website development work


webThe front end for the website,Usually refer to,The front desk part of the website includes the performance layer and structure layer of the website。Therefore, front-end technology is generally divided into front-end design and front-end development.,Front-end design can generally understand the visual design of the website,The front-end development is the front desk code of the website.,Including basicHTMLandCSSas well asJavaScript/ajax,Now new senior versionHTML5、CSS3,as well asSVGWait。

website development work

WebWhat is the front end?

webThe front end is mainly responsible for work related to the website system page,Make web pages、Optimize the improvement of the web,And the maintenance of the website, etc.。

front endWebDevelopers use three main coded languages to writeWebSite created by designers andWebApplication design:HTML、CSS、JavaScript,Of courseHTML5Front-end technology learning,To fully grasp page compatibility and optimization,Learn to optimize front-end experience and page response speed,Optimize code and maintain good compatibility,promoteWebFriendship and easy use of interface。

NowWebThe employment surface of the front end is very extensive,After learning this technology,Optive position:Web production、Front end making engineer、Front-end development engineer、Senior front-end development engineer、Front end architect, etc.。

(website development work)NowwebThe front-end development is the choice of many young people,The front-end development can be said to be constantly being valued,Many companies need to use this technology development,It can be said that it is still a lot of experience in many companies.webFront-end development engineer! Due to the vacancy of each corporate position,Can't trust people,Resulting in the salary of the front-end development engineer,SowebThe salary of front-end development is still very high!

(website development work)Look at all major recruitment platform data,webSalaries are generally starting,So nowwebThe front end can be said to be a bright future!

The following is a journey setWebMonthly average salary of front-end development engineers,As can be seen from the figure belowWebThe salary of the front end is still very high.。

website development work

WebAverage salary

In fact, the study costs and thresholds developed in front end are still relatively low.,Just just a laptop。Just adhere to learning,Continuously improve yourself,Master technology!It is easier to enter high salary companies in the future.!

PairWebThe students who are interested in the front end will learn quickly.,Since you choose to learnWebLet's go now.,I will always be better than the future.。Waiter,Grasp time start learning trip。Learn no shortcut,I hope everyone can take some detours less.,studyingWebOn the road on the front end,learning success。

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