website development pricing structure


The general software company is from Zhang.,Just a price,Too much,Same small procedure,appYou ask different companies,The price given to you has a heirloom,some4Everything is 10,000,That is300%,Generally, formal software companies are all every day2000Elementary(First-tier city),for example,Below this applet,Do it takes two days,that is4000,Old customers are appropriately cheap one or two hundred,need1A person's day's fees are2000Yuan,10Personal dry ten days is20Ten thousand yuan,So general oneAPPIt is a few hundred thousand yuan to start,Unless a template,Ten thousand yuan can get,Basically, it is changed on the existing template.,Two people have completed four or five days.。

Last time I pick it up14Wan's small program is8Personal dry30sky,Come down14General,If you can't finish,Customer also gives it,Customers know the workload,Direct imitation Jingdong,Who can eat this?,Understand each other,Not a fool。

So to do software(Applets,website,app)Friends,If it is a template,Substantially2000Yuan can get,If you can't make the price。

If the template is impossible,Need code development,Can you ask how many days?,Several people,It is reasonable to judge the price to you.。

(Add a small program,Please see the headline client today)