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“Alliance,Be,Wonderful。Shanger,Infinite,Be unhappy as a river。“——《The Art of War·Potential articles》

You are the best in the world。”“you are my hero。”“I love you”“Please marry me.。”“I want to give you a monkey.。”These are what football fans often say to their sports heroes.,But these sentences are often used to listen to others of Rome.。Totti and Drones、Even operators of the Roman Club English Twitter account also often hear similar expressions,The latter has never been a serious kick for this Italian club.。

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Welcome to the Roman Digital Team,Rio Nell in football twice·Messi。

This world is often full of evil and tribe,Roman digital team,Especially their EnglishTwitterAccount,But Into the world injected a joy and“Don't treat life too seriously”Medicinal water。Senior jokes changed the pattern of football tweet,So the other clubs——Club from Germany to the United States——Also trying to use a similar style。Some people will say that this is directly plagiarism.,But no one can do better than the Roman club.,They continue to be in the leading position on most indicators that can be imagined.,And still humorous。

(website design development company liverpool)2018End of the year,The account issued a series of important pusters,When the fans see“German club behavioral terror”、“IKEA”or“mark·Walberg Terrier”Time,They will immediately remember these posts。Subject from self-mocked Marcm transfer Rome failed——In fact, Marcm has experienced a failure season in Barcelona.,Roman officials pushed him good luck in Russia——To share new transmissions with simple synthetic images,Pure joy to share the Champions League,Roman fans rushed to the mountains like this to be realized and interesting to record。

Although the change in the way Roman officials can be traced back2017year,But in fact, all this starts2015Non-Liverpool International Digital Development Supervisor Paul•Rogers(Paul Rogers)。

Sarah and Alison may bring Anfield championships after the transfer.,But Rogers made Rome have become a social media in the European championship after the transfer.。For this British,His main goal is to eliminate language barriers,Because language barriers make international fans unable to track Rome's latest developments。These renewal through websites and applications are implemented。Once the foundation is made,It's time to play creative,Club2017The report of the summer transfer window completely changed the gameplay of social media。

(website design development company liverpool)website design development company liverpool

Accept《Football Times》Interview,Rogers recalls that“Twin love”Summer:“We have been very traditionally published on social media.,But I think we try a smart release method in Lorenzo·When Pelegrini signed a contract。At that time we have just been established.FIFAElectronic competitive team,We decided to let the player manipulate himself in the game.。This short film is very good,Fans and media feedback are great。”

(website design development company liverpool)This move has attracted attention to other clubs,They try to make their own style release video。For Rome,They followed this transfer to the end,Then create a new boom。

Yundel from TurkeyIstanbul BasaksehirJoin Rome20age,But after the release of the transfer of the transfer, he became the sound of four.。The digital team is eager to get rid of those bored on the transfer window.,They decided to imitate the fans homemade goals and skills highlights,These videos will appear when players contact with other clubsYouTubesuperior。

“Rome,We don't like to follow the footsteps of others on the content.,So our next statement wants to do something completely different.,”Rogers said when talking about Yundel's video。“We make it a bad point as much as possible.——Mimic bad graphics and music used in these fans——Then we put it out of it.。Everyone who has seen knows what type of video we are joking。I don't think we want to express it very strange.,But we feel this very interesting,The reaction on social media is also very good.。”

Second summer,The club filmed an Ivan·Malcano official video,This paragraph60Second's short film is full of black screen,Only some hip hop music in the background,The details of the transfer will be described in detail in the subtitles.。They even announced this signing through a false account.,Completely departing from the increasingly bored Hollywood video。

website design development company liverpool

Yundel's video officially marked the transformation of Roman official。Rogers recall:“we know,If we add some humorous elements in the video announcement,Entertain our fans,And after that video,We really start to invest in funds to give fans.。Media said our approach‘weird’、‘eccentric’,But in fact,We are just looking for fun。”

Their fans are also soaring,In the past three years50010,000 points1500Ten thousand。but,Romans,The real problem is not the quantity of followers。It is about the participation,This is located in Rome and Boston8Man digital editing team is the most concerned indicator。All this is for the fans——This is not just a stylish slogan.。

They even wentRedditSee what supporters want。They are also very keen on cooperation with fans,To take more creativity,And use this to make an interesting expression package,Or a very detailed video。If the ultimate goal is to enhance the team's brand,Then there is no need to stick to the title of platform certification.。

website design development company liverpool

But what is the ultimate goal of this??How does it affect the winning win??Or can it be done??Rogers emphasized:“If this method can bring business benefits in the future,That's of course very good,But this is not the reason for us.。The primary goal of our social media is to interact with our fans and followers.,Let them feel closer to the club。We will not let the fans in Arsenal or Real Madrid change their support.,But if we do through social media and digital media,Let them choose Rome as their second support,That will be valuable。If,These fans feel necessary to see a game,Contact with sponsors,Share their data,Or buy some surroundings from the club,That is a reward。”

Evidence,Active participating follower group can get economic benefits。“Our partners like things we do in social media,For some people in them,Our digital strategy and ability are undoubtedly an important factor in their choice of cooperation with Rome.,”Rogers revealed。E.g,When it is negotiated with Qatar Airlines a possible shirt sponsorship agreement,The number team is in the first place.。Now,This airline is a sponsor of the Red Wolf。

The things made by Rome's digital team also have certain interestism。They have carried out a series of activities conducive to third parties.,The nearest time is during the summer transfer window,Publish photos of missing children with the player official。Its influence is far-reaching,Many children are safely found,And returned to their loved ones。

Another initiative is“Today's team”,The Roman will show a smaller club in a certain place in the official account.,There will be a large part of the fans pay attention to the club.。

website design development company liverpool

This initiative begins with the non-UNONM day in the UK,on that day,Clubs outside the professional league usually pay attention and support at the international competition day of the weekend。Rome decided to support a young Scottish team called San Antoni, “Due to this weekend, there is no match,We will support the Non-Dedneous day to support from Scottish Glasgow.@SaintAnthonysFC,They will be against@JohnstoneBurgh1,”Write on Twitter,Attached#ForzaTheAnts、#ItsAnAntsThingand#MonTheAntsTag of。

This release and subsequent interactions are very important to these small clubs.,Leading it to win thousands of new fans,More clubs in the Scottish Professional Football League。Despite thousands of notices exhausted the account administrator's mobile phone power,They did not even inform this event in advance.,But this is a huge success for the two clubs.,And lead Rome created their daily best lineup series。

“It is very good to do some positive things for the rest of the club without Rome.,”Rogers said。“We think this is the perfect way of using our platform and tweet reputation to help another club.。From Argentina to Zimbabwe,From Australia to Zambia,Each club is recorded。For Rome,This is a small pusher,But for one of the largest clubs that are placed in Europe‘Shop window’In the team,This is a huge leap there in twitter。”

(website design development company liverpool)website design development company liverpool

Not just the team of the club,Rome is also active interact with the national team,exist2018Annual World Cup preparation and competition,They join hands with Nigeria。This kind of cooperation originated from2017/2018Season European championship reverse Barcelona,After the game,The game fragment of Monoras has caused a sensation around the world.,Among them, the most incredible audio is from Nigeria Radio. Otabore。At that time, Rome shared a video,Otabor in video is doing your own things,On the side of the microphone conveys your passion。

Rogers recall:“This twemer begins to spread like a virus.,Nigeria's fans really like the Rome team interested in them.。We have seen a lot of love of Nigeria twitter users.,Therefore, we think that since Italy does not participate in the World Cup,Why not support Nigeria??That day,We officially choose the African male eagle as our national team,And fully support them。Just like we accept them.,Nigeria's fans also started to accept Rome as their Italian team。”

This kind of support for African countries is of course not a trick.。Rogers recently visited Nigeria。He said:“Our support for Nigeria is very serious。We maintain a belief,Even after they lost some warm-up match and the first game。Many Nigerian fans have received the information we have released,When they defeated Iceland,People remember our pusher。”

Universal,Rome is a business,The digital team is part of it.。So,Team boss James·How does Palota treat social media??

“It's interesting,But we are more likely to be in trouble because of the labible content.,Not because of adventure,”When asked if there is any problem with the high level of the institution,Rogers said。“We are very lucky,Our boss and president James·Palotta not only encourages entertainment content,And ask us to release entertainment content。In fact,we are at2017The more deborted news announced,The more we like it.。”

website design development company liverpool

Just as any business element,We need to keep up with the times。The boat is not invested.,And Rome never wants to be exceeded。They are always evolution,Find new methods to get concern。In terms of transfer notice,These funny videos have become the past,This summer, the focus is to do some good things in their influence.,Therefore, the charities of missing children around the world are working hard.。

recent,A racist's remarks appeared in the guard Jan·LyingInstagramInbox。Rogers released the user's social media account on multiple platforms,And write in Rome:“Let's imagine,All people who know you have found youInstagramSend racist information to football players。Beautiful!

2018Summer,The club announced the news of Christine's special transfer,And attach a spoof figure,In the picture, the midfielder worked in the Roman team.,DeliberatelyphotoshopTreatment is very bad,And the response of this picture is even better than2017The most popular announcement video is better than three times。

All this is for innovation and keeping ahead。Other club bosses may tell their digital team to learn from Rome.,But this is stupid,Because the winning formula is updated every day,Just like《Eleven Luohan》Key security code in the movie。Rogers said:“Our fan participation is really impressive,But tell the truth,We are very unique to Rome's entire way to use social media.。”

website design development company liverpool

“Whether it is our music playlist,Still use Nigerian style on the World Cup,Still incorporate hip hop and popular culture,We all try to entertain our fans with our creativity.。We have not tried to use social media to communicate,Because we have a website。This should be very interesting。Our philosophy is constantly developing,Never stop。What we don't want to do is bored。”(Qfwfq)


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