different roles in website development team


Today I would like to introduce to you the roles behind the next Internet product,How are these roles divided and how do they work together?。

different roles in website development team

product manager: If you must evaluate the most critical person in a product, come out,Then the product manager is none other than。Product managers need to do user research,Clear product positioning,Target population。Conduct competitive analysis,Requirements analysis and functional ideation,Product prototyping, etc.。A good product manager can always lead the product in the right direction。

Interaction Designer: Interaction designers mainly do user interaction design,Allow users to complete the corresponding functions with fool-like operations。The level of interaction design often determines the level of product experience

visual designer: Also known asUIdesign,Mainly for software interface visual effects design,Understandably apply makeup to software。Make the software look professional and refined。

project manager: The responsibility of the project manager is to manage the entire product development activities。Coordinator,fiscal,various resources,Identify relevant risks。Ensure on-time and high-quality delivery of products through professional project management processes。

front end/mobile developer: MainlywebInterface Development and MobileAPPdevelop,This part is a direct-to-user software。Toutiao's background management page,Today's headline mobile clients are all like this

Backend developer: Carry out software background logic design and development,This part of the technical content will be very high。Generally involves high concurrency and related algorithm implementation。Order management system like Taobao background,The recommendation system in the backstage of Toutiao,Didi Taxi's order scheduling system, etc.。

architect: A complex system requires its own architect to design the overall system in combination with specific business scenarios。Content covers system functions,Component selection,performance,safety,reliability,maintainability,Scalability, etc.dfxdesign。

Testers: After the system is developed, it needs to be fully tested and verified by professional testers before it can be released to users.。Testing will not only target software functionality,also for performance,safety, etc.。Testers are often required to design and develop relevant test cases for relevant unit testing and system integration testing

Operation and maintenance personnel: Also known asSREpersonnel。Main work is software development,Maintenance of various environments for testing and on-line deployment,pass throughdevopsPipeline for new site deployment,System expansion,Continue to release new software functions online and handle various live network alarms。

Operator: Responsible for product promotion,Accept user feedback,Statistical analysis of the actual use of the product through various indicators,Optimize and improve product operation strategy,The ultimate goal is to increase the number of product users and increase revenue。

data translation: Good products often do not require documentation。But the necessary product introduction documents,Help videos make it easier for users to get started。At the same time, if the product needs to be promoted overseas,Professional translators are also required for international translation of products

Legal: Many people ignore this role,But with everyone's attention to network security and privacy protection,It is very necessary for a product to undergo necessary legal risk assessment before it is promoted to users.。If the relevant function violates local laws and regulations,Lightly need product off-shelf rectification,Heavy fines may result。

Finally sum up,A complete Internet product team,Need a product manager,Interaction Designer,visual designer,Front-end development,Mobile development,Backend development,architect,project manager,Test Engineer,Operation and Maintenance Engineer,Operator,material,translate,Legal total14roles。One thing needs to be explained,The number of roles does not equal the number of people on the team。There is a phenomenon of multiple roles in many teams。But in big internet products,A role is often undertaken by multiple people or even a team。Then here comes the problem,Are you or someone close to you involved in Internet product development??If you want to enter the Internet industry,What kind of role do you want to take??do you think this14role species,Which character has the highest income?

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