website development price in india


How much does it cost to build it??This is the problem that customers care and care。Marketing website construction does not have a fixed-unified price,Specifically, we must see the customer's requirements for the website.,The higher the website requirements,So, the price is naturally,The price about the website construction is very deep.。If you want to do a website but is lacking in this aspect,It is likely to accept an unreasonable quotation program。Let's take a detailed introduction to the details of the website construction fees.~

website development price in india

one、 Basic cost of website construction

1、domain name

(website development price in india)Produce a corporate website first want to buy a domain name,GenerallycomDomain name price is55Yuan1year,cnDomain name is29Yuan one year,The price of other platforms is similar。

2、Space server

Virtual host

The advantage of a virtual host is to go to deploy the website to run the site.,Service Chamber will provide us directly with usftpAnd database,Can be used directly。The price of a virtual host is generally200Yuan 1 year,There are also some cheaper。

Cloud Server

The server purchased now is generally a cloud server.,Compared to physical servers,It will be cheaper,Most users are using cloud servers now,A cloud server entry level(1nuclear1G1M)General price500Yuan 1 year。For corporate users,Yuerui Network Studio Suggest1nuclear2GStart,Such performance is enough to use the corporate website.,General price800About one year。

(website development price in india)two、 Website construction mode

At present, there are two main modes of website development.:Custom development and template development。The price of these two modes is very different.。Custom development price is generally3More than a thousand,Most of the model development1500about,There are still hundreds of dollars to complete。Let's talk about the difference between the two。

1、 Custom Development

Custom development website is a traditional development model,It is from prototyping to art design and program development,It's all created unique。Need plan planning、Art、Programmer and other personnel together。This kind of website production is very conducive to later optimization rankings.。If you want a long time to operate the website,You can choose this way of production。The cost is mainly to watch the function and scale of the website.。The price of corporate website custom development is3Left and right。The price of the industry portal website5Left and right。

website development price in india

2、 Template development(Imitation station)

(website development price in india)The template development refers to the basis of a website that has been done.,Adjust the details of the website,Such as color、Typography and other transformation,To conduct secondary development。This template website development is very fast。If the customer does not have special requirements,Basically, only need to replace the content,You can。It is more suitable for the service of the website is not high,User who costs relatively low。

three、How to choose a network company??

1、 Whether to provide a website all source code files

Website makes no matter who cooperates,Need yourself after doing it.,Best's database files and source code。The benefits of this are what the website has been there.,Can restore。

2、 Cost-effective

Website production is not necessarily priced,By the better。Need to see your needs,For example, you are a simple corporate website.。Spending a flower7 、8Thousands are very popular。Enterprise website features simple,Easy to make easy。No need to spend so much cost。

3、 Post-maintenance work

Generally speaking, the website is completed,Will have a free maintenance period for one year。Good partners will provide post-maintenance work,Of course, costs。The cost is generally relatively low。

4、 Website case

You can see the case of the website construction company,See if you can meet your needs。

5、Website production company

You can take a look at the quotation of website construction companies.,Such as follow-upLOGO、Make a record、Whether to give the background account、Background management password、Is there a website background operation tutorial help, etc.。Will you add money?,Which places have an increase。Good website production company,Quotation is very clear,No invisible consumption。

Through the above introduction,I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the cost of the website.。If you have any questions, you can tell Xiaobian privately or message.

website development price in india