website designer vs web developer


WebDesign andWebAlthough developing often exchanges,However, two different but complementary components are described in the website creation.。It is necessary to understand the difference between web design and web development.,Especially if you intend to create your own website。I want to know morewebDevelop,Can participateWebFront-end training,Quickly master comprehensive knowledge and skills。

What is web design?

Website design is a valid online resource well-thoughtable modeling。This is the primary stage of development,Responsible for further development。When designing a website,Website、Goals and purposes will be developed,And methods for achieving them。After the design phase is completed,Developers have a clear understanding of the appearance and function of completed projects.。

(website designer vs web developer)What did the design process give the website??

Added the possibility of implementing the required resource type:Task clear statement、The definition of the target audience and the modeling of the user path can be obtained from the development.。

Save time and money:Eliminate inaccuracy during creating a website prototype is a simple process,Simply change some text or graphics clips。During the layout phase, the time is longer,Higher cost。For programmers,Such a repair will be more labor intensive。

Logical partitioning:Site prototype is an independent document,Customers can create sites independently or by another development team。existWebFront end training,All courses Real-time upgrade updates,Can let you learn the latest skill,Adapt to the new needs of the market and enterprises。

website designer vs web developer

Web designers should do:

(website designer vs web developer)Have a good understanding of graphics and logo design。

(website designer vs web developer)

Use programs that create graphics,Such asAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopSketch

(website designer vs web developer)Find create creative layout、Easily navigate、Best method for clear interface。

Understand the latest flat design trend,This makes it easier to browse the site and the interface that uses the user's already familiarity.。

Consider website brands,Palette and typesetting,Impact web page readability。

(website designer vs web developer)

Designers are not just a beautiful website。The ease of use of the interface depends on their work results,Therefore, it also depends on site traffic.。

what isWebDevelop?

webThe entire point of development is to write code for website features.。WebDevelopers use integrated development environment and programming languages based on designers to build a fully equipped website。Website development includes layout(Client part)And programming(Software part)。therefore,webDevelopers are divided into two groups:Front end and backend。I want to learn the front-end classmates to sign up.WebFront-end training,Comprehensive system courses,Experienced professional lecturer,There are also enterprise-class actual projects,

Can learn really useful actual skills,To quickly work。

What is the role of front-end development??

(website designer vs web developer)The front-end or client of the application is the creation of code and tag responsible for website visual design.。Front-end designers should be familiar with hypertext tags(HTML)、Cascade style sheet(CSS)andJavaScriptJS)。With the help of programming languages and styles,Developers can create a complete site:From the overall layout to insert animation and images,And use a variety of fonts and interfaces。

For small venues,The layout may be the only development type required to deliver the project。For more complex projects,Back end development。

(website designer vs web developer)website designer vs web developer

What is the role of backend development??

The rear end or software part of the application is responsible for processing and store information transmitted through the interface.。If the site contains dynamic data,The backend needs to be used。Information can be stored in a database on a local or remote server。In order to develop the software part of the site and connect to the server,Usually usePHPJavaandC#Other languages。

all in all,Web designers are people involved in the website design,Web developers are responsible for encoding。Both have different tasks,But understanding how the webpage creates the designer will have more experience,And prepare for designing these pages。same,Master the design basicswebDevelopers can better control the appearance of the content from the user's perspective。Beginners participateWebFront-end training is a good choice,Learn and fast,Take a lot less。