python to develop website


python to develop website(python to develop website)

how to usepythonDo a website?

pythonDo a website method step:



DjangoIs an open source codeWebApplication framework,Depend onPythonWrite into。AdoptedMTVFrame pattern,ModelM,viewVAnd templateT。It was originally developed to manage some of the news content of the Lawrence Publishing Group.,BeCMS(Content management system)software。

(python to develop website)2、Set an environment variable

path Add to C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\django\bin;C:\Python27\Scripts

3、New project

D:\> startproject mysite

4、New construction under the projectapp

D:\mysite> python startapp blog

5、initializationadminBackground database

D:\mysite>python migrate

6、Start service

D:\mysite>python runserver


HTML、Javacript and CSS All the three major doors of learning。PythonSimple、Ginseng、Can do a lot of things。Small to write scripts、Big arrival、Data analysis, etc.。

(python to develop website)As for how the website can be accessed,There are several ways here:

1.Baidu,Google and other search engines purchase links,Or promotion link!but,Cost!

(python to develop website)2.Or in other forums,Space speech is to pay your own website domain name and brief introduction。cheap!

3.Or online finding a promotion link,Decrease the purpose!but,Promotion is premised,Your website must be novel,creative!Good direction,Suitable for most people's appetite!

So just the second,The cheapest!To all major on your website,There will be many people accessible,But don't mess,Be careful from the administrator,Or report!

How is it used?pythonDetails of the website