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Few people believe in Microsoft new open sourceASP.Net CoreSuccess of the frame。This is becauseASP.NetThe platform has a low degree of popularity。but,Soon everyone realizes the advantages of new cross-platform frameworks.。now,ASP.Net CoreexistWebThe best frame rankings developed in the development of the best position。manyWebapplication,Website and online stores use it created。Selling goods,Online stores must provide some documents to customers。E.g,Payment invoice。

Payment invoice is one of the documents that the non-cash payment is often required.。therefore,If you want to create an online store or other sales system,Please provide invoices to customers。Only if there is a invoice to avoid many after-sales unnecessary troubles。

To render the invoice,First we need to develop a document design,Fill data and send it to print。The best solution is to useReport generatorCreate a document template and use data to populate it。The user application task is to display the required report。

in the text,A invoice template is provided as a quality case,Of course,It's not that this template is the best.。

website development invoice pdf(website development invoice pdf)

This figure highlights important areas of documentation。Explain their essence:

  1. Information about the seller。Any official document should contain information about the seller:Name,address,telephone,e-mail,other information(Optional);
  2. Information about buyer contacts–It must be pointed out that people actually payment;
  3. Order and invoice identifier,Invoice issued and expired。These identifiers will help find invoices or orders in the database,In order to prevent customers, there is any questions。
  4. Information about order content。Your customers must understand the costs he pays.。Must specify the name and quantity of the goods,And cost per unit;
  5. Total。The total amount is not only necessary for payments,And it is also necessary for understanding calculations.;
  6. Payment details。Because this is a payment invoice,Therefore, you should include payee details;
  7. Bank details for foreign payment。Even in this case,Customers are not from abroad,You can also keep this data as a unified format。
  8. Interpretive information。If in doubt,Providing contact details。You should also warn the consequences of delay payment。This will make customers don't delay it.。

therefore,FastReport.NetReport generatorCan be provided as a set of libraries。therefore,UseFastReport.CoreLibrary。Actually,No need to issue an invoice application。Required only report generators and data。But the ability to create documents is not easy for anyone.,It is important to integrate reporting systems into user programs.,This report can be part of a single data processing system。therefore,First, a report template will be created,Then use it forWebDisplay data in the application。

Create a report in the designer。You must have seen many payment invoices,Such report templates are not complex。

website development invoice pdf

In this case,Data taken from four tables。Orderorder detailsclientandproduct

Lead--data--Connected to the order table。This means each table is entered,A new example of this belt will form。 In addition to order information on the right,Still displaying customer information on the left。Client tableidLink to the order table。

website development invoice pdf

so,To provide data from the customer information and the corresponding relationship of the current order,Just start from the link。Order details are the same as the relationship between the order table and the product form.。

Order information is displayed in the data band。It is related to the order details table。Display in one line:quantity、product name、unit price、Specified quantity price、Tax rate and tax。A data comes with header and footer。The head is displayed in the header,Total、Payment details and explanation information is displayed in the footer,The head is displayed in the foot bar。

Small accounting within a table record,Calculate by multiplying or summarizing table fields in text fields:[[Subtotal]*5/100]。or,Report variable。

website development invoice pdf

total,It is based on column using special expressions--Total。

website development invoice pdf

Every total is set--Operating type、Table field or expression、Band(Total display location)Wait。

website development invoice pdf

If the data means rendering a few invoices,Then need to render each invoice on a separate page。to this end,You needDataBandContainStartNewPage = TrueAttributes。

(website development invoice pdf)website development invoice pdf

This has completed the most difficult part.--Creation of the report。Let us enter us nowASP.Net Coreapplication。You need to useNuGetWillFasReport.NetDatabase is added to your project。

website development invoice pdf


public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env)

Now,You can generate the report to the controller:

private IHostingEnvironment _env; 
public HomeController(IHostingEnvironment env)
 _env = env;

Inject into the classIHostingEnvironmentinterface,Get us to save the reportwwwrootPath of the directory。Create a report object in the method you need,Load data and report templates。

(website development invoice pdf) public IActionResult Index() { var rootpath = _env.WebRootPath; var report = new WebReport(); var data = new DataSet(); data.ReadXml(rootpath + "/App_Data/nwind.xml"); report.Report.Load(rootpath + "/App_Data/Invoice.frx"); report.Report.RegisterData(data); ViewBag.WebReport = report; return View(); }

Add report rendering to an index view。

@await ViewBag.WebReport.Render()

Now,If you run the app,You will see your report in your browser。

website development invoice pdf

therefore,Can be from youWebQuickly create payment invoices in the app。Please see the top of the toolbar。It contains report controls,Let you not only view the report page,You can also send it to one of the popular document formats to print or export them.。PDF, DOCX, XML, XPS, ODT, TXT, CSV, RTF.

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