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source:Global Times

【Global Times reporter Lin Day Guo Yuan Dan Heavy】US military nuclear submarine10The first month of the South China Sea“Collide with unidentified objects”The suspect has not been established,According to the United States《Business insider》website11Day broke,The US Navy has begun planning next generation“Daunting”Nuclear power attacks the blueprint of the submarine。This kind of“Top predator”Submarine,Will set the US military3The advantage of the most advanced submarine,The background of the US military to develop this super submarine is to deal with China“Increasingly fierce competition”。“It is clear,The US Navy is hoped to ensure that the attack nuclear submarine is in other countries.‘Effective advantage’”,Military expert Wei Dongxu12Day acceptance《Global Times》Interview。Currently passionate“Submarine upgrade club”Not only just just abandoned France、Australia with US British signed nuclear submarine orders,India、Japan、South Korea、France、Britain, etc. are developed and built next-generation attack submarines,China's nuclear submarine technology is also growing and progress。US safety expert Clay Warning,The United States has mistakenly provoke a military competition in the Asia-Pacific region.,“Every country is now improving your ability”,He said,Make this make“Asian military tensions are exacerbating”。

set3Submarine advantage

according to《Business insider》Website report,The US Navy imagines that the next generation of attack nuclear submarines will become“Top predator”。US Navy Submarine、The Atlantic Submarine and the Allied Submarine Command Houston said at a group seminar hosted by the US Naval Alliance this summer.,This nameSSN(X)Future submarine will3The advantages of seed submarines are set in one:“Sea wolf”Turnover and speed of level submarine,“Virginia”Electronic equipment for grade submarines and“Colombia”Expected service life of level submarine。“it(This new submarine)Need to prepare for major combat mission……We need to be able to go deep into the enemy,Deadly hit the enemy,To truly establish our dominant position。” Houston also said:“‘Top predator’Nuclear submarine research、Develop、Test and assessment requires a lot of time and energy。This is a daunting task,But the research team is fully capable of doing this。”

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The US Navy Pacific Fleet Submarine Force Commander Yabron will say,Increase the number of attack-type nuclear submarines will alleviate the stress of the fleet,“Also make the combat commander have greater flexibility and combat management flexibility。”Main manufacturer of US Navy Submarine orders——United States General Power Sailboat Company President Grani said,He talks with the US Navy leadershipSSN(X)Speed and acoustic advantages:“Company has invested in shipbuilding facilities20One hundred million U.S. dollars,To ensure that multiple projects can be carried out at the same time。”

Report,“Sea wolf”Level submarine in the last century80Age design,Used to fight the Soviet submarine fleet at the time,Original plan“Los Angeles”Class nuclear submarine,But the end of the Cold War and the high cost have prompted the plan1995Annual stop,Only built3Ship。2011The year of the US Navy began to buy a lower cost“Virginia”Class nuclear submarine,Replace“Los Angeles”class,So far, it has been completed19Ship,Another15Board is or will be built。“Colombia”Class nuclear submarine is the largest submarine planned in the United States,US Navy2020Start order,Expect2031New year investment。Now the US military hopes“Colombia”Some elements of level——Especially long42The expected service life of the year,assimilate intoSSN(X)In the design。

Wei Dongxu《Global Times》Reporter said,For a new generation of attack nuclear submarines,US Navy's positioning is faster、Quite quiet、More offensive。also,Modular ideas may also be used in design,To adapt to different task requirements。

US military estimates every ship“Top predator”Submarine will cost58One hundred million U.S. dollars,A report estimated cost of the US Congress Budget Office may be up to62One hundred million U.S. dollars。

Claim“China competition”

In fact,Submarine procurement、Operation and maintenance costs are high。Report,With the old submarine,US submarine fleet will shrink in the next few years,But the future navy vision released by the former US Defense Minister Escher——“War power2045”plan,Requires the number of attack nuclear submarines from50The left and right increase70Arouse。therefore,US Navy plans2031First purchase of purchasesSSN(X),Subsequent orders will be21century30In the middle of the year。

Wei Dongxu said,The number of attack nuclear submarines needed by the US Navy,If all use new design、new technology,From R & D to the income cycle,And amazing。therefore,America's“triple”Submarine manufacturing is a pragmatic practice,Extent can maximize existing mature technology,Combined with new technologies,Thus, create a new nuclear submarine model in the shortest time。

《Business insider》Website name,“Virginia”Level attack nuclear submarine design,With another big country(Soviet Union)War is not the main concern,butSSN(X)R & D of nuclear submarine“It is beginning to start with China's increasingly fierce competition.”。Report,The Chinese army has already developed considerable development.,Especially the Chinese Navy,The Pentagon said it is“The world's largest navy”。

(ecommerce website development hampshire)A military expert who is unwilling to reveal《Global Times》Express,China's nuclear submarine technology has also been developing and progressing。Current China's attack nuclear submarine is better,Have more powerful marine environment perception,“Various boat weapons can be used,for underwater、surface target,and other targets”。He said,China has also made breakthroughs in the development of submarine-launched cruise missiles,In the future, the adaptability of Chinese nuclear submarines will also become stronger。

According to a recent report by Qatar Al Jazeera,China is developing a fleet of unmanned submarines controlled by artificial intelligence,“These robotic submarines could be smaller,Can stay at sea almost indefinitely,Can operate at a deeper level,Can withstand the incredible pressure of the deep sea”。

Submarines may order the South China Sea“crowded”

(ecommerce website development hampshire)“The underwater arms race is on”,Hongkong《South China Morning Post》12day,Australia to buy nuclear-powered submarines from US and UK,will spark a complex maritime and underwater naval competition in the Indo-Pacific。China is not the only potential target of the US, UK and Australia。in the Indo-Pacific,Many countries are interested in nuclear and non-nuclear submarines。India just launched a Russian-made“Acura”class nuclear powered attack submarine,and will be from2025Another nuclear-powered attack submarine to be leased。Japan, which has long focused on underwater power,,Currently there are20Diesel-electric attack submarines in service,and is building another。Vietnam is buying submarines from Russia,Thailand is buying submarines from China,to strengthen its fleet。Taipei is also rushing to replace old submarines with new ones。“on the submarine issue,US will restrict Taiwan,But it may let go of Japan and India,even transferred its nuclear-powered attack submarine technology to India”,Military commentator Song Zhongping said,“Both Japan and India are capable of building their own nuclear powered submarines。Japan just needs a green light from the US,Korea too。”reported that,In response to North Korea's development of nuclear-armed submarines,Seoul has negotiated with Washington to authorize nuclear-powered submarines。

Why do navies in various countries attach so much importance to the development of submarines?Wei Dongxu said,This is because of the stealthy nature of submarine operations,Especially attack submarines,Can dive into deep water,The enemy's anti-submarine forces are difficult to detect。So in a naval battle,Submarines are very affordable,It can effectively deter the opponent's powerful surface combat groups,even aircraft carrier formations;It can also destroy or divert the opponent's sea lines of communication and supply lines.。“in short,Submarines are a kind of,Or with fewer naval weapons”。

public opinion on this“Underwater arms race”there are many worries。AmericaCNBCsite name,China may speed up military investment,In response to the US and UK supplying nuclear submarines to Australia。Clay, a safety expert at Hampshire College, warns,UK-US-Australia security partnership may not be Indo-Pacific“The road to peace and stability”。and《South China Morning Post》say,Indo-Pacific nations race to deploy submarines,may make the South China Sea“overcrowded”。When it was reported on the Internet that a US nuclear submarine hit a fisherman's fishing equipment in the South China Sea,Such concerns may not be exaggerated。Xu Ruilin, a scholar on Asia-Pacific issues at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore:“Regional coastal areas are more crowded,Risk of Naval Close Encounters Involving Submarines and Surface Forces,and collisions with other vessels, including civilian vessels,will also increase accordingly。”