,Some people who want to explore new destinations and new experiences。If you are about to embark on the journey,It will be interested。Even if you are just a good design,It is also very good。FernwayThe layout seems to be affected by the magazine typography design,And it's effective。Brunette website is very simple,But the display is quite good.。


product development company website

FlowmailBorn for email,They have the most clean landing page。Apart from3Important topics and registration forms,There are other information on the screen.。A message is passed directly.:They can be elegant、Simple and effective way to do things。


product development company website

XeroIt is a focused online accounting software。Homepage provides a lot of information for potential users。This information is carefully arranged,Look great。Have their own style!


product development company website

AssemblyIs a variety of different background creators' online community——Collect the designer、Developer、Market specialist, etc.——Let them touch each other、Hire,Cooperation projects。This is an outstanding community based on trust and unity.。Against brand image reflects the connection between people。Brand's appearance and feeling very friendly、joy、Attractive;This more stimulates a part of the community.。


product development company website

If you are an online retailer,Reputation is very important。eRatedProvide this convenience,Let you track your reputation and help you improve it。Website is full of heavy large fonts,There is also colored icons and pictures。All of this creates a friendly and trusted atmosphere。

(product development company website)


product development company website(product development company website)BrewsterIs a contact for youapp。They are very thorough,Because of long-term,Landing page andappIt is known or known.。Its current landing page is different from other typical high-end gorgeous,They use cartoon image to replace,Helps make brands more friendly。It is different from,Refreshing new。


product development company website(product development company website)SquarespaceIs a website platform and network host service provider,Specialize in helping people and companies complete high quality and high-end design。Its style is simple、Refreshing and exquisite。They use the text very well、White、Proportional balance and photos,Created very outstanding website platform。


product development company website

RdioCan listen to music online,The latest revision is very interesting。They abandon typical website layout,Creative experimental。In order to strengthen the direction of creative design,They choose a distinct color。The website looks great,It's cheerful、optimism、Exciting。


product development company website

KissmetricsThe landing page is minimalism,Just cut。This statistical analysis class web application utilizes screen space,Only actions call on one side。On the other side is a beautiful photo of a completely unrelated。This is very effective,Because many people already knowKissmetricsWhat is it?,They except for a registration or login box,No need。


product development company website

VirbIs a website creative platform。This website is very gorgeous,Make services to register their home more convincing,It is also more convenient。They used photos throughout the station very well.。


product development company website

EvernoteIt is a well-known product.。However,EvernoteThose guys understand the power of public spees,They launchedAdam SavageandJamie HynemanOne of their superusers,Cool to the extreme。It is not only how it looks like it is.,Also borrowed the name of others,Between magnificationappExperience。


product development company website

NarrativeIs a wearable camera。With the scrolling of the page,The landing page highlights the front and interior of this device。Surrounded by thisappShooting gorgeous photos。It tells the product story very well,pass it,You can also shoot such a good photo。


product development company website

SquareBecause high quality design standards are famous。Website and products evolved in the year of the year,But they have a great grasp of the style。They have font、Photographs and color use just right——Very clean design,Pixel level accurate。

Hotel Tonight

product development company website

Hotel TonightIt is a book that books the current hotel room.。Their landing page presents an urgent look and feel——Just likeappSame。Product like them,A bit intimate feeling is very interesting。and,Their landing page is full of excellent high quality photos,It's all where you may be engaged or yearned.。


product development company website

GeckoboardIs a platform for display company indicators。Their products——And their website——It is clear that the data is not boring.。Their brand involves some subtle and elegant design elements,For example, a wonderful color matching and carefully selected font。

in conclusion

Startup of the initial certificate,Vigorously put into design success。If the design is done,It will force us to try new things,Let you know some products and companies that make you see。I hope this17The website is indeed helpful to you.,Make you understand the design is a big thing。And in your next project,The wonderful design of these companies can give you inspiration。

I personally tend to minimally and distinct design,Which of these websites do you like most??Can leave your thoughts in the comments。

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