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With the competition of market、Product profits,The complexity and uncertainty of external environments make companies face greater traffic、High-speed response、Severe test, etc.,And drive the organization to be more flexible、Creative direction,Project management has gradually become important teamwork and management methods。

Working,Let's first。During this process,Choose flexible and lightweight project management tools to improve work efficiency、Adapt to fast and change development demands,For teams,Critical。

usually,Enterprises will encounter time during project management、budget、Problem, etc.。in,30People are currently extremely common team sizes,Basically cover business units or project teams in all small and medium-sized enterprises。And a suitable project management software must have dispatch、Cost Control、Resource allocation、Documentation、Collaboration and communication equivalence。

Limited to cost,Some pricing high project management software is obviously not suitable30People or teams around people。In the current product,What project management software can be satisfied?30People's needs,Also free of charge?

For the above demand,We carefully choose3Project Management Best Software,I hope to help relevant organizations have dropped,Open agile trip,Improve team fighting power。

1. Teambition

trello website development template


TeambitionIs Alibaba project management tools,Network disk、Upcoming、Documentation、calendar、Project and other applications,Its personal version is free for personal management and teamwork,Do not limit the number of collaborators。

TeambitionVery easy to get up。Built-in project template for multiple project types,Allow users to edit the modification directly on it,Reduce use difficulty。It covers a common platform,Including the webpage、Windows、macOS、iOSAndroid,Provide free personal version and charged enterprise version for users,Also support the same account to log in to your personal channel and corporate channel。

Since Alibaba is acquired,TeambitionTightly integrate with staples is a highlight。Its project task can be integrated into staples for management,notification、Task distribution is more convenient and efficient,Also support video discussion,Solve time limit。

For cross-regional、Cross-enterprise、Inter-departmental collaboration problem,TeambitionVisual、Flexible interface、Permission assignment、Mission reminders and other needs of functions such as business expansion。but,Due to self-built development document management,Leading its operation steps slightly complex。

(trello website development template)

2. Trello

trello website development template


TrelloIs a simple and easy-to-use project management software,Located in lightweight team process collaboration and list management。It extracts the concept of the board from agile software methodology,Adopt management way to create a copy of the task,Convenient team members contribute and track progress by visualizing experience。

TrelloExcellent flexibility。It provides a large-scale board with a convenient wall,Users can post various tasks、trivia、material,Then use it to be freely arranged in progress or group,Clearly present the structure of the entire project。It also tracks management pictures、Project details,Powerful drag、Quick preview、Project label mark、File upload and sharing function,Let users get trivial things in order。But it is summarized、The function distribution of review is slightly insufficient,Complex project is not applicable。

It is worth mentioning that,TrelloFree plan only limit the number of boards and accessories,Not limited to the number of users。A small team that does not require special carefully planned,TrelloIs a very good choice。

3. GanttProject

GanttProjectIt is an open source project management tool for project time scheduling and management based on Gantt chart.,Do not limit users and number of items,And never need to pay,Free use of you。

GanttProjectCan flexibly adapt to user needs,MicrosoftProjectvery similar,But not so complicated,It is very convenient to do progress management。In terms of cross-platform,GanttProjectuseJavaDevelop,SupportWindows、LinuxandMac OSMultiple platforms。

It supports easy painting of Gantt chart。There are many Gantt chart on the market.,But not functional is too expensive,for exampleOmniPlan、MS ProjectWaiting for a very high price。andGanttProjectComplete function,Output picture、CSV、HTML 、PDFFormat。Project available resources、milestone、Task/Subtasks,And the start date of the task、duration、Dependency、schedule、Remarks, etc.。The unfair is in the world is the view of the beauty of the interface.。

Want to learn more industry knowledge、Software recommended、Function comparison、Tool assessment,stay tuned36krEnterprise service review official website(。Tap mouse,Discover more efficient enterprises software!

trello website development template


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