ecommerce website development tutorial pdf


Nowadays, although the development of mobile networks is slightly significantly,But it is still an essential object for each company.。From the display website to marketing website,Building an e-commerce website is the necessary way of brand commodity enterprises,distance11moon11The large-scale e-commerce activity of the day is only two months.,Grasp the double eleven e-commerce activities,It can greatly increase the sales volume of goods.,Drive enterprise development,And this premise is that there is an e-commerce website.。Perhaps relying on large platforms,But there will be some interests to include these big platforms.,To maximize interests,There is still a better base according to the ground.。

ecommerce website development tutorial pdf

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So,How to build an e-commerce website?

(ecommerce website development tutorial pdf)First of all, we must determine the direction of the e-commerce website.。Before the development of the website,It must clarify the direction of enterprise e-commerce website construction,For example, the positioning of the e-commerce website is a sports style or a business style.,Is it to do a wholesale market or a shopping mall supermarket, etc.。After determining the clear direction,Can be like staring at a tree,The seedlings are neatly neatly,The work of the e-commerce website after the next can be better launched。

ecommerce website development tutorial pdf

Next, it is a design related solutions,Provide blueprints for e-commerce websites。E-commerce website generally requires enterprises to have their own research and development department,This website is developed,Maintenance and some commercial confidentiality can be controlled within the company,If the outsourced words may cause maintenance not in time,Like some shopping activities may make the server crash,It's too late to handle。Planning a construction plan, According to the actual needs and practical conditions,Design E-commerce website in line with,For example, what kind of server configuration,Interface reflects the unique style of business,Compliance with the functions of the target user, etc.。

(ecommerce website development tutorial pdf)Blueprint,Can build the e-commerce website。Implement the idea of planning,Register the right domain name,Establish a reasonable structure,Building a suitable functional component,For example, the most important commodity display interface,Commodity release system, etc.。Good web design can better highlight the overall purpose of the website,This way, the user feels that it is what I need.,It is likely to come to buy long-term。Whether to consider whether the user's use is convenient,You can't make a settlement button into a spoof button to run around.。

After the completion of the e-commerce website,To perform online test。To every page,Every detail is not let go,compatibility、Function、Logic, etc. of page display,After all, it is an important money.,Can you hurt。Only after doing these, it can be officially released online.,That is, the so-called online,At this time, you can't relax.,Pay attention to user feedback,There may be some hiddenbugNo found,In fact, this step also means that the e-commerce website has been completed.。

ecommerce website development tutorial pdf(ecommerce website development tutorial pdf)

Finally, it is operational and maintenance work.,Operation is very important,This determines if you can get more orders and traffic.。While paying attention to the content,Also improve the weight of the website,Need to do a whole stationSEOPage optimization and use various forms of external promotion,Improve your exposure,Attract flow,In addition, there are some after-sales service.,Courier cooperation, etc.。

The above is the idea and feelings we have generated during the construction of the e-commerce website.,If you are interested in these content,Welcome friends to contact Kun Yu Technology,Or leave a message in the comment area,There are related technical issues or project issues, you can also leave a message or private letter.,We will reply as soon as possible。

ecommerce website development tutorial pdf